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Monday, March 29, 2010

He then brought his bucket lower and retrieved the nesting materials that had fallen away on Friday, and carefully placed it into the nest~

Sometimes we have to take a little initiative and help nature out. Take example the California Condors. What was done today may fail and yet it was worth the money and the effort to give it a try. For 4, or 5 years, each year, at least one attempt was made at the same tree by the hawks to have a successful nest. However for three of those years, coons got the babies. Last year when they attempted, I was given permission by the property owners to place protection around trees and there were two fledgling after the season had ended. As most of you followers know by now, Friday when the female evidently attempted to rid the nest of eggs that were for whatever reason not developing, the entire nest fell away. It fell from the same side that it fell away from last season bringing with it, what became the "basket chick". After talking with Wingspan, I was encouraged to have an Arborist place a 2 x 4 at site, where the nest keeps falling away from. Last autumn, I had prepared a huge handmade nest 24" round. It was sturdy and I had always thought... if only, I could get that nest up into the favorite spot for the hawks... and the opportunity finally came today. Scott with Olive Branch was so very thoughtful and helpful with this project. He not only nailed the board, he went ahead and also placed the nest into the area the other nests have been. He then brought his bucket lower and retrieved the nesting materials that had fallen away on Friday, and carefully placed it into the nest. The new nest is anchored well as is the board. Now, I just wait and hope. If the hawks come this season for a second try, I am hoping they like what they find. If they do not come, or do not like what they find, it was still worth it all. There had been two eggs dropped to the ground last Friday. Scott found one still on the tree mantle, just lying there, with a tiny hole pecked in the top, just like the first two. Had the female checked because she new they were not good...we shall never know. She seemed to just stare at what had happened for hours, and then she finally gave up the wake. Both adults were on the grove twice yesterday, and again as I write, I could hear their great yell, they are still close, I am so hoping~ 

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  1. Mary, just catching up with your recent posts. Sorry to hear of the nest devastion. You have put in a lot of effort so let's hope there is good fortune for these birds. FAB.


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