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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Who Remembers "If You've Got it, Flaunt it" ?

48 years ago today, at approximately 1:00 EST Duane C. Bowen gave the ultimate sacrifice when he was killed on the battlefields of Vietnam. My husband, Ralph William Cromer who was one of his closest friends, his brother in war, myself, and our family never forget you Duane. You fondly went by the name of Billy, as you thought so much of my Bill, and believe me when I say, these men who fight together in war, have a bond like no other brothers anywhere. I thank my husband, and his brothers and sister who fought as well for our freedoms. 
Paul HansonGlenn R O'learyJohn CadoganJohnny NguyenFred Dudenhoeffer, Mike Blackburn, Joe Vernengo, Joseph HortonWilliam BedalWade Britt, Raymond "Doc" Lyons, and to you as well Angie Kevin Goodman. Special thanks to Sgt. Kirby Hunter, and Thomas Dennis "Doc" Joyce, may you RIP. THANK YOU for everything. 
I send my best heart felt wishes to all who have served, who continue to serve this country, and to your families. May God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America~

From the age of eleven, I knew that I wanted to be an airline stewardess/hostess.  Travel, serving others was in my blood. Four companies interviewed me, but the bright colours and friendliness of the people at Braniff International fit me the best.  My class was known as the Apollo Angels, based in Dallas, Texas. Emilio Pucci of Florence, Italy was the clothing designer for the airlines and I absolutely adored the look.  From October of 1968 through March of 1970, I flew over 180 flights.  Only after my boyfriend at the time had returned from his years tour in Vietnam, and we wed, did I leave my dream position.
The saying "If you've got it, flaunt it" was picked up and often used by the people of Braniff International Airlines~

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This is the only uniform piece that remains in my closet, though the scarf is not the original, but one that a dear friend got for me and I am using it to highlight the dress.
The uniform pieces go for hundreds of dollars as collector items today~

Some of the other Braniff International Airline uniform selections that were designed by Emilio Pucci~

Dogwood and Bleeding Heart blossoms~

A Carolina Wren nest in our garage and a Chickadee nest filled with little eggs out in one of our nest boxes~

Not the same Red-Shouldered Hawk nest that is followed near our home, but rather the one near the Bald Eagle nest site~

I just liked this tree, rusty fence row and old screen door~

An American Kestrel a few weeks ago on my walk across the new Lewis and Clark Bridge~

This pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks have evidently lost their nest like the ones near my home for they were in full "dating" mode ;) last week.  It is going to be another late nest~

A pair of Wood Ducks happened to stop by the Bald Eagle nest site and both perched for several minutes on the Eagles favorite perching tree, and then .... Mrs. Eagle showed up and the Ducks flew away~

A couple of Wild Turkey hens making their way across the front porch of the estate mansion at the Bald Eagle site... They made me giggle~

My husby was lining the nesting platform that he built with starter branches last week.  The birds may never try these platforms, but we have to try~

After a few days it had begun to do it's thing and dry out~

On one of my country lane drives~

A pair of Red-Tailed Hawks make their nest every year in a tree out in a cow pasture along one of the main country lanes I take to and from town. This is really stretching my camera lens a bit over it's capability.  Images are taken from my car window, as there is no place to pull off ~

Feeding little white downed young ones~

Getting bigger ;)

The adult female watching over her resting young ones~

Young one just about ready to leave the nest~

Such beautiful eyes this White-tailed Deer shows us on our ride~

Some of the familiar horses that I pass out in the fields on the route from our home into the big city~

Why hello there...hahaha! A Goat stands upon it's shed one early morning~

The first Pileated Woodpecker image was taken through the windscreen/windshield last Saturday, and the second Pileated Woodpecker seen a few miles away was taken from my rolled down window~

I heard the local Red-Shouldered Hawk a couple of hours before dusk the other evening and I took a walk down the lane to see what was going on.  It was too deep in the woods, but I could tell that the American Crows must have been mobbing, or at least harassing it.  Standing there listening and not being able to see anything, suddenly two eyes caught my was a Raccoon resting up in a tree near me.  It is also the very reason that I pend the trees when a nest is located, for they will rob every nest that is not closed off from their reach.
Have a Very Wonderful, Blessed, Safe and Happy Weekend~


  1. You can't say you did not follow your dream, not sure I ever had one just became an engineer. Love the bird and animal photos you took but the racoon steals the show

  2. What a fun adventure being an airline attendant was , or at least used to be. But your present-day adventures are more exciting to me -- I love your nature photos. It is amazing what you capture. The birds as always, especially intrigued with the hawks in the nest series -- wow! And today I am loving your animals -- wild and domestic. Such beautiful scenes around the horses, the goat is silly (as they always seem to be) and I love the wide-eyed raccoon. I know a lot of people think of them as pests, but I love seeing them.

  3. I've kept your post open on my desktop to look at it several times. You've seen so much to share and if I had to pick a favorite, it would be those pics of the birds in flight! That big woodpecker is awesome! Loved reading about your job as a stewardess. We all wanted to be one when I was growing up! Enjoy your holiday weekend! Hugs!

  4. You are so pretty in your BIA uniform, Mary! How lovely that you still have it. I can picture you, high in the sky, flying to all those destinations, kind of like all of your beloved birds.

    Beautiful shots of spring in your neck of the woods, of those that dwell in its landscape, whether in its skies or on its ground.

    Wishing you a happy Memorial Day!

    P.S.: You and your husband make such a gorgeous couple!

  5. Hello!:) That was a lovely tribute for your husbands friend, and to all the brave men and women who serve in the USA.

    Your outfits are indeed colourful, no wonder you loved to wear them,...didn't know they were so valuable now.

    Lovely nature shots. Your delightful post is packed with so many critters, all most enjoyable to see. Great captures of the Red Shouldered Hawk, a really beautiful bird of prey. I hope your new nesting boxes will be successful.:)

  6. Hello Mary, what a wonderful post. God Bless our veterans and soldiers. I love the photos of the Hawks, horses and the cute goat. Adorable shot of the raccoon. Great series of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Memorial Day weekend! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  7. LOL....such a beautiful composition for you post again today! I am LOL because of the last photo...the raccoon. What an adorable pose you captured of it.

    From the wonderful horses, raptors and landscaping images, I truly, TRULY enjoyed it all. And yes, I do know the saying "If you got it...flaunt it".

    Before I leave, I want to send along my thanks for linking in at I'd Rather B Birdin' to share this post with us!!

  8. Mary - so much to comment on - where to start? Thank you for recognizing our veterans ... so important to remember the reason for the holiday! I love the Braniff uniforms - so colorful and imaginative. And the goat - delightfully cheeky!

  9. Mary, I loved the fashions for a era gone by! Thanks for sharing photos of birds. Love them. The goat brought a smile to my face. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  10. Great post Mary. I'm just sorry I never flew Banff and that you brought me a coffee.

    From here in the UK I pay tribute to your own and also our UK brave servicemen and women. It is the fashion in some quarters that Traitorsdeny that we might not want to protect our country or to say that we have to stand up to terrorism but in some way try to persuade them that they are wrong. These people are dangerous and wrong-headed.

    Me too, I love the raccoon. What a handsome chap.

  11. Such a full and interesting post, beginning with a moving tribute to the friends who paid the ultimate price for freedom.
    I enjoyed the nostalgic look at your time as a "trolley dolly" as a friend who works for British Airways jokingly refers to herself and all the nature stories and images that you share so generously with us each week.
    Lovely post!

  12. so many gave the ultimate sacrifice, and it is right that we remember them. In Australia we have Anzac Day on 25 April which is a national day of remembrance for us.
    Fabulous to see your memories of your air-hostessing days Mary.
    And of course your beautiful images from around your world, and the birds and animals your share it with.
    Have a fabulous weekend ahead Mary. Enjoy the start of summer!
    hugs Jill

  13. Well talk about a beautiful and varied post, love every minute, and whos the good looking one then, great woodpecker shots, and the air stu isn't bad either, LOL.
    Take care, Gordon.


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