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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Saturday, November 19, 2011

August in November~

These images have been hiding, all tucked away, until yesterday when I was deleting a whole bunch of images that I no longer wanted in my files.  So what was taken in August ending, I shall now share November ending~

"Yew Dell Gardens is the 33-acre home, gardens and arboretum of the late internationally-known plantsman Theodore Klein. Designated as a Partnership Garden by the Garden Conservancy, it contains over one thousand rare specimen trees and shrubs, including some Klein introduced to the nursery trade, as well as Klein’s own personal collection. The themed gardens include roses, dwarf conifers, hollies and evergreens. Other features include a small stone castle, a relocated log cabin, a rare bank barn, a tobacco barn and Klein's Cotswolds-style home. "


  1. that first shot of the while lily against black background is gorgeous! as is the red brush! so beautiful! love the cabin. the castle is a bit imposing, though!

  2. Wow, Mary these are such beautiful shots of a special place. The very best one, for me, is the last rose. Glad you dug them out of your computer. Hope your weekend is a good one!

  3. Special arrangement, they are double beautiful Mary.

  4. What beautiful photos, every one of them! (Though the last one is my very favorite, with the pretty feathery -looking purply-red one a close second!) What's the story on the castle? Fun photos, they're all captivating!

  5. as I scrolled through these photos I thought one was my favorite and then another one became my favorite. they are spectacular - I love the collage with the rows of trees, and the roses...and the red brush. it's always fun to discover photos in archives. I'm glad you shared these. and thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello, I truly appreciate that. happy Sunday to you Mary!

  6. The castle looks like it belongs in France Mary. Lovely collages again.

  7. Such delight, summer's vibrant blossoms in November!


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