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Monday, December 12, 2016

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas~

Our Christmas tree is all adorned before the Thanksgiving holiday, so that family and friends that can only visit during that time can have a bit of festive feel to it all.
This will be my last post until after Christmas, birthday celebrations for my husby and myself and also our 47th wedding anniversary all arrive the week leading up to the best holiday for those who celebrate it!
~~~Merry Christmas Blessings to you and to yours~~~

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Our beloved dogs, Silveit on left will turn 4 next month, Meaka center turned 9 this month and Svetka on the right...the young puppy is but 6 months and very large already.  I made a new wreath for our front door this season~

This will be the month that I turn 69, which means that I shall be entering my 7th decade of life next time round, and that I find very difficult to believe, and yet it is so~

The small child in the red husband walking with our daughter when she was but 4 years of age...We recently had it made into a larger print and framed for her~

Svetka's first Christmas with us...I hope that she gets to see snow soon~

Some of the outside trees are adorned with ribbon~

Some of my creations made for the buffet and coffee table~
Our nativity has been being used for many years past~

On the 18th of this month our newly built East End Bridge, which will get a new name soon will open to traffic for the first time.  That is also my husby's 69 birthday.  This will ease traffic going from Louisville, KY over into Indiana.  This bridge is near to a few of my favorite wildlife families and I am a little bit concerned for their new life with so much traffic~
Below is one of my favorite couples, Barbara and Santa Walt Queen.  I did not take these photographs, but I know that they wouldn't mind my share. Isn't he the best looking Santi Ho Ho ever ;)~

For at least the past 30 years, I have shopped at the Cherry House, a local furniture store with something for everyone.  When our three daughters were young, I would take them this time every year to choose a lovely adornment of their choosing for the tree, and now all of these years later they adorn their own trees with their treasures from long before.  The images below were taken last week at the Cherry House in Oldham County, KY and yes, I made a nice purchase as well~

Every year on Thanksgiving morning for decades past I have watched the Macy's Day parade from New York City, always done by the Today Show which I have watched since I was a small child.  I used my cell phone camera to snap a few images from the TV screen and here are those shares~

The balloon floats in the first image has been around since the year of my birth and made their first parade on my birthday year of 1947~

Of course I have to share Deer since Rudolph and his helpers will be helping Santa get ready to deliver toys to all of the good boys and girls around the world very soon now.  They are not Reindeer, but I am just certain that they are his helpers too~

A lonely country church now in shambles in a small town called Sulfur, which is running pretty close to a ghost town these days...near our county in KY~

Well hi there you beautiful horse...I used PicMonkey to make it a little festive~

The Red-Shouldered Hawks and Red-tailed Hawks are still in our area, finding plenty of food and not having to migrate like so many of them do~

A little park in Anchorage is decorated for the season~


  1. Hello Mary, your Christmas Decorations are beautiful. I just love all your dogs, they are so cute. Great post and photos. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Is it that time, greetings to you Mary.

  3. Hi Mary, love your tree the colours are stylish and elegant just like your 3 girls posing beside it, love their bandanas.The Cherry House looks like my kind of store, I could cause serious damage to my bank balance shopping there, I think. When our 2 nephews were little I used to buy them each a tree decoration which my sister still displays on her tree.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful part of the world with us on Mosaic Mondays.
    Merry Christmas from Normandy, hope to see you in the New Year.

  4. Love the red tailed hawk just at take off!! That is one very impressive image. And my favorite of the santa images is the one in the globe...that one would be a nifty addition to my own collection [wink]

    Such a festive mood you created in this post. I enjoyed it all. The four legged beauties even have a festive look...and I hope your new puppy sees its first White Christmas!!!

  5. Dear Mary, Happy Birthday (coming up) and happy Anniversary. You are just a Spring Chicken. You certainly don't look 69.
    Your dogs are magnificent. They seem to be so pleased to be part of the Christmas scenery and upcoming celebrations.

  6. So many lovely photos. I love my visit with you.

  7. Ooh Mary how utterly lovely everything is. I feel as if I've just received a whole bunch of wonderful Christmas cards ... the prettiest ones I've ever gotten! Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday(s), Happy times with your family.

  8. Mary, I'm returning to send along my special thanks for you sharing this wonderful post and photos with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week!!

  9. Hello Mary. It's wonderful to see how well prepared you are for Christmas with family and friends. It's made me feel very Chrismassy, not that we need it too much as we have been to three grandchildr Christmas plays already! Congrats on your 47th Anniversary - we had our 50 in October.

    Enjoy every day. I know we will.

  10. Such fun and festive photos of your seasonal celebrations, my friend! With birthdays, too, it must be the most wonderful time of the year for you and your family!

    Your dear friend, Mr. Queen makes a charming Mr. Claus. The Cherry House would definitely be a stopover for me on a road trip in your neck of the woods and all the wildlife that reside there would have me saying, 'Pullover, please, I need a pic!'.

    Such sweet family mementos of your three beautiful daughters that deck the halls in your home, along with your tree and all the other holiday stars certainly add to the coziness of Christmas.

    Wishing you and your hubby Happy Birthdays, and Happy Anniversary! All the very best!


  11. Very nice Christmas preparations. Beautiful birds.

  12. Wonderful festive photos of your tree, home and dogs, along with other scenes decorated for the holidays. Happy Birthday to you and your husband and many blessings for Christmas and in the new year.

  13. Nice post - I still find Christmas in summer a bit odd! 20 years of practice - and I still think, I bit of cold would be nice! Shame you missed all the cranes.

    Hope you have a great Christmas - Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. a little late Mary I am sorry, but I hope you had a lovely birthday, and a joyous Thanksgiving and Christmas. Gorgeous photos shares as always. I loved your image of the little church - I love these old churches. And your image of your husbie and daughter in the snow when she is 4 is precious. Hugs dear one.


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