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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Bald Eagles, New Location, New Nest~

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I located the Bald Eagle's nest the last week in December and I am thinking that the Bald Eagles had begun the process shortly after their nest tree fell last June.  They had been in a few different trees prior to that on the same property for 9 years.  I have followed them very closely for the past 4 1/2 years, this being my 5th season.  My heart soared like an Eagle when I located the nest, as I never though that I would get to see this pair again, let alone observe and photograph them.  Above is one of the pair that have a strong bond and have been together for at least 10 seasons, and maybe more prior to that.  Below is the nest as seen on December 27, 2018.  As a bird flies it is about a quarter mile from where it has been all of those years, and this is an area where they have hunted for their young in the excellent choice for them.  It is "Private Property" and it is in full view of those of us who park along the lane, a good football field's size from the nest tree.  So long as no one ruins it for those of us who honor the "No Trespassing" rules and break them~  

It's a beautiful location and not so close to human activity as it had been for all these years past.  If the nest holds together...more about that as I share this summary, it shall be a most wonderful journey with them~

On the site of the Bald Eagle nest there are two bodies of water, and a flood plain that holds a lot of water for a few months out of the year.  As I had previously shared there were hundreds of birds, including Canada Geese, Pied-billed Grebe, Hooded Mergansers, Mallards, Black Ducks, Teal Winged Ducks, Snowy Egrets, Great Blue Herons, and Ring-billed Gulls to name a few.  Many still remain, but many others have flushed due to the presence of the Bald Eagles~

The Great Blue Herons would scratch and scrape at the ice, then walk in circles trying to warm the area to break through and snag a fish~

Please pay close attention to the center support of the nest.  This is where the Eagles perch, this is where copulation sessions took place among others, this is where they court one another and chatter back and forth.  That being said, I noticed right away that it is not part of the natural tree structure, but rather a large limb that had fallen down through the crotch of the standing tree one past storm~

There is a nice sized herd of White-tailed Deer on the property shared in a few images below.
 Wild Turkeys not shown as well as Coyotes and Red-Foxes not yet photographed run the land~ 

Unlike where the nests had been located before, it's really neat to be able to watch the Eagles hunt and then return to the nest and drop off to share with it's mate.  The area has a great source of wildlife as well as it is along the Ohio River and so a perfect spot for them to thrive and raise their young~

Several Bucks, some had lost their antlers, others remained, along with a few Does formed a nice little herd~

Also on the land of the Bald Eagle nest site there is a pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks, Red-tailed Hawks, Cooper's Hawks, American Kestrels and a single visiting Northern Harrier~

Remember when I said to please pay close attention to the center support?
 Well can you see what happened, which may cause the nest to fail in the side by side before and after mosaic below?  
The entire center support beam and favored perch fell along with branches to the right of the nest.  The well of the nest can now be seen from the road, but we are all hopeful that it can hold...I am praying for would be so very sad for the Eagles to have worked so hard to rebuild for months and to lay eggs and to lose it all.  My guess is that by February 2 an egg had already been laid as the pair had already begun brooding time when on that same day they had a few copulation sessions.  That being said, my guesstimate for a first hatch would be between March 15-20.  We shall hope for the best and I will be there along the way and share as I am able~

The male would go down near the nest tree to hunt, snag something to eat as well as bring up marsh grasses to help line the nest~

It's difficult sometimes to see what the Eagle has caught because along with those heavy talons, comes up the grasses and it's not always easy to see what they have captured

American Kestrel~

Cooper's Hawk~

Red-tailed Hawks~

 The pair soaring together~

A Winter visitor a Northern Harrier, a little bit out of my range, but exciting to see.  One of my favorite Raptors~

Gone fishing and missed this time~

This image was taken of me one cold morning on site.  I love going to visit, but can only make the drive a couple to three times a week.  I try and check the Accu-Weather extended forecast and choose days that are sunny, or at least not raining, which we have had huge rain totals last year and this year to date~ 


  1. Hi Mary, your post are action packed with birds and critters. I love the eagles, ducks and herons, the deer are pretty too. What a wonderful variety and beautiful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  2. Wonderful photos of the eagles! Love seeing the hawks and deer, too
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love the new photo of you. And your bird photos are always something I look forward too! Love the deer too. Enjoy your weekend. Happy bird watching!

  4. So many wonderful pictures. I love the deer and my favourite bird is the Pied billed Grebe.

  5. Great shots! I want so much to get a good photo of a bald eagle but no luck so far.

  6. I love your shots of the birds in flight!
    And those eagles...

  7. Everything....absolutely stupendous Mary! Love your photos of all the wildlife & YOUR photo!!

    I want to send along my thanks for linking in & sharing your post with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin this week!

  8. Soaring birds always make me wish I could fly!

  9. Stunning wildlife photos - I enjoyed a lot. Happy MM.

  10. Mary - having spent many years in and around the Cincinnati area, I have a sense of where you are, and it thrills me to no end to see such a vibrant community of raptors. And how grateful I am that you have been willing to brave the cold to bring us so many mosaics with the birds in action! I hope that the eagle nest holds …. Thanks so much for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  11. Enjoyed.

    Your love of Nature makes my day.

  12. There's a lot happening in these photos. The raptors are gorgeous, but I can understand why other species decided to find another place to hang out - those talons! The saga of the nest is interesting, and I'll be curious to see what happens in the coming months. Thanks for sharing, Mary.

  13. Hello Mary. Thank you for that comprehensive update and explanation of the eagles' life and loves. You must spend ages there to be able to note the goings on and the daily changes. Such dedication is to be admired as a foil to the current fashion to go chasing rare birds all week long.

    I must say that my own use of FB is very limited to simply using it as another means of promoting my blog or keeping occasional touch with friends in Greece and Spain.

    Have a lovely week. Here it is slowly becoming spring on the tail of yet another storm - Fraya this time.

  14. The eagles are such majestic creatures and I love your photos! The other critters are awesome to see, too.

  15. Oh I hope that their nest holds! That’s an amazing place , so much wildlife along with the eagles. The nest I watch is in a very close to people area....I see a few songbirds each time I stop, but no other critters . Ours seems like an odd place for them to choose, but it’s close to water I guess (as the eagle flies). But if I were an eagle, I’d rather live where yours do than next door to a church and across the street from a major supermarket.


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