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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Ice Jewels and These Old Bones~

These old bones...
Ha... I bet that you are thinking that I am talking about me and these old bones, but I am not.  
You shall see when you scroll down what I am referring to as old bones ;)
Many people love the cold weather, Winter sports, snow sledding, skiing, etc.  When I was younger with younger bones ;) I loved to go out and build snowmen with the children and I also have done my share of sledding over the years.    
The temperatures have been very cold here and we have had very light snow, just a dusting on some days.  Last evening we had an icing, not a bad one, but enough to make things look like they are tucked under glass~

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The afternoon sun shinning on the tiny icicles made them appear to look like little jewels glistening with their exquisite beauty~

         I liked the way the open Rose of Sharon flower seed pod seemed to hold one of the                                                                             reflection ice gems ;)

Sunrise and ice~

American Kestrel hunting over the local  fields~

Red-Tailed Hawk wire hunting when it noticed me from hearing my shutter click on the glass~

Bald Eagle posing & preening~

Evidently a Raccoon was killed in front of our property last week and the Black Vultures made an appearance to aid in getting rid of the carcass~

Red Fox Squirrels are a real favorite of mine.  We don't have them in our neighborhood, but further out the country lanes~

I still had my camera set for the Super, Blue Blood Moon last weekend and forgot to change the settings when I shot pictures of this wee little Yellow-Rumped's too cold for it to be here...poor little one~

I made sure that I was up and out with all three dogs on the morning of the big moon event, after selecting the best spot for me and shot a few pictures including the top one here.  My perfect spot didn't last long as I began though, when a huge dark bank of clouds began to roll in.  Well blah...what can you do, nothing, you just hope it will move quickly, but it was a slow mover like molasses slow moving.  The entire scene was lost and it was 150 years since the last showing of such...ah well it was fun to get out with the dogs, and they enjoyed the ride~

White-breasted Nuthatch found a place to hide a seed~

The husby took me for a country lane ride after picking up some Starbucks coffee Saturday morning.  Of course the three dogs came along for the ride too~

These old bones, the starkness of the trees as well as the charm of the old buildings below...

A pair of Red-Tailed Hawks hunted alongside each other~

Old barns, silos and service stations creak with age old bones...their structures falling away in places, weathered, rusted wood, what stories could they tell if they had a voice~

An old Ballardsville Service Station~

The natural beauty of aging wood, I love the green on here~

Can you see it...we didn't see it when we were there, not until I came home and ran the pictures in my photo program.  At first glimpse my husby thought it to be an Owl, now that would have been a great find.  This cat though, how on earth does it get up on that rounded roof...what could it possibly be hunting from that vantage point, or was it just wanting a spot of fresh air~

Two old silos, one day they shall be gone, just like everything...they are old and I have been seeing them since 1978 and there is no telling how long they were there before that~


  1. Hello Mary,
    I just love your beautiful dogs, beautiful photo. The ice reflection images are just beautiful, I like the bokeh. Awesome sightings of all the hawks, eagle and the vulture. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. You outdo yourself every post. Love the pups...hugs. Love the bokeh. Love the critters. Have a great weekend.

  3. Ethereal ice pictures ... just the right amount ... I have seen ice do horrific damage to trees!

    I am fascinated by the idea that the red-tailed hawk heard you ... I suppose they do have sharp hearing.

    The barns are lovely in their old age, but it does make me somewhat sad that someone invested effort and resources to build them, and now they are dying a slow death.

    I am not the least bit surprised the cat is on that roof - it's why they have nine lives!

  4. Oh those red berries under ice caps...stunning. The birds/raptors simply adorn your site each & every week. I look forward to visiting!!

    Thanks, always, for enhancing our linkup this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'

  5. Hello Mary!:) Love your dogs, what a great picture! Lovely winter scenes, the jewel like visions are gorgeous. Great raptor pictures, and I love the sweet Nuthatch sequence. You even make old buildings look beautiful,...the colours in your barn and service station shots are beautiful,... they look like water colour paintings.

  6. Awesome birds! Love the barns. My favorite is the cat. Perhaps it has found a safe place to hide. Great shots of the kestrel.

  7. Such an amazing post. Truly beautiful crystal photos. I’m in awe of your photos of the moon!! Thank you!!! Wishing you a wonderful week.

  8. Good morning Mary, loved seeing all the wildlife captures the look that red tailed hawk is giving you is priceless I can almost hear him telling you off for having a noisy camera! Vultures, well I don't imagine I'll ever see some IRL so that was a gift. The old barns, silos and filling station are so evocative of a bygone age, what stories they could tell indeed, such history there.
    Thanks for bringing all these wonderful things to MM today, great to have your company as always.

  9. Your images are always so beautiful. Love your dogs. Barns are just special! Guess the kitty thinks so too! Gorgeous birds. Love the squirrel. Happy Monday!

  10. Hello Mary, wonderful icy shots of the coated branches and berries. They really do look like jewels. How they sparkle in the light! Great bokeh in your photos, too.
    Those old barns and silos would have stories to tell, wouldn't they?

  11. The ice gives you some incredible photos! Beautiful bird photos and dogs! Enjoy your week sweet lady! Hugs!

  12. Wonderful winter your “jewels”. Beautiful birds, amazing dogs, gorgeous scenery.....a pretty darn good trade off for being so cold. And your old farm building pictures are poignant and wonderful....old wood *is* beautiful.... and rust. Although I always feel a little sad when once loved buildings are left to decay (but I always take pictures of them too ...not as good as yours tho)


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