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Friday, April 21, 2017

Bald Eagles and Red-Shouldered Hawks Nesting and Spring Beauty~

Not very much to say this week as there are so many images that I wanted to tuck in to cover this week and next week.  I needed time to catch up with you all and so this one will do it for two weeks, and I will be spending time visiting with you.  I have a very slow computer that has resolved itself to do me in.  The scroll bar works slower than an old Tortoise crossing a country lane.  I will have better access to our desktop and it will be a bit quicker at getting to where you are.  Enjoy the shares and have a wonderfully blessed and fun filled time, doing what you enjoy the very best~

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The near by Bald Eagle nest is coming along nicely.  I still have no idea how many Eaglets the pair are feeding, but soon, very soon we shall see them~

Record Crocus~
This is not the Red-Shouldered Hawk from Tingsgrove, but rather part of a pair that are nesting just on the far side of the Bald Eagle nest site.  This should be interesting~

Bradford Pear trees before the Spring opening ;) and a Coyote making it's way across a horse pasture~

Now this is our Tingsgrove female Red-Shouldered Hawk hunting outside my patio doors before her first failed nest attempt of this season~

This nest and one other very brief one were on the two properties behind our land.  Not sure what happened but the one you see here was really small and kept falling apart, even when the hawks used garbage to fill in the spaces~

The hen soaring above our home and below Lenten Roses~
One day I went looking for them and ended up walking right underneath the hen who was hunting~

Female to the left and male on the right.  Females always larger~

For a brief moment I had a hope that they would choose Tingsgrove, but this old squirrel dray was not what they required and they never even tried out my two very nice nest platforms~

Third attempt, making a nest out of another Squirrel dray two driveways down from me and in the woods, where they should hopefully do well.  However I say that it too is a very small nest~

The former turf owner, the Squirrel got a wee bit close and a huge warning to stay out~

I went to Starview Nursery to purchase some of my Spring and Summer posies~

SAVED...a Coopers Hawk had securely snagged a Red-bellied Woodpecker and not sure how, or why, but the beauty managed to escape and while quite alarmed and feathers a mess, seemed to fly and be doing as well as it could when I finally walked in the other direction~

My garden posies...enjoy~


  1. Such wonderful shots of the hawks. It does take a while to get the hang of that housekeeping stuff. No short cuts, unfortunately.

  2. Awesome photos! The first one of the Eagle - Magnificent!
    Love the flowers, too, and the cute elephant
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  3. Hi Mary, your eagle photos are just amazing. Love the Hawk shots too. Beautiful collection of flowers, lovely images. The coyote and horse shot is cool. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Eagle and hawk shots are fantastic ~ along with the floral, coyote and horse shot ~ wonderful photos ~ everyone of them are great! ~ good luck with your computer ~ thanks,

  5. Fabulous Eagles, and the Hawks, thanks Mary.

  6. Beautiful birds and lovely flowers.

  7. HI Mary, so sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. Life is much too busy right now - but in a good way. I've enjoyed visiting today and seeing your wonderful images. Are Coyotes a problem with stock? I love those Lenten Roses. I wonder if I can get them here. I can see spring is coming to you, so enjoy both the abundance and the sunshine. Such a gorgeous time of year. Hugs

  8. Good Sunday Morning Mary. Boy, those photos of the Bald Eagles are just fantastic, as are the Red-shouldered Hawks. You do seem to live ina wonderful part of the world hwne you can travel just not too far ande see those large raptors. And Coyote of course. Who can imagine seeing a coyote wandering across the paddock like that?

    Lovely flowers. Looks like you are going to be busy, potting and planting for a day or two. Enjoy your week.

  9. That bleeding heart mother's favorite!! You made me think of her today.
    That female red-shouldered hawk is stunning! Such vibrant coloring. And your eagle photos...that first one almost made me stop right then and now...just to stare at it.

    Thanks so much for joining us at I'd Rather B Birdin' with this fantastic post.

  10. Your posts are so full of beauty -- each scroll down makes me gasp even more than the last and they start out perfect and just get better from there. Your spring flowers are so lovely (I don't remember seeing flowers on your blog before, and you 'arrange' them so beautifully. Wonderful Eagles and Hawks -- you live in an amazing world.

  11. That bald eagle photo was amazing! Loved the hawks though, the coyote/horse shots and all the gorgeous flowers, too....all wonderful!!!! Great post. Sorry you are having computer issues. Hope you have a better week.

  12. Hi sweet Mary,

    Brilliant captures of all the beautiful birds in and around Tingsgrove. I especially love the ones of the Red-shouldered Hawks - those wings!!

    My own heart is fluttering, if I can say, at the sight of your gorgeous garden flowers! I have never seen or heard of Lenten roses; how adorable they are! The bleeding hearts and all your potted pretties are very inspiring. We just planted our own flowers throughout the garden and front entrance yesterday, after picking them on the rainy Saturday just past. They, like yours, make me smile!

    Happy Monday!


  13. Stunning bird captures, I learn so much about these wonderful creatures from you, I'm always captivated. Love the shot of the coyote just strolling through the pasture and the hellebores are divine.
    Thank you so much for bringing these stunning nature scenes from Tingsgrove to MM this week.

  14. What a delightful series! Your post has a little of everything. Love the bald eagles and your story of the nesting (or not) hawks. The elephant planter made me smile. So many beautiful blooms -- great color! Happy Monday!

  15. So much beauty here. You really have some amazing bird shots. Visiting from Mosaic Monday.

  16. Amazing shots of Eagles and Hawks. Excellent. We have several Eagles in the area and I try to watch them but now the trees have leafed out and all I see are heads. LOL
    Lovely flowers too. We have much of the same.
    As to computers mine is very slow too so sometimes I look but do not comment at others blogs.


  17. I do hope your computer problems are resolved soon. It's so annoying when they don't work properly. Your photos are such a treat! I enjoyed all, but so thrilling to see the eagle photos and the coyote / horse photo. We have an eagle nest less than a mile from our house. We spied it just last week. One or both of the eagles fly to the top of our spruce (about 75' from the house) each morning at 7:00AM. Thank you for the visual treat today!

  18. Your first eagle photo is stunning, Mary! Great shots all around. Isn't it wonderful to be working in the garden these days?

  19. ...Mary, what fabulous images of nature!

  20. Fabulous shots of the eagle and the hawks. Nice flower pics too.

  21. Your eagle photos are just amazing.
    That female red-shouldered hawk is stunning.
    All the gorgeous flowers are wonderful.
    Best regards, Irma

  22. Hi there - no need for too many words when you have images like this. The eagles are great.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  23. Wow !! Beautiful post !! It is a great joy to observe the beauty of nature!!

  24. everything here is so great. But I really loved the iamges of the Red-Shouldered Hawk. Such a gorgeous bird. :)

  25. Amaaaaaaazing. Such fine shots. I've never seen the red shouldered hawk so close. Fabulous.


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