Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Push for Some Nature Colouring~

After having a bad cold for days...weeks now, I am ready for sunshine and colour, any colour is better than the drab gray and brown that has shown around for weeks now.  I am talking anything from the powder white of clean fallen snow, to spring, summer and autumn colours, but for now, I must share some of what has been and hope that the new kind comes on soon, for it would perk me up so very much, how about you~

You know that there is nothing quite like an American Robin to usher in a cheerful day~

Autumn colouration of the Oregon Rhododendron to the sweet berries of the Euonymus ...

                                                               Angelic Tulip blossom~

Endless Summer Hydrangea, Mediterranean posies, Tulips and Roses all brighten a day~

                                                      A Rose like sunshine to the soul~

                                              Tulips under the droplets of rain presented~

Jewelweed helps if your skin happens to come in contact with Poison Ivy and Oak and they are also so pretty too.  They are hidden away for now, but soon ;) ~

    Jewelweed, Tulips and Japanese Kaki Persimmons as lovely as any Valentine card~

Japanese Kaki Persimmons, a delicacy and also such loveliness held in each fruit offered~

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  1. I love your Robin, unlike ours, which is really pretty. And roses, they are superb.

  2. well, you certainly added some wonderful color and textures to my day. that unfurling rose is just gorgeous!

  3. So glad t hear that you are feeling better Mary. The American robin or any robin for that matter is great to usher in the day. Beautiful photos, especially the velvety rose . . . how did you manage to do that ???

    Yes, each season in turn offers up it;s loveliness if only we have the eyes and soul to see it.

  4. beautiful blooms and colour.
    And the robin would certainly brighten anyone's day. I had a book as a child about a robin nesting in winter - it a favourite.
    I hope you are feeling better.

  5. Great photos and a wonderful collection of all things red.

  6. Love the robin. Your flower mosaics are enchanting. The rose is wowowowowow! Such beauty!

  7. Gorgeous shots! Such beautiful colors and flowers! Such a lovely way to usher in the day, with a very pretty Robin.

  8. Stunning photos is your mosaics. Have a wonderful week:)

  9. Gorgeous photos. I love the one looking deep into the heart of a tulip. Stunning.

  10. The rose looks like I could reach out and touch it! Just amazing photos, my friend! ♥

  11. Hi Mary, these are lovely blooms. This time of the year, I see a lot of buds and are ready for spring!

    I love that shot of the robin centered among the buds!

    Take care!

  12. Any one of those shots would be a perfect Valentine's image. I am so looking forward to seeing some colour in the garden!

  13. Gorgeous photos!! I especially love the way you have captured the velvety softness of the rose!!!
    I totally agree with you about craving colour, and an end to winter!!

  14. I love those images of summer flowers-- here in Florida the flowers are now almost at their best, before the heat and drought get to them.

  15. Hi Mary,thank you for your lovely comments on our Blog,i always look forward to dropping in on your wonderful blog from time to time,i love seeing the fantastic colours and the excellent photography.
    Amazing images.

  16. Stunning photos...the colors are amazing and the velvety texture of the rose came through in your shot...excellent!

  17. Those colours and photographs surely cheered us all up Mary. Winters can be long and cruel, just like the common cold.I had one for two weeks lately and it really got me down. carry on fighting it, spring will soon be here.

  18. Beautiful beautiful flowers and mosaics.All so colorfull.That rose looks like velvet, gorgeous.

  19. Lovely flower photos, and the American Robin is certainly a cheery beauty!

  20. Thanks for sending such cheer. Hope it all lands back on your doorstep.


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