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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Two Weeks of Busy and Spring is Finally Here~

On the way out to my daughter Brittany's one morning this past week... a Red-tailed Hawk lifted off as soon as I got on site. The mate was calling for it from across the lane where it was on the nest...I fondly call this chomping for a meal to be caught and brought in  
Taken from inside my car~

I am not sure what to do about something that has only just transpired in the past month.  I would appreciate any advice, or knowledge if the same is happening with anyone else.  Nothing on my blog has changed in many years, other than when Google added the Google Chrome.  That being said...I can no longer as of two weeks ago upload images from my Picasa photo program as I have done in years, with the exception of when I temporarily lost Picasa for two weeks.  I have to maneuver them into the blog and it takes quite the effort.  
That is not my main concern though.  
Just this past week alone I have received 32 ANONYMOUS comments.  I put them over in the SPAM folder to keep count this week, rather than to just delete them.  I am thinking that in my nearly 8 years of blogging I may have only gotten a dozen, or so in the whole time, and now this!  Nothing that I know of has changed and this is most annoying!  
That being said, is there anything that I can do beyond what I am aware of to STOP it?
Thanking you in advance~ 

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The performance by the Louisville Leopards Percussionists program called "The Big Gig 2018" was held at the Brown Theater on one recent Sunday afternoon.  Our twin grandsons Cullen and Kerrick are in the group wearing the red shirts. It was an absolutely marvelous performance, and such talent with these dedicated students.  I am so proud that the boys have had this opportunity and hope that they will have the desire next year as well as be accepted into the group~

Our oldest daughter Hillary and their twins Cullen and Kerrick.
I failed at getting very many family images at the performance~

My Hillary Amber~

Hidden Hill Nursery and Sculpture Garden in Utica, IND .  
I went with my dear friends Wilma and Nicki...
What fun we had, lots of laughter always~ 

The Red-Tailed Hawk and the mobbing Crows...

Someone mentioned on Kentucky Birders, when I shared these: 

"Great bunch of photos. One picture wouldn’t have done their dance justice"

And so with that I share them all ;) ~

Tall Phlox~

It's just about time for the running of the 144th Kentucky Derby and I always enjoy it.  Horse farms begin to have great excitement and it's like a magical electricity in the air.  There are Derby parties, parades, fireworks and lots of tasty treats.  In years gone by we attended some of the festivities...I would still like it, but the crowds have really grown very large.  
The Kentucky Derby is at the top of my bucket list once again this year...maybe it will happen one day.  
These images were taken at Hermitage Farms in Prospect near me.  The Queen of England has visited this farm a couple of times and I got to see her on one of those occasions.
Will you be watching the Royal Wedding?
I shall be watching as much as possible from the comfort of my home~


  1. That anonymous guy gets around.

    Enjoyed. Lovely shots.

  2. I am afraid I can't offer any suggestions on the Anonymous phenomenon - I have not experienced it!

    Your first set of pictures had me glued to my computer - the eyes are so intense and focused in every shot, and I love how the wing feathers splay out .... captured so well, as always!!!

    I did not watch the Derby, although I heard it was rainy there today?

  3. That first image of the hawk ... it's like it's raising its arms to cheer that Spring is here! Hip, hip, hooray!!

    Thank you for linking in & sharing this with us at I'd Rather B Birdin

  4. Absolutely wonderful post! It was a delight to visit today! Thank you! Have a grand week!

  5. Absolutely STUNNING photos of the red-tail! Wow! Also, congrats to your grandsons. I know how proud you were...I have had some moments like that with mine! Loved the interesting sculptures/yard art and also the beautiful flowers! Weird about the Anonymous comments!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. Gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk. Congrats to your grand-sons -- a job well done and I bet it was fun, music filled evening. I really enjoyed your images of Hidden Hill Nursery and Sculpture Garden. Amazing blooms and the sculpture is fun. Happy Monday!

  7. Your photos are as beautiful as ever!
    I haven't experienced the comments from Anonymous, but I do know that there are problems with Picassa because it is no longer supported. I am still using it to create collages, but will have to find another program because it is now just a lot of work.

  8. Sorry to hear that you've been experiencing problems with Google & Picassa, I know that Google "took over" Picasa, if you google Google & Picassa you will find out more.
    Love all the fantastic aerial shots, what a dance that was. Your day out with friends t the nursery looked like a whole lot of fun, the statues there are wonderful, so much to see.

  9. No ideas that could help -- I am still able to use Picassa the way I awlays have, but I have always uploaded my 'doctored' photos to my photo file and inserted them from there.

    You did have a busy week indeed -- but took time to smell (and beautifully photograph) the flowers ... and your wonderful birds as always inspire me.

  10. Such handsome grandsons you have. And talented, too. More beautiful captures from your camera to delight us with the wildlife.

    About the computer issues - I still use Picasa (downloaded to my computer), but I upload photos from My Pictures on my camera and bypass picasa that way. About Anonymous - he's been around here, too, but not as much as out your way.

  11. Hello, Mary! Your Hawk photos are always amazing. I would love to tour the sculpture garden, they are so cute. I am sorry to be so late commenting. I just got home from our road trip and I am now trying to catch up on my commenting. Thanks so much for linking up your post. Have a happy day and weekend ahead.

  12. Oh my, those shots of the Hawk are amazing, and I love the sculpture garden, absolutely beautiful.

  13. I always love to see your photos, especially of the hawks, you get the best hawk photos! Looks like you had such a busy and wonderful week. I hope your health is good. I am sorry you are going through some problems with the blog and Google. I still use my Google Albums like I used to, I did not use Picasa and it was fazed out I think. As far as the comments I think you can set your comments to a higher level in the settings section of your account.

  14. Such a lovely bird! Just saw a havk the other day, but I don't know if it was this kind of hawk.

  15. I am back from Menorca and catching up with post, emails and blogging alike. So sorry to hear about your problems with spam and anon comments.I hope by now you have been able put a stop to it. It is very frustrating when these people try to spoil and take the joy out of the great facility of the Internet. It was good to see all your family updates and those of your burgeoning spring flowers and birds. I hope to catch up more over the weekend and when unfortunately, I won't have time to watch the wedding.


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