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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ninety Images for Ninth Blog Anniversary~

UPDATE on the mentioned problem below...everything remains messed up as for my thousands of missing comments from dashboard.  I do indeed have Google + on my blog and can go to my G-mail emails and bring up most all of my comments one at a time just like in an email.  However my dashboard only shows the last 1,000 comments.  It feels like I have been violated in that I have not changed anything and yet this has happened.  I enjoyed being able to scroll down and read through those cherished words! Google+ has not been able to fix it, and Blogger is not able to help either.  I have switched back and forth on a few things, been given options of changing other edits with my HTML, only to get ready to SAVE and a warning comes up about what I might not be able to recover should I click on save.  It's been a daunting two weeks in doing what I can do to get this straightened out.  I missed valuable time from doing other important things, trying to resolve this and so far, it is just not happening.  Thanking you so much for thoughts suggested.  I would so much like to know if anyone else has endured such that was able to ascertain how and what to do, but so far the many that are dealing with the same issues, have not resolved them either. I am going to use this as my entry once again as I worked so hard on it and I have not had time to do any new post.  Thanking you for your support and kindness.  Mary

This is one of the warnings that I have received following a suggestion that I am already using Blogger profile...

Switch to a limited Blogger profile

You're currently using a Google+ profile on your blogs.
If you switch to a limited Blogger profile, you will be asked to confirm your settings on the next page. Note: links to your blogs from the About tab of your Google+ profile will also be removed.
Standing outside the Rosewell Estate, already missing my time there~

Nine years ago today began my journey into the blogging world.  It has been such a blessing for me and I am so very thankful to each of you who have made it possible, who have encouraged me who have shared your lives with me and allowed me to share mine with you.  Each of you inspire me and I appreciate every one of you.  My most difficult part is getting to your blogs and leaving comments.  I try very hard to catch up with you and I enjoy so much the visits.   Thanking you for the many cherished comments that you have left for me.  The friendships made along the way have brightened my life in such a way that had I not been blogging, I would have missed out on so much.

I have found some very frustrating news... The first 7 years worth of my blogs comments are missing from my dashboard! There are only the last two years worth showing and I have spent many hours since this past Saturday afternoon trying to find a solution.  Evidently I am not alone.  Many people are having this same problem.  The Google team gives different ways to recover them, but for most of us it is Not working.   I had 11,511 published comments for my 8th year blog anniversary with 1,110 published posts.  For my 9th year it shows 1000 comments and 1,144 published posts which the number of published posts is not even correct.  I have 60 total published entries for the last 2 years.  It's possible that I have received exactly 1000 comments the past two years, interesting number... but with such a loss of others, I can't really know.  If any of you have had these kinds of issues, I really would appreciate your input.  Heartbreaking is about all I can add.  Thanking you so very much~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slideshow presentation after    you have read the narratives~

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Red-Shouldered Hawks of Tingsgrove and Beyond helped me kicked of this blog as well as give it the name.  The third season in a row nest attempts failed.  This time it was sadly due to Raccoon invasion that took one life and injured the second eyas.  As I write the bird is getting better, still a long way to heal, but eating on it's own a couple of weeks now.  Many thanks to Chuck and Michelle Culp with Wingspan of Kentucky~

The two young eyas before things went wrong~

Above a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk and below a juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk.
Do you think that out in the field you would be able to tell the difference?

Red-tailed Hawk~

A young newly fledged Red-tailed Hawk hunting along the country lane~

The 2017 season for Bald Eagles presented three beautiful Eaglets~

This old tree sits very near last year's Eagle nesting tree. 
I enjoyed seeing it on my hundreds of visits to the Rosewell Estate~

First there were two Eaglets and then there was one.  Winter weather brought down heavy snow on the young one and it's parents~

The adult female Bald Eagle~

The male adult brought in a fish for breakfast and the young Eaglet was quite delighted when it arrived~

The Eaglet made me giggle so much on this visit.  At times it seemed a little afraid to jump up without grasping some pine needles in it's beak to hold on to as it practiced leaping up into the air.  It fledged about 48 hours later~

This White-tailed buck was on the premises of the Rosewell Estate near the Eagle site~

My last visit inside of the Rosewell Estate near the Bald Eagle location was filled with the joy of having spent so much time this past four year period and also sadness that it was soon to be over.  A family with 5 children have since moved it and they are making it home, which is quite wonderful~

What an awesome experience.  A Snowy Owl visited Kentucky for a few months this past Winter.  My daughter Hillary and twin grandsons drove down to see it and what a beauty it was.  I hope that by now it is safely back up in the Arctic where it had come from~

An American Kestrel near where I live last Winter~

My first ever Loggerhead Shrike was taken at some distance when visiting the site where the Sandhill Cranes gather on their migration every year in Cecelia~

Sandhill Cranes~

Mannie and her young of my favorite White-tailed Deer shares.  Mannie and many other Deer have been dropping fawns the past 3 weeks and it has not been the best year.  Last year the Red Foxes came and this season they had 3 kits.  The fawn population is doing very poorly with their presence~  

My Mannie, I just love her.  I have wondered if she might be the one that I rescued a few years ago.  She is most friendly~

Muff arrived without a Doe and with a twin sister.  Now he comes with another Doe and, or by himself.  Named Muff because of his large  ears~

Look at Muff now, a yearling with velvet covered nubs~

One of my favorite images from this past year.  A Chipmunk looks up at the female Groundhog for a possible handout~

A most beautiful Friesian Gelding named Zeke who is housed at a barn near our home.  I have not been able to see him for the past couple of months, but hopefully will again soon~

The Red Fox Vixen.  Listen to the recording that I have posted.  That my friend is a Vixen and she will do that up to 45 minute at a time first thing in the morning~

Turn up your volume as loud as it will go and it will still not sound the way it does outside my window~

This Vixen and the two kits were seen in Louisville KY~

For a few years birders and others were pleased to have a pair of Mississippi Kites return to the same street in St. Matthews and nest each season on their migration.  Last season they had two young ones.  This year they did not return~

Black Throated Green Warbler made a visit to Tingsgrove and it was a first for me~

Mourning Doves snuggling and kissing~

Juvenile Black Bellied Plover was also a first for me this past year~

Butter Butt ;)  a Yellow Rumped Warbler in the garden~

White throated Sparrow having a berry snack~

Male Wood Duck~

My first ever Common Loon.  This along with the Snowy was on my list for age~

A Black Vulture outside our glass door~

Wild Turkeys in the snow at Rosewell~

Female Wood Ducks and the young ones~

A sweet little Chickadee~

Last week as I was coming inside, I spotted this beautiful Great Leopard Moth~

I think that this is a Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly~

Sometimes something will tug at me and draw me in and this one moved me greatly~

The little pond at Drumanard Estate~

One of my most favorite exhibits at the Louisville Zoo...a Sumatran Tiger~
Bless him, he only has one eye~

Just an ice scene before the week that got extremely busy~



  1. I am in total awe Mary!! I do hope you find your posts & comments!

    Thanks so much for linking in & sharing your photos/skills/admiration of all things, nature.

    1. PS...Mary, you are on Google Plus. Did you try to revert back to the old style of Blogger from your blog admin...? You should then see ALL your old comments.

  2. Hello Mary, Happy 9th blog anniversary. Your post is beautiful. I am amazed at your Hawk and Eagle photos. They are all beautiful. Awesome sightings, the Snowy Owl is a beauty. I will never forget seeing my first Snowy Owl. The fox and kits are so cute. All your photos are awesome. I hope your archive problem is fixed soon. Thanks so much for sharing your post. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  3. 90 breathtaking images! Happy Blogoversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for committing such time, talent and treasure for our benefit! Your so gifted. All my love,Brightsea

  5. Dear Mary, Congratulations. A group of fine photographs. I hope that they will find themselves in a book. Maybe a book you can self publish.

  6. Happy anniversary. Nine years is quite an achievement as are your 90 photos documenting your blog life.

  7. Happy Anno

    Wow...what a gorgeous array of Nature. Great!

  8. I can only imagine how long it took you to choose 90 images from the last nine years … a little daunting for this blogging newbie with only a year under her belt. But each and every one is spectacular - and you know that already. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your very special window on the nature that lives in your neck of the woods. I am richer for the experience. (And thanks for your tip on the comments - I don't have a suggestion, but I probably will start looking for a way to download comments.) By the way, I may not be commenting as often for the next few weeks since I will have my in-laws visiting from the UK. We are going to have a great time!

  9. Wow! Amazing shots! Your photography is always incredible!

  10. Beautiful pictures as always Mary! The birds are beautiful but this time I am especially entranced by the beautiful fox .... that Vixen must be an amazing alarm clock for you! (I am only imagining the sound, because i couldn't figure out how to link to the recording.) It is helpful to see the red shoulder hawk and the red-tailed right next to each other. And I can't get over how lucky you were to see that beautiful owl! So many precious sightings... i loved them all.

  11. Fantastic Raptors, I love them. And the Deer, beautiful.

  12. Hell Mary. First of all, congratulations on your “birthday”. Yes, I have read about your blogging problems via Facebook. As you know, I rarely contribute to Facebook, and then only birdy stuff as you will remember why I do not post family images. I too have had problems, mainly Google not forwarding comments to my email account. This has been partly resolved now but is still not ideal. Google - “Why change something that is working well and enjoyed by many?”. I suspect their changes are a means to see and control what each is posting and what they are posting about. Big Bad Brother is watching us.

    Meanwhile you birthday celebration images are quite lovely when put together like that . It shows just how much work has gone into your blog for Google to then spoil it for you. I hope you can resolve some if not all of your issues, but if not, don’t give up. Best to you and all your family.

  13. Hi Mary, this is a great post and lovely photos. Very much worth repeating. You hawks, deer and fox photos are all amazing. I hope your google problems are solved some way. Thanks again for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  14. So many beautiful photos in your post! Hope you get your google problems solved very soon.

  15. H Mary, what a wonderful part of the world you live in and what beautiful wildlife you share it with, I am in awe of all of your stunning images. Love the snowy owl!
    I have no useful suggestions to make regarding your lost comments I'm afraid. Like others I recently stopped receiving emails of comments left on my blog, this went on for about a month until some helpful bloggers posted the "fix" and now all is well I really hope you get the problem resolved to your satisfaction soon.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

    1. Thank you so much Maggie. It's been crazy getting on here and not having some things function any longer that have for 9 years. One of my issues beside the missing comments on my dashboard, are that for 3 months now I no longer get my email notifications about comments waiting, or comments listed as published following moderation. Blogger, Google + both know about it and no one has done anything to help me. How did you get your to come again? Thanking you so much for any ideas~

  16. Hope your issues are sorted out. Happy
    Mosaic Monday


  17. Wow! What a wonderful way to celebrate your blog. I always enjoy seeing your feathered and furry friends, flowers and scenery. Hope you have a delightful week.

  18. I'm so very happy to have had your blog to visit all these years. My husband and I both look at your posts and marvel at your wildlife photos. Blogger can be very frustrating but is still the best way to share, I think. Happy bloggaversary! heehee! Hugs!

  19. Mary, Sorry about the blog troubles. I remember losing all my links when blogspot made changes. I really depended on them and it took a while to refind those I visited regularly. I hope it all gets sorted out. I always love your bird photos! Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  20. Hi Mary, firstly congratulations on your ninth anniversary of blogging and sharing your AMAZING photos with us. Although I don't always have time to visit, I do enjoy it when I can. Secondly huge apologies for not visiting over the past couple of months. During May we were travelling, and during June I was working. I will try to be more diligent now! Thirdly, I have no solution to your problem. I am not connected to Google + and have no desire to be. As for the comments, you can still see them I presume when your go to your actual blog posts? I hadn't realised that only 1000 comments were now being shown in the dashboard. That is very frustrating I must say. It would be nice to be able to retain these stats, but the number of comments doesn't show in stats either, just the number of page views. But I have no solution as to how to fix it. Oh well, that's blogging for you. I live in fear of blogging disbanding and me loosing everything! Happy blogging Mary and keep sharing! hugs.


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