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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Word Press Blog Comments~

A few weeks ago a blogging friend suggested that I remove the word verification from my blog and I listened and it has worked out beautifully.
I would thus suggest at least that if you are still using it to consider removing word verification from your blog?
My blog still remains tight shipped as far as catching spammy stuff and all and I no longer make it to where anyone has to struggle trying to get those word verification things written out correctly.
Thanks bunches~

Also, I am having great difficulty along with several other blogging friends, in that we cannot leave a message with blogs that use Word Press, and how unfortunate that has become! This just began in last couple of days and it is really frustrating.  I can see that others are able to leave comments, but many others cannot.  I have sent e-mails to the blog administrators and they also know there is a problem.  If you have Word press and have recently posted on SkyWatch Friday, Mosaic monday, or World Bird Wednesday...I am trying to post comments.  It shows that you must either be connected to Twitter, or Facebook in order to comment.  I click into my Facebook account and I am still unable to not the magic word...Word Press!

DeleteThe exact message By Word Press states:
"That email address is associated with an existing (or account. Please click the back button in your browser and then log in to use it."

I have tried to leave several comments again this morning and nothing works when I sign in to another account in order to leave a comment. Can you tell I am getting a wee bit frustrated with this...ugh~


  1. Hi there - I've had the same problem with Wordpress.

    Here is the non-metric version of my gull!

    “For those of you who like fact and figures here are some: They can grow to by 26 inches in length, have a wingspan of 5 ½ feet and males can weigh in at 3 ½ lb – this can be summed up in a very simple way “they’re big”.”



  2. I had the same problem just before trying to leave a comment on Wordpress. I got the same message 3 times(but I do have a Wordpress account also)... never had the message before and could always comment until now!! It's very frustrating!!

  3. I came here to comment on your WBW post after you doing so with mine and got sidetracked with your word verification post. Good for you and thank you for removing WF. In the past month since Blogger changed things many people have come around to remove WF from their blog just by spreading the word. I see you still have the Anonymous option on your blog. You still may receive SPAM through it so you may want to consider removing the Anonymous option. As for Wordpress, I have yet run into the problem you mention but then I usually shy away from leaving comments on that format as it's just too many entries to do so. Now on to your WBW entry.

  4. thanks for the anti-word verification plug! :)

    i've not had any problems w/ word press or any other blogs right now (fingers crossed). i did set up a word press i.d. a long time ago, and it recognizes me, thankfully.

  5. Hi there.
    I had the same problems yesterday so couldn't visit a friend and to my surprise this morning I tried again and ir worked ok. Maybe your complaints did help.

  6. I took the WV off sometime ago and yes have gotten several spams but unchecking my anonymous will help. Sometimes I have WP problems. Thanks for bringing up.

  7. Who said that technology was perfect ;-) Guess we will still faced that for many years, but we should not give up ;-)

  8. I agree with removing word verification, people would receive more comments it they shut it off. And If comment are being approved it is redundant. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  9. Oh Mary me too -- frustration. I did two things: used a free dummy word press account and commented using that "ALIAS". (I had actually thought once about starting another blog using Word Press -- this problem has totally discouraged me from that!).....and then after I did that once on each WP blog, I found that the next time I comment, I could erase (BACKSPACE AND DELETE) the lines that had my WP account and type in my usual "FullTime-Life" name and ID etc.... but I had to use the WordPress alias once on each WP blog. It is a HUGE hassle, but a few of my very favorite blogs are WP, so I am willing to do it.

  10. Oh yes and thank you for removing word verification.


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