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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Thousands of Sandhill Cranes Making Their Way North~

I absolutely LOVE the image above.  
The Sandhill Crane was making it's descent to the earth below.  It looks like it is just stuck there, but it came down swiftly and gracefully~

Sunday morning I picked up my neighbor Wilma before dawn and we took off to Cecelia, Kentucky on the look for Sandhill Cranes.  We met up with a friend Jennifer and her husband Jerry who live in the vicinity and know the roads well.  It didn't take us long before we began to see them and then hear their beautiful song.  There had been a couple of thousand the evening before and we spotted hundreds across the fields as we drove around the area.  Wilma had never seen them before and so it was a real treat for her.  Jennifer suggested that maybe we could make a loop around and see what we might spot.  We saw a flock of Wild Turkeys and even a Leucistic Turkey was among them.  We spotted a Bald Eagle though I got nothing to share of it.  Then for my really big surprise was a female Northern Harrier hunting over a cow pasture... It was wonderful meeting Jennifer and Jerry and hopefully we can do some birding again in the not too distant future.
On Saturday my husby and I drove over to Lake Jericho and we saw a Bald Eagle making it's way just a bit beyond my camera lens capabilities as it flew along the wood line across the lake, still very exciting!
In this post you will also see two first year Eastern Red-tailed Hawks as well at the bottom a really neat encounter.  I was driving down a very narrow lane when I spotted a Cooper's Hawk perched on an overhanging limb.  As I made my way closer in my car with the driver's side window down, I finally was able to stop right up under this beauty and snap photos of it.  I drove away as it was still probably wondering what kind of animal was making that clicking noise ;)
Well, I am off tomorrow for sunny and warm Florida.  My first getaway in 2 years and I am beginning to get excited along with some apprehension.  They announced longer waits at the airports and other things can also slow us down in having all flights with me on board take off.  Please send up good thoughts and prayers.  
You all be Happy and Blessed and stay safe~

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NOTE:As I write this entry, I got word last evening from KYBird that along KY Hwy 86, in Cecelia yesterday some 13,000 Sandies were seen along with one rare Whooping Crane which was confirmed easily with the entries photograph~


  1. Lovely photos as always. Sandhills are my favorite flying critter. (well, there is the titmouse) So cool to watch. I love the male's dance to impress his mate.

  2. Gorgeous images of your part of the world, Cinty!

  3. Stunningly beautiful photos of the airborne Sandhill Cranes, Mary! The last picture of the one crane just before the deer series looks like a painting to me. All of your photos are, as always, so exquisite - and I'm sure do justice to the subjects!

    Have fun in Florida! Enjoy the warm temps and the water!


  4. Hi again. Seems like your cranes arrive as do our geese - mob handed.

    What a thrill for your friend who had never experienced Sandhill Cranes. I hope that whatever age she is she is now a convert to appreciating birds?

    Those Turkeys look for real - real wild as distinct from "slightly wild turkeys that are accustomed to folk taking a look"?

    It is just wonderful when a bird lets us take photos rather than flying off at a car window winding down. I have really noticed that lately with all the experienced and now knowing adult birds around. Things will get better in May and onwards when the innocent youngsters think nothing of just sitting around for a portrait. I hope. Have fun Mary. Good to see you back with that suntan.


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