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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Friday, June 2, 2017

First Year Birthday, Zoo Fun, and a New Fawn~

Above, my garden flowers as they looked yesterday. 
Poppy, I hope that you get to see these ;)~

Above are the parents of our one year old Long Coat German Shepherd Svetka.  Her mother (Janka as a puppy, until she got her registered name of Vou Vrey) who was born small and fragile just like our precious puppy was.  Look how majestic and beautiful she is now. Handsome Inaki is absolutely wonderful.  My girl got more of her Daddy's genes and loves her toys, and bones, as well as she is the life of the party.  She is such a sweet, loving, cherished favorite and she makes our family complete. We love her to the moon and back a million, zillion and more~

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Above center are the 8 little puppies born to Vou Vrey and Inaki May 27, 2016, and then photos of what they look like now at the age of 1~

Holding each puppy for the last time is my dear friend Theresa saying her farewell after over two decades in breeding these awesome dogs.  This would become her final litter~

Below may I introduce to you the one year old puppies, starting with aka Pink Girl, now California based, Willow~

Our beloved Svetka lives with her forever family in Kentucky~

Bruno who found his forever home in Texas, was the little teal male and look how much he looks like his mother Vou Vrey~

Grey male now belongs to my dear friend who lives in the state of New York and his name is Rudy, also known as Rudy Two Shoes~

Little black male became Oso and went to live in New Jersey with his forever family.  My Svetka looks so much like him~

I may get the next states wrong, but I will be close.  
The white male became known as Ion and lives I believe in Iowa, or near by~

Shaka was little brown male and he lives near his home of birth in Iowa~

Oh my not certain at all, but this is blue male, now known as Siegfried~

Here they all are, all grown and all stunning creatures, all cherished by their forever families~

Last week I took 4 year old grand-daughter Maci to the zoo and look what met us at the entrance...of course ;) a pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks~

Being taunted by a Blue Jay~

This Gorilla...bless it!  For whatever reason it was being intimidated seriously by the one shown beneath it.  The silver back was strongly harassing it and even little Maci was quite worried when one of the times he rushed the other Gorilla and hit the glass window with it's massive hands~

Here Maci reaches up and touches the glass in the most innocent way and tried to console the upset Gorilla~

The aggressive silver back would chase the other one and then block it from moving~

We have a baby Gorilla at the zoo now and Maci told me that she thought that she could live with the baby and play with it every day ;)  She loves animals~

Taken with cell phone~

A Camel ride for this sweetheart~ 

She said only a few minutes earlier Nana, I'm not tired ;)

A new friend down the lane was born the other morning in my neighbor's front yard, so sweet, a little White-tailed Deer fawn~

Suzanne was thrilled with this temporary visitor~

The sun was so hot on the little one, at first she thought an umbrella might help~

Next a delivery truck brought their new refrigerator, freezer and had to walk right past the little one. It just stayed still, as I spoke calming notes to it~

The doe came a little later and moved the hot fawn over to a more shaded area in the yard~

Eastern Bluebird, Eastern Phoebe, Red-Shouldered Hawk and Bald Eagle on my walks this past week~


  1. Hello Mary, what an awesome post. Gorgeous dogs, they were so cute as pups too. Your granddaughter is so cute. Great shots of the Hawks, Bluebirds and the eagle. Wonderful collection of photos. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. I wonder where young Mac I got her love of animals from, couldn't be granny could it? What a lovely day you had together at the zoo, The fawn looked so comfy in his little garden spot, seems Mama wasn't too far away though as she came and took him into the shade when the day got too warm.
    Thank you for sharing your daily life adventures with the MM crowd today, have a great week, my dear.

  3. Great photos! I'm in love with all those cute puppies!

  4. Mary, You have captured some wonderful animals. I love the little faun. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  5. Your granddaughter is adorable. I love to visit the zoo and to see it through a childs eyes is a delight. I think you must be the hawk whisperer -- they find you everywhere! Loved seeing your fur baby and siblings. Happy first birthday to the babe! Happy Monday!

  6. What a wonderful slice of life here in this post Mary! The dogs are amazing and all beautiful. (I wondered why did she stop breeding them?) Loved the zoo and your sweet granddaughter (the gorillas are so almost-human its scary in a way). And I LOVED that the pair of red-shouldered was there at the gate to greet you. So perfect. Adorable baby deer... you really do live in a special area.

    And P.S. I had forgotten that Wakodahatchee was where you took a lot of those great bird pictures during your Florida visit. I'm glad you told me that. It really is a special place, we loved our visit.


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