Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Monday, November 19, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving From Tingsgrove to Your Home~

Image taken last week at Cave Hill Cemetery~

~Happy Thanksgiving~

No matter if you celebrate with us in the United States of America, or not, I wish you a Thanksgiving day every day.  My heart is thankful for so much in my life, much of which I often times take for-granted.  One very important thing to me is my family and friendships.  You all are my friends, many of which I have never met in real life, but have learned to know you very well on here as well as many on Facebook.  I appreciate each of you and it is a pleasure to take a peek at what is happening in your part of the world and what you have been seeing and photographing.
We won't be with family this year for the holiday dinner, but we will get to spend time with them during the weekend.  My husby and I will have a wonderful meal at a restaurant that overlooks the Ohio River and then on Friday I will prepare our traditional Thanksgiving day meal because I love to do the cooking from scratch and enjoy the aromas as foods bake and roast, and the leftovers are such a wonderful thing after the big feast.
I have a request...
Even though we have never met one another, never spoken, I have known of this man since I was 16.  He was my father's son from a previous marriage.  I only learned information about him 5 years ago and he would now be 86 years old.  He lives in Paradise, California where the recent Camp Fire burned up nearly the entire city.  The devastation, the loss of lives, the fear they had to have gone through, those people who are listed as missing, pray that they will be found alive and well, for every day that goes by without word, makes it much more frightening for those searching for them.  The loss of homes, land, domestic animals, wildlife, it's truly something that I am struggling with in a very big way.  I cannot stop thinking about it.  Please pray if you pray, lift up your very finest thoughts if you don't pray for all concerns for these who have lost everything.  As for my half brother, we just don't know anything at all~

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Stewart for:

Blue-headed Vireo...a big first for me, and right here on our property too the end of October~

We had a few of the Golden Crowned Kinglets visit us too~

Yikes and another new one for my list, also on our land, a Bay-breasted Warbler ;)~

This may be the same one, but it was on the far side of the property...also Bay-breasted Warbler~

We had a whole lot of regulars with the Chickadees~

One of our favorite visitors the Yellow-rumped Warblers stopped by too~

 The American Robins are always near by, but when it is Autumn berry season, they are in large numbers~

The famous Budweiser Clydesdale Horses came to town last week.  Many were disappointed that the whole team had not come according to advertising images, but for me I was thrilled to just see the two that did come.  They are just gorgeous and gentle creatures.  Two of our grands Braden and Maci and I got to pet one of them and that was a nice treat.  We also had a surprise snow fall while en route and during the quick visit that we made into the city to see them.  It made for some lovely snaps to share~

And then ... we had an ice storm, and it was mean to us.  
We lost many hundreds of small branches which are miserable to try and gather on such a large patch of land. In some places they are knee deep and some still frozen together. Then there were a bunch of very large fallen limbs from huge trees.  We couldn't make it past losing another monster tree behind our home.  We are so very thankful that it fell away from the house, but it also took out two other smaller trees~

I did seek the beauty in the mess for the ice covered property took on lovely scenes as I trudged around checking on the damage done.  We don't hire out, we do the clean-up ourselves and I take on much of the task myself, other than using a chainsaw...oh no way.  It's going to take months and one tree that was attached at the base of the larger one now fallen is in a very precarious position and it's facing the land that I have been working so much the last 4 years. You cannot control nature, that's for sure~

This younger buck was at a nearby park that I drove through a couple of weeks ago~

Northern Flicker, also sometimes called Yellow-shafted Flickers~

Carolina Wren~


Top left to right and then lower left to right...
Chickadee, Cedar Waxwing...I only saw them one day this season and took 5 pictures was all... Chipping Sparrow and Mr. and Mrs Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers~

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Remembering Muff, and the Ending of Autumnal Colours~

It's been a rough couple of days for me. Not a human, but a little buddy since I met him some time after his mom died. His twin sister came with him, but didn't attach like he did. He was 16 months old and this week he was killed on the new road, right across the street from where he always came to greet me. I called him Muff, or Muffy because he had larger ears than the other fawns that made him look like he had on earmuffs. I was able to get a 100%ID of him today because of the many images I take of each buck as they grow their antlers. In velvet he looked amazing. He's only the second buck to have a name and to follow me around.  I was looking forward to seeing him in his darker coat out in the snow this Winter.  That won't happen now. I wish that people would pay more close attention to the road and watch for them. Anyway this is when he was younger and was following me around.  

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Some of my favorite remembrances from this buck. He appeared around mid July of 2017 with a twin sister. There was never a Doe with them. After a couple of months the sister went missing and the little buck was by then nearing 5 months of age and all alone. He would come to get handouts of cracked corn and fruit. One day I was getting ready to cross our narrow wooden bridge and Muff stepped up on it from the far side. I had to gently coax him off. He seemed to trust me and yet I never got close enough to reach out to him, as I always respect that they are wild. He came to visit a few times every day and then a couple of times and then every few days. I noticed that the Does would take and hoof him if he tried to eat in their space. The young twin fawn bucks were also after him and trying to chase him away.  He was special because he fought such a hard, lonely battle to survive and at the young age of 15/16 months, he was hit and left on the side of the road. I was able to pull him over into the high grasses, and when I drove away, the Vultures were lined up to do their job. My heart aches for the loss of this amazingly wonderful creature. I guess I can admit that I loved the chap.   

That's beautiful Muff on the left looking at the twin bucks, also his same age~

The other day I called the state highway department in Frankfort, the Oldham County Road Department ( they assured me that they would contact Frankfort and get signs up weeks ago) and they cannot get any "Deer Crossing" signs up on the new parkway. I also called Oldham County Judge/Executive David Voegele's office. The gentleman that I spoke with felt very bad about all of the deer already killed including my Muff as well as a Great Horned Owl, 1 Wild Turkey and two Box Turtles in just the few weeks since they opened it.

The I got a phone call. The signs are going up hopefully by this time next week! If they are not up by then, I was instructed to call them and let them know. This is a very wide four lane parkway, with plenty of wide landscape viewing, to where hitting a Deer, or anything is absurd, unless someone just doesn't care. I would imagine that the Deer hits are from larger pickup trucks. There is also going to be a better police presence to make sure that the drivers obey the speed limit of 45 mph~

All of the images of the Autumnal colours and the songbirds were taken on Tingsgrove, our little two and a half acres~

Male Cardinal~

American Robin~

Female Cardinal~

We are enjoying the colours for as long as they last. Many of the trees this year both on Tingsgrove and beyond have turned brown and fallen without the colours that we all look forward to. Rain washes the leaves and when they are still wet they are even more vibrant. I have a few left on the camera to upload, but here is another set taken just after the rains came~  

Eastern Towhee~


Last week I began seeing the Red-tailed Hawks a little bit more as the canopy of green turns colours and falls to the earth's floor.  This was an incredible looking bird~

Turkey as well as Black Vultures are always ready and waiting road kill~

This Red-tailed Hawk was on Tingsgrove~

This Red-tailed Hawk was hunting and had missed it's prey and only snagged dirt and grass on this attempt~

Of all places...I have been visiting the world famous and beloved Cave Hill Cemetery since I was a young child, some 65 years ago.  This is the first time that I have ever seen a deer there as it is inside the Louisville, Kentucky city limits.  Not only was there this big chap, but two more were running with's rutting season~

The other day from 1:18 to 1:56 PM, I had a visitor...oh and yes about the timing...I looked at my first image and then my last one taken on my camera of this Sharp-shinned Hawk on Tingsgrove. It landed right above where I was and stayed for 38 minutes. I told it how beautiful it was and it was nice to stay awhile and let me get over 400 images, yes you read that right. I eliminated the total by half and then down to a couple of shares for this post.
I received corrections from two folk on Facebook birding group pages that my original guess of a Cooper's Hawk was wrong. At first I thought it was a Sharp-shinned Hawk because it was only about the size of say...a Blue Jay. After observing it for so long and seeing it from all sides, the tail feathers didn't look squared off, or straight across like a Sharp-shinned, but rather scalloped to the tip like a Cooper's Hawk, or so I thought.  This is indeed a Sharp-shinned Hawk and my first ever that was not flying way far away from me looking like a bleep in the air~