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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Please Don't Faint...Not a Single Bird~

Take your time, pour another cup of brew, maybe coffee, tea, or even some lemonade, fresh squeezed of course. Now just sit there, open a window let in some fresh air, listen to nature, possibly the songs of birds nearby.  That is what it is like right here on our land most days, morning, noon and evening too.  We purchased this land 36 years ago and built our home and moved her 35 years ago next month.  I remember like it was yesterday, the first time I walked out on the property...a small slice of wonder, right here before me every day...
What about you, do you have a favorite patch of land to call your own, do you have a favorite patch of land that you like to visit more than any other...I would love to hear all about it.

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I have never owned a riding mower, but rather enjoy walking behind a self propelled lawn mower. Mowing wide swath of pathway is my favorite thing and it takes right at 5 hours over the course of two days for me to complete it.  I just recently got myself a weed-eater... Most of this land is touched with only using my hands and some kind of trimmers and garden glove, but most of the time, just bare handed~

Above is my dog mobile;)  When we got our third dog a year ago, we could still take all three in the back seat of the Lincoln Towncar, but as the pup grew we knew that would not last long and so we went looking for a dog-mobile and this Metallic Tangerine Element was the perfect choice~

This was when getting ready for and setting up for our yearly Family Day celebration~

Pout face because Ashleigh and Matty could not come back to KY for the big day~

The five grands had a great time, yard games, water games and cupcake decorating contest~

Outside tables were soon be filled with lots of goodies and no flying insects shall be allowed, no crawlers either.  The Barbie and Ken dolls are stand-ins for our Ashleigh and Matty~

Have you ever done something very stupid and lived to regret it?  I have had many of these plantings for years, some are brand new now and others survived my onslaught recently.  I went to the Lowes garden center and spoke with someone in the know about weed control, using organic products, safe for my flowers, bushes, ornamental plantings.  I did everything according to packaging instructions.  Many of these plants were lost, many of them were topped half way to the ground and some are still in a panic mode, thanks to me.  Goodness what a lesson to have learned~ 

Our beautiful, sweet Svetka has been here for nearly a year now and she is such a wonderful family member~

The twin grands with one of their three cats and their blind dog Zora, so sweet they all are~

Several weeks ago all five grands were invited with Ashleigh, Matty and myself to a friend's pool to swim.  Everyone had a marvelous time~

Just like family!!!
This lovely woman took my twin sister and I under her loving wing, along with her now deceased husband when we were young girls. They owned and ran the Indian Hills Riding Academy and my sister and I both rode horses there for several years.  I recently caught up with the family again and we all got to celebrate the 90th birthday of my dear friend Evelyn~

Beautiful daughter Ava, brother Daryl and their family~

Irvin Kaelin was the owner of the stables, also Evelyn's husband.  Below is Irvin's brother John, now 93 years young with his wife and one of their daughters.  I had not seen John for some 50 years and it was such a very special a time of celebration~

Citheronia regalis

Regal Moth as big as my hand, was in our yard and I moved it to safety for the afternoon away from birds and later it departed to compete it's journey~

Walking the dog, or in this case the horse and pony in Horse Country USA, Kentucky~

Working horses taking in the coolness of a breeze before storms arrived a little while later~

Burros and mules joined the working horses, all living together in happiness on the same farm land~

I am always having to stop and move Box Turtles and Water Turtles out of the lanes that I travel.  This one was quite large.  You are always to place the turtle on the safe side of the lane, in the direction in which it was going~


  1. Lovely shots. Hugs to those pups. (I'm more a dog person than a person person)

  2. Hello Mary, you have a lovely property and a beautiful family. I love your beautiful dogs. The donkey are so cute, beautiful photos of the horses. Looks like you found a relative of my box turtle. Very cute. Wonderful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  3. so many good places and face - I like this post!

    Cheers - Stewart M, Mells, Somerset, UK

  4. So many wonderful mosaics! I love seeing the dogs and still miss mine so much, even though we now are home to two kittens. I loved imagining how much you and your sister enjoyed riding all those years. What a blessing those people and their riding academy was to you.

  5. Love your family photos and those horses are all so beautiful! Love the lady walking the two. But NO BIRDS? I almost fainted! hahaha! Hugs!

  6. So much fun to visit with you! Your property is gorgeous. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful family including your dogs and giggled at the new "dog mobile". No birds (!!!!) but plenty of other critters -- turtle, the amazing moth, horses, burros and mules .. Happy Monday!

  7. This is very rare. Not a single bird.

  8. There may not have been birds but by golly there was a lot of other very interesting and lovely things and people to enjoy in your post this week. How blessed you are to live in such a wonderful place, I too enjoy the peacefulness of my country garden and love to hear the dawn chorus begin around 5.30 each day.
    Happy Mosaic Monday from Florida!

  9. Mary - where do I start to comment on this post, which has so much beauty in it? You inspire me with your description of your property. We hope to take the same approach with our new home in Montana, which will sit on 8 acres of land that borders a small lake. We want to keep it very natural and do most of the 'landscaping' ourselves. We go to the build site frequently, and we know that it is teeming with wildlife - I can't wait for the morning coffee and evening glass of wine, looking through my spotting scope for nature's gifts!

  10. Wonderful shots. I can just imagine the sick feeling at the pit of your stomach with the weed spray on your plants. I hope the ones in panic mode settle down and survive. What a lovely family you have, and friends, too. Your property is beautiful. We have just a small lot, but I love it, too, and take care of it as best I can (along with my husband).

  11. Mary, I love the green in the top photos. My favorite is the turtle. It is good to drive and be respectful of fellow travelers. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

  12. your place is so beautiful -- love your family fun shots, the trtles, and the horses and dogs. And especially the beautiful green 'nature park' in which you all live!

  13. Hi Mary. You definitely have a labour of love in keeping your property and grounds spick and span. Goodness! Five hours of mowing but it does look wonderful with those walking trails. I love to see your family shots and read your caring commentary. Such a shame about those plants but I am sure they will recover eventually. "Beware of experts" iss always good advice, especially if they are looking to sell us something.

    Take care now and enjoy your weekend. I am afraid the jet stream is sitting directly over the UK now, bringing us constant unsummery weather from the Atlantic Ocean. Things can only get better.


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