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Friday, March 29, 2019

Two Weeks in My Little World~

Oh My Goodness GOODNESS, I LOVE this image so much!
Look how wee tee tiny the eaglet is there~

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The male and juvenile do a flyover...hey Mom how are you...I see you have a new one to raise down there~ 

The now second year juvenile is stunning.  One of the photographers witnessed it take a nice sized rabbit and move with ease over the land where it's parents are now raising the next generation.  This one who now flies was also one of two in the beginning~

A fish is brought in and then the female feeds her surviving eaglet... We have until the last week of May, first week of June for the young one to fly~

A field trip with other photographers took us a little closer to the activity.  I am always very cautious not to disturb the nest of raptors after learning the hard way with Red-Shouldered Hawks.  We must always respect nature, or we too may suffer~

Our youngest daughter Ashleigh on the left recently flew home to do some work in the city.  One afternoon while she was here, I had lunch with her and daughter Brittany  <3 i="">

A couple of days later we met up with daughter Hillary on the far right.  
Nothing makes me happier, than spending time with family~

My neighbors and dear friends celebrated "Happy Heart Year" this week.  
It had been a year since his Jeff's heart attack and Linda and I wanted to celebrate with him.  The company and food was wonderful~

One of my sweet friends Teressa came to visit with me at the Bald Eagle nest site one afternoon~

Last weekend the twin grandsons now 10 years of age played with the Louisville Leopard Percussionists.  Awesome Cullen and Kerrick! It was marvelous too.  They all did a super job~

The day before my surgery 2 weeks ago, I took the dogs for their bath.  A very kind gentleman offered to snap a couple of pictures for me.  Our 11 year old Meaka is behind 6 year old Silveit and next to her is 2 year old Svetka~

We had a light March snowfall and flooding rains.  
One late afternoon I took these images of the White tailed Deer herd as they made their way to the feed pans~

Our acreage was a huge mess for days following the heavy rains, upon rains and snow melt.  It''s just beginning to dry out and more rain is forecast.  It's all okay though, we are safe, we are blessed.  Others are not so fortunate~

Our creek runs across the back of our property as well as between the acreage.  It began to flow rapidly and overfill it's banks quickly~

And then it flooded badly.  We live on a hill above the land and so our home stayed safe~

That's our dog running yard down there...let's just say, they didn't run for a while~

This Bald Eagle comes to a local fishery and gets it's catch for the day a few times a week.  I can see it just 5 miles from home whereas the nest site Eagles are 17 miles from home~

Spring arrived this week and the Spring Peepers are making a huge showing down in our creek.  I couldn't believe how close I managed to get to this one who entertained me for over half an hour.  We also have Bluebirds building a nest in one of the boxes that has been up for decades, but prior to last season was used by Wrens and Chickadees~

Spring Peeper~

Eastern Bluebird~

Male Red-tailed Hawk soaring shortly after a copulation display...yeah we shall have more of these beauties too~

First I spotted the Deer and then I spotted the female Mallard Duck in a puddle after ;)


  1. Love the eagles and the deer. Congrats to your grandsons. Really enjoyed this post. Have a great rest of your weekend.

  2. Hello. What a great serie of photos! I love those photos of birds. Have a happy day!

  3. I celebrate every day wholly after my heart attack!! Life is short.

    Love all your photos...from eagles & blue birds, hawks & deer. And time.

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos and adding a great narrative for all of us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin'

  4. Hello Mary, it is great you were able to see the eaglet. It is tiny! Great capture of the Eagles on the nest. I love your beautiful dogs. The bluebird and the deer are pretty too. I am glad your home was safe during the floods. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  5. Those young eagles are so cute, and look how delicate the adults are with them. Nature is wonderful.

  6. Your photos make me feel like I'm right there watching the eagles.

  7. Mary - I always enjoy the wildlife in your posts, and yet how special to see some people this time! You and the girls might as well be quadruplets!

    I'm a little concerned with the location of the eaglet - it seems so far down in the nest, like it might fall out? We don't have any frogs out yet, but the red-winged blackbirds and the mountain bluebirds have returned! My hubby fixed our bird boxes with metal washers to keep out the squirrels - hopefully we'll get a bluebird or swallow pair this year! Thanks for sharing your spectacular photos with Mosaic Monday - always a treasure!

  8. Wow... and Wow again. I enjoyed your Post, thank you for sharing... happy MosaicMonday. Have a good week.

  9. Your nature photos are always amazing! Oh those eagles - true parents' love <3


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