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Friday, March 17, 2017

Wood Storks and Iguanas at the Wakodatahatchee Wetlands~

 Four Florida holiday posts published and completed, two more after this one and then done...  
It has been such fun going over these images these past few weeks, for I get to not only share with you friends, but kind of make my visit one more time with each post in the series.  
This entry we are back at the Wakodatahatchee Wetlands and this time visiting with the Iguanas and Wood Storks who all live together in the same trees along with other species of birds. 
I imagine that it is the Wood Stork whereby babies just born in children's nursery rhymes are being carried.  ;) 

Since my week long visit to see daughter Ashleigh and her husband, they have been back home in Ky for two weeks, back down to Florida for a week, and then arrived again here Tuesday.  
They are in town for a very important event that will be held on March 30th.
How many of you know of someone in your life who was bullied?  How many of you have known of someone who bullied you, or a family member?  
It is a terribly horrific issue and has come in epidemic proportions.  Parents, teachers, counselors, caregivers, for the most past are not equipped to know how to handle these situations when we hear about them.  Some of these precious young people even take their life, as they can no long take the bullying.  
My youngest daughter Ashleigh is the President of a non-profit organization here in the states called "Be Strong".   She and her team are heading up an event to be held here in our city of Louisville on March 30.  
I will be sharing more later.  
We would appreciate your best thoughts and prayers~

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  1. Say that park name three times really fast.

    I love storks. They're so cool.

  2. Beautiful Storks, excellent images.

  3. Loving your woodstorks ... we haven't seen as many as usual over here in our area. You saw so much on your visit.

    Best wishes for a successful event for your daughter -- I know that she has everything well in hand and it will all work out wonderfully -- after all she is her mother's daughter!!

  4. Lovely series of nature shots ~ much success to your daughter ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a lovely weekend ~ ^_^

  5. The woodstorks are not the best looking birds in the world - but they are fascinating!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Hello, Mary! Looks like an awesome place to see the Wood Storks. They are cool birds. Your daughter is wonderful to be running this organization. Good luck with the event. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  7. So fascinating to see the Wood Storks up close and personal, excellent captures!
    I'm still struggling to pronounce the name of the park but it looks amazing, that first sky shot is breathtaking.
    Good Luck to your daughter, her team and everyone involved in the be strong tour what great work they are doing.
    Happy MM!

  8. Be Strong wounds absolutely wonderful! Kudos to your daughter! Can't wait to hear more. Loved your wood stork photos also!

  9. Very very nice images!!! I loved the storks. It such a beautiful animal. Thanks for sharing:)

  10. Oh my! You took some amazing photos of this unusual birds! I know you must love spending time in Florida, there are so many different birds to photograph. And I enjoyed reading about your daughter...I know you are proud of her. We are too! Hugs, Diane

  11. Keeping your daughter in my thoughts!

    Incredible 'action ' photos of the storks...we don't see them in great numbers like this until mid summer.

    Thanks for joining us and sharing all this week at I'd rather b birdin

  12. Mary, the wood storks look so perfectly perched on the treetops! There seems to be a lot of action among them and I can almost hear their wings flapping as they descend into the masses below.

    Your daughter's upcoming event sounds very special, and I hope that it gets the attention that such a cause deserves. Yes, bullying seems to have reached tragic proportions, very disturbing and sad, indeed. Best of luck to Ashleigh and her team!

    Hope you are well, my friend.

    Happy Spring!

  13. Happily, we have a new colony of Wood Storks nesting not far from our home. They have virtually abandoned the southern tip of Florida. Need to get back to Wado (never spell it right-- it has "Dakota" in the middle of the word but Wako is just fine for me). You can be proud of your daughter taking a leadership role in such an important organization.


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