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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Downy and Autumn Favorites Upon the Grove~

At first the little female Downy Woodpecker came to check out this old tree for insects and she was making a fine way for herself and then came along....

For those whom have followed my blog for longer, you already know that besides the evergreen trees, my second favorite on our 2 acres is this huge old Sycamore tree.  In the autumn, when the lovely Oaks, Maples, Dogwoods and all other trees turn their amazing display of colour, the Sycamore just seems to bask in the glory that the other trees provide with their colour against it's stark white trunk~ 

Due to so much shade, we do not have a lot of wildflowers blooming, yet during late summer, and early autumn months we have wild Calico Asters, Smartweed, Mist Flowers and Maple Leaf Viburnum tucked under the tree lined paths~

Once again, I love how the Sycamore seems to stand out in the beauty of all of the rest~

the little male Downey Woodpecker and he checked out the very same crevices she had been pecking at...sharing, that is what it is all about;)

Every year, I take dozens of images of these particular trees.  No two leaves ever the same.  Limbs fall, branches grow and so the way they appear year after year shall never be the same, and yet every year, they seem more majestic, more appreciated to me than the year before.  I adore trees and all that they stand for in the grand scheme of things.  Thus stated, I do believe that the images below, are my favorites of these so far and I hope to see them change for many more years to come...~


  1. Your property looks like Heaven to me. It has so many places for birds to live and hide.

  2. Recently found your blog on Skywatch. I like your collage style of blogging photos!

  3. oh so beautiful! love that collage of the 4 photos of the tree. and also your fall blooms. gorgeous, mary!

  4. Wonderful photos from flowers and birds. Beautiful !

  5. very pretty collection... loved your pics

  6. Beautiful mosacis. The downy woodie is cute and one of my favorites. The fall trees are looking beautiful there along with your flowers. Great photos. Happy Birding!

  7. The woodies are out for somethings to eat, beautiful pictures Mary.

  8. You have displayed the beautiful colors of Autumn. I love to be just so close to nature.

  9. You found some lovely colours there Mary. Your trees are just beautiful and I'm impressed you know ll those flowere names - me I just know birds.


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