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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Run in the Park, Snow and Fog~

The image above was from 2 weeks ago, when we had a brief break in the cold weather that winter has brought our way.  
Our youngest daughter Ashleigh, was running about with our oldest daughter Hillary's twin boys, Cullen and Kerrick~

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It has been quite a while since a Fox Sparrow has paid a visit to Tingsgrove.  
The last 2 winters, I have watched for them and then the other day, there were two.  I have not seen them since, but here is hoping that they have not gone so far away, that they will not return for some more photo opportunities~

White-breasted Nuthatches, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, and Downy Woodpeckers, make frequent daily visits to the suet cake feeders I have placed in the side garden, just outside 3 windows, where I can easily sneak in some photography sessions with these fine feathered friends~


Nature's adornments left over from the Sweetgum tree~

I love how the male Mallard Duck seemed to be saying...Hey, how are you doing and what goodies did you bring with you today... sort of looks like a smile, to me~

 Not sure what kind of fruit was lingering on this tree, but it certainly looked lovely on this cold winter's day.  We have been holding in the upper teens, and upper twenties all week.  And below, spring buds already formed and ready~

My beloved Survhee Pipka, named because she survived so many obstacles 18 months ago.  She is thriving and at times, seems more like dog, than cat.  
She is nothing short of sweet and pure entertainment~

5 year old Meaka is such a happy dog and she and our 2 cats get along beautifully.  
Meaka has about 6 weeks, if all goes as hoped for, to become a big sister to a new Long Coat German Shepherd, which we have decided to call  Sylvie Aleit ~

The fog was so think last Saturday, that we could hear the boats on the Ohio River, but we could hardly see anything in front of us.  I love fog and what it brings to the mystery in nature, but it can also be so dangerous, especially when you have fog and ice...not a good combination~

It is not very often that I think about it, yet, I know the reality of life... and one day, my husby and I shall be buried in a plot on a hill, where I stood to take these photographs.  
It is a very special place, overlooking the military section of Cave Hill Cemetery, which is even listed on one of Louisville, Kentucky's best places to visit when touring the city 
A well known botanical garden, as well as much wildlife abounds within the high bricked walls of this place~

 Below, frozen water reflections at one of the old walk bridges that crosses the creek on Tingsgrove~

This car was in front of us on one of the warmer days 2 weeks ago and I just had to get this capture of a St. Bernard enjoying an outing with it's master~

The sun was coming up and these Crows were getting excited as they began to move about at one of the hospital lamp posts in Louisville recently~  


  1. your pets are loved. :) beautiful photos throughout, mary.

  2. Lots of fun shots! The kids and Meaka all appear to be enjoying themselves! I really like the foggy photos and the snow shots. The dog in the convertible make me laugh!

  3. Thank you for paying me a visit. I just spent some time looking through your lovely photos. Your bird shots are so clear and lovely. I tried some similar shots today. Not easy. See you again soon.

  4. What a nice variety of winter photos. I enjoyed them. It is still very cold here with the wind blowing daily. A warm up is coming on Tuesday and we'll get up to and above freezing. I hope you have a lovely week. Pamela

  5. Hi Mary. Great views of all your garden visitors and super to see the children and animals enjoying themselves.

    BTW all is well here apart from the weather ... snow has now changed to rain!!

  6. Gorgeous mosaics. The kids look to be have a wonderful time. Blessings, Jen

  7. Love the romp and the serene photos of fog...

  8. My goodness so many lovely photos. Thanks for sharing them. Valerie

  9. I hope Meaka stopped short of bowling you and your camera over!
    The fox sparrows are neat little birds, I'm going to see if we get them in our area.

  10. I have never seen a fox sparrow before - what a treat! Love the fog shots. So many great ones on here!

  11. Lovely collection of photos and mosaics. I love the shot of the children playing and your dog Meaka. The St Bernard is cute too. The Fox Sparrow is pretty. Wonderful post, Mary! Have a great week ahead.

  12. Oh Mary! I so love coming to "visit" you and your corner of the world. I have been away the last couple of Monday's so it was lovely to catch up with you today through your wonderful images.
    Take care and have a wonderful week.

  13. I always love the photos you take but the very last one surprises me. I hate crows...but you even got wonderful photos of them! Enjoy your week!

  14. Wonderful collection of photos! I would be hard to choose a favorite...

  15. Those woodpeckers would keep me occupied for hours with a camera Mary, you are so lucky but as I also know so well versed in making sure they visit your garden regularly. As ever, and I fear I repeat my admiration for your mosaics, they are just tremendous, and you must spend ages in their planning and construction.

  16. Great photos and the fox sparrows are especially beautiful.

  17. Many wonderful photos! Your family ones are very heartwarming and I love all the critters, the dog in the convertible was a hoot!

  18. What a lovely post. Great photos!

  19. Great set of shots - dont know which I like best. I do know I like the crow shots at the end because they are different from most other WBW shots - including mine!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  20. Beautiful images .... I especially LOVE the Robin in the snow :)

  21. Beautiful series, Mary. Of course Boom and I are partial to Meaka. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  22. Gosh Mary -- so many beautiful images. Love your GSD and cat -- can't wait to see the puppy!

  23. Beautiful post ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  24. This is a really nice series of images! It made me feel good.

    Thank you!

  25. Your photographs are stunning, and I love how you create your mosaics.



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