Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Missing In Action for Eleven Weeks~

Dear friends, it's been a very long eleven weeks since I last posted for my first 10 year anniversary of my blog with you.  Just prior to that I had announced the very sad news that my twin sister had been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the lungs and was given 4 to 6 months.  We hit the 4 month mark four days ago and saw her Oncologist on Wednesday.  He had to tell her that he anticipates that she will more than likely not make the end of the next two months.  Miracles can happen, but she is really very sick and only going to get worse in coming days and weeks.  Being an identical twin makes things so much more difficult for me...for she was the first heart beat of another that I heard, she was the first human touch I felt, the first babbling, gurgling, whatever we do in the mother's womb...she was there with me.  I was born and left her for just two minutes before she joined me in birth.  Trying to imagine my existence without her is just awful.  Being believers in Jesus Christ since a very early age and having a strong faith gives us the hope of eternal life and that we shall be together once again is what gives us peace for now.

The image above is of me with two of our daughters for Mother's Day in case I had not shared it before and then one of myself at the same timing.
I have been missing you and wondering what you all have been doing, and will try and catch up a bit.  Thanking you for your thoughts lifted, your prayers and encouragement through this challenging time~

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My sister, her daughter Tina, and grand-daughter Emma went on a weekend outing together at a lodge at Butler State Park.  It was during this time together that Haze decided that she was not going to do the chemo treatments offered.  She was already too fragile to have any Radiation therapy and after consulting with the chemo specialists at the cancer center, it became evident that her value of life would be better if she just allowed time to be as it would~

The images in this mosaic were taken by my sister's son Roy.  He took her on a three day adventure to Florida in June.  They enjoyed making very special memories together. So very precious for them both~

Last month we had a holiday party for her...celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, our birthday and Christmas, just in case... at her daughter Tina's home~

I need the sunshine even more right now, to take a deeper breath and find a way to get through this~

My husby and I took an afternoon to visit the Idlewild Butterfly Farm in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  Yes that is us, handling some very large insects too.  I held three different species and he held two.  We really enjoyed this place~

The American Robins pretending to be part of the species of Red-Shouldered Hawk...too funny~

Eastern Cottontails~

American Avocet~

Newly fledged Yellow-shafted Flicker~

An American male Cardinal feeding a young Brown headed Cowbird, whose egg had been placed into the cardinal nest by the Cowbird female...they are called brood parasites~

Gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk~

Two individual juvenile Red-tailed Hawks~

There is a Great Blue Heron rookery within 15 miles of our home~

Barn Swallows where my favorite Frisian gelding Zeke lives~

Night Heron hunting after a flood~

A juvenile Night Heron~

Amazing Southeaster sky on July 2, taken at 9:15 in the evening.  Everything had the most beautiful pink glow to it.  Heaven touching earth~

We had a quick visitor one day from a male Summer Tanager in our backyard~

Another wonderful surprise visitor was a juvenile Broad-winged Hawk.  I got to ID from two birding groups on Facebook.  I have only seen two Broad-winged hawks ever~

Also one evening I was just finished with feeding the White-tailed Deer...both does and fawns when I looked up to see a large buck making his way in front of me~

Sunflowers a few miles down the lane from home.  
I had just finished taking these picture, was walking to the car when I saw two farm dogs running full speed towards me...oh my the timing was fortunate for me to get in my car~

My friend Elena, owner of handsome Zeke~

My sister doesn't live too far from the Louisville Zoo and so a couple of times I took a break during the Summer to visit there~

Last month I attended the World Championship Horse Show in the big city, which I had not attened in many years.  It was a lovely evening~  

This would become the World Champion~

“Daily Lottery” is 15 years old! He has been winning for years in different divisions. 
What a horse!  
My friend Sherry who is a horse breeder in our county said "Mary this horse as won so many worlds titles over the years I can’t count them. I believe this is his second time winning the 5 gaited stake. But his five gaited wins in the five gaited amateur division goes on and on. He’s a one-off a kind horse. His win Saturday night was unbelievable as he was by far the best in the entire class. By a mile!"