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Monday, April 5, 2010

I have actually witnessed a hawk nest on top of a thriving squirrel dray in the past~

It has been since March 26 th that the nest of the Red-Shouldered Hawk fell when she was ridding her nest of eggs that did not develop after 15 days of brooding... I then had the nesting materials placed into a manmade basket and put by Arborist into the tree that they had attempted use in five years straight. Though the female visited the site, she never went for it. Instead they have been hanging around our back yard ever since, spending time hunting and copulating as well. They would check out on nest like in the children's story Goldilocks and the Three bears, and then try another. the female had even spent some of her feathers to line a very small old squirrel dray, and thankfully she changed her mind on that site. This is the next best news if they were not going to be on my property, or the property they had successful nest from last season, the property directly behind our grove. I can actually view the new nest site from my patio doors. It is going to be difficult as leaf growth is coming on strong. It is a very large tree, and a very good nest. You may notice in one of the images that there is a Gray Squirrel coming down along the right side of the Hawk nest. I am hoping they will learn to co-exist, for I have actually witnessed a hawk nest on top of a thriving squirrel dray in the past.  I am most appreciative for the property owners once again whom share my passion for these beautiful creatures~
*Note~  I stood at the new nest tree and turned toward our home, and with my 70-300 lens took a photograph of our home showing how close the nest tree is~

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  1. Looking at your pictures of this nest, I'm sure the nest I found up the road from our house is a Hawk nest, but so far nobody is there.We'll be checking it tomorrow. Maybe I should send you a picture and you can ID it for me? ?


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