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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Visit With Icelandic Friends and Family and Snow Birds~

Last week ending, we had a lovely light snow fall. 
One morning about half hour before dawn,  I awoke and looked out the window, and this was what I saw. 
The street lamp that sits down in the valley of Tingsgrove was illuminating a soft pinkish glow upon the freshly fallen snow. 
In the background the morning light was just beginning to form and the colours that you see in the 2 images shares, are exactly as I took them~

I am linking up with Mary for:

"Mosaic Monday"


Meaka thinks that snow is created for her pure enjoyment~

White-throated Sparrows are one of the songbirds that return every winter~

The husby above with the pup-cub~


Cavehill Cemetery is one of the most amazing birding places available in the big city of Louisville. 
Many of my photograph shares on my blog have been photographed here~




I had the sweet pleasure of the company of these 3 wonderful people this past week. 
For those who saw my post from last week about the one in a million chance meeting of fellow blogger and friend Chris's friends Matt and Bea all whom were visiting family here for the holidays, from Reykjavik, Iceland, and my chance meeting with them in my little community of Oldham County, Kentucky, is still such an amazing thought!

Pat is Matt's sister on the left and it was she who was wearing a really lovely hat, that brought this meeting together in the first place. 
Pat and her family all live very close to me. 
In fact Pat and Matt's sister actually live in my neighborhood called Borowick Farms... 
Their parents live in a neighborhood not even 3 miles from our home. 
If that were not enough of the coincidences...I have had a friend named Kris who is Scandinavian, for over 30 years. 
I just found out this morning that Pat and Matt's sister Ranae was in Kris's wedding... 
Can any of this be made up...I is all true!
  Oh and yes, Ranae will be making me my very own hat, and I will share that soon too;')~

Pat and Matt are siblings and Bea in the middle is Matt's wife. 
What a sweet blessing these people are!

Black-capped Chickadees and Downy Woodpeckers make the rounds to our feeders many times throughout the day~


One of the old walk bridges that the husby built some 30 years ago, crosses our creek behind our home. 
I quite liked the water reflections beneath the bridge. 
More water reflections coming later in the week;')~

If ever a dog could smile, Meaka surely is~

A very lovely couple...Bea and Matt will be returning soon to Iceland, but they shall stay friends for a very long time, I hope, along with their family here~

Dark-eyed Juncos are also little friends that return to our area for the Winter months~

I liked the images above and below because of the sun light playing upon the snow on the tree branches~

I end with another image of how this post began and wish you a wonderful weekend and week ahead. 
Stay safe and be a blessing~


  1. Beautiful images - and I was really taken with the photos of your dog in the snow, with the flash of the red tag at his neck - gorgeous!

  2. once again, you prove how very small the world is sometimes. :)

    love the snow photos. meaka is adorable. :)

  3. Love the snow in all your photos! Beautiful! It's great to see your new friends from Iceland! It's awesome how you happened to meet them that way!

  4. So many beautiful snow shots! Love the dog playing in the snow. Looks like fun but that must have been cold.

  5. Mary it must take hours for you to sort through all those pictures and then compose all those lovely Mosaics. The Icelandic story is just brilliant in showing how the Internet can bring people together and make the world a smaller place. Good to see you all enjoying the snow and I look forward to seeing the new hat.

  6. Absolutely "stellar" post! Your photos and collages are amazing.

  7. You have had a very pretty snowfall there in Kentucky. I love the photos of the trees laden with snow and your dog enjoying a good romp. The photo of the pink glow is beautiful. Have a lovely week!

  8. Amazing pictures and collages and I am happy to read more about that fantastic coincidence and to see your lovely visitors.

    (My maternal grandparents and many other ancestors are buried in Cave Hill and it was thrilling to visit a few years ago on one of our RV trips. (My mother was born in Louisville but moved to the Northwest before she met my father. I'd never visited until then.) It is an incredibly beautiful place.

  9. Wow so wonderful!! Love the light in the first and the last photo and you also captured some really lovely birds! And at last: your dog is so beautiful!! :)

  10. Great post, Mary! I just love your Meaka! And your birds are all beautiful, lovely images. Have a happy week!

  11. Lovely snow, for a while. Meaka has it right, snow, it comes just about playing in the snow. My dog used to chasing snowballs.

  12. Your photos are all wonderful, but those two taken at first light are just stunning. Snow is so beautiful. I'm still hoping for some here.

  13. I love to see snow shots (although I don't want to be IN it!). They are lovely.

    And, it's such a small world today, isn't it?!!

  14. Beautiful friends, snow, birds, and beautiful pup! You have quite a lovely collection of photos and now memories forever. :)

  15. What a feat post.i love your first photo most and your dog is beautiful.

  16. A wonderful blog post - amazing light and colour in the first and last photos, and what a gorgeous dog you have - she's so beautiful. I love the story about your Icelandic friends - one of life's very strange coincidences - it just shows what a small world we live in!

  17. gorgeous gorgeous images. They could be your Christmas cards next year! Your first shot of the early morning is so beautiful. And all those lovely little birds.
    The meeting up with your Icelandic friends was obviously fated.
    Have a wonderful week.

  18. Wonderful winter photo. The bird and the dog was so nice.
    Wish you and your family a great year.
    From Hilda

  19. What a lovely post and great photos. Valerie

  20. What can I say...the images are just breathtaking!!! The collages are perfectly set. These would be beautiful in a slide show for your family and friends.


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