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Friday, November 11, 2016

Last Autumnal Walk This Season on Tingsgrove...Home~

I love that on any given day, every single day that I have been blessed to reside on this land, there is always a surprise around the bend, the next bush, or tree.  Sometimes I get to capture them, other times, I watch and smile and place the moment in my memory bank.  This land that we have called home since August 22, 1981, nothing so great about it, or grand, and yet special to us.   It is not very well manicured, it is wild and yet cared for enough to make my way around in safety. We have had terrible storms, one was even tagged as a mini-tornado as the winds acted like a Tornado and followed a path of destruction that took out a couple of of our trees and many more down the lane. The most we have lost altogether in a single storm were 6 very large trees 2 years ago.  They fell like Dominoes.  Some may remember that last year a very massive tree fell against our home during our evening of frightening a feeling that was.  This post will showcase some of my favorites, and yet all of them are, have been and will always be.  Shared here  are some of my most favorite Deciduous trees.   Conifers coming soon ;)

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Some of the wee little bird visitors and one of the largest... I am thinking the top image is of a Warbler...someone can please correct me if I am wrong, Chickadee and Pileated Woodpecker~

The hole in this massive tree has been home to Grey Squirrels for decades~

Sassafras Tree leaves~

The aviary that housed Birds of Prey for rehab and release for 4 years and then it became same for Opossums and Squirrels for another 8 years~

Tiny White Breasted Nuthatch, I usually hear them before I see them~

Last Spring many will recall that the season for the local Red-Shouldered Hawks claimed 3 failed nesting attempts. The final one being placed atop a hot transformer pole. The state capitol helped me intervene through their section that helps birds in such strained situations and the local utility company sent a special team out to redirect the wiring. That nest failed as well. At that time Frankfort suggested that should my husband desire building a nesting platform and placing it on our property, that might be a good idea. He built the platform and when I could not at first get a hold of our tree person, I walked across the lane to where some workers were cutting down trees. I asked if they could place the platform and many will remember they totally botched the job! My loss a perfectly good platform and $100.00 cash paid for them doing it wrong. I tried several more times to reach our tree person and left messages and was so happy when I heard from them. They are the BEST around here... I was told that they would be happy to place the platform, the second one that my husby had built and two weeks ago I received word that I had waited for...the climber was on his way. Paul has been climbing for over 30 years and after I showed him what had to be done, he wasted no time in getting the task completed. I have no idea if the birds will ever use this nest platform, or even the ill placed platform, but at least they have choices that would help them. It is in an Oak tree, it is exactly up to specs. It is right along a stream and it is right behind one of their favorite hiding trees, a huge Sycamore. Thank you so much Don and Nancy Crouch, and for your climber Paul. He was so thoughtful, very kind and professional. If they never use the platform, I know now that I did what what we could to ensure that they have a good chance to succeed~

I believe the little chap on the left is an Ovenbird along side a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, and below that a Downy Woodpecker~

The huge Sycamore tree can be seen from just about any position on Tingsgrove due to the stark white colouration~

This old chair, one of two that we have, painted many times over different colours of paint.  They belonged to my parents and have been around for several decades~

We had a sweet little visitor, thinking it is a Golden-crowned Kinglet~

Once again, I apologize, just not my best at ID and would rather just say I am thinking one of the many species of was gorgeous~

The Sycamore tree, one of my most favorites~

Visiting Cedar Waxwings have just about finished their feeding of Honeysuckle berries and Juniper tree berries on our land, moving South now on their seasonal migration~

Sassafras, Cedar, and Buckeye trees~

The husby building the Raptor nest platforms~

It may look nice, however two men had been walked back to the chosen tree, and why they decided to place this nest platform only 15' high, instead of the requested 30' and in a tree at the gate to our dog yard is beyond me.  My husband paid them before realizing they did not do the job as they had promised...$100.00 out ;(

Love this mighty Oak tree that sits right behind our home.  I pray the 14 trees of the hundreds we have, that sit closely by our home, never topple, it is one frightening experience to live through~

This is a mosaic superimposed using 4 images~


  1. You outdid yourself, again. Lovely. Love dem boids. And you know I love trees. That 4-way mosaic rocks.

  2. I could not believe your title today--earlier when out walking on our path thru some wooded area, I seen a large bird fly to a tree branch--just thought it was a large black bird--but when I got to the tree discovered it was another kind of large bird and he let me take lots of photos of him--when I got home and downloaded them I am pretty sure it is a red shouldered hawk--
    love and laughter, di

  3. Hello, Mary! Your property and Autumn trees are looking beautiful. I love all the birds, especially the woodies. The nuthatch and kinglet are cuties too. I can see why you love living there. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Amazing shots of birds in trees.

  5. The birds [of course], the foliage and blossoms/colorful leaves!!! Everything is absolutely wonderful. Why, I can imagine the Autumn, delicious odors of the woods as I walk along with you.

    Thanks so much for adding your link this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'. It's always a pleasure to stop by and visit with you.

  6. Dear Mary, I love what you said about "placing the moment in your memory bank".
    AndI also love the way you describe your land. On both accounts, I feel exactly the same. Not everything has to be recorded and not everything on your land has to be perfect.
    You have shared with us so many beautiful photos. Thank you for this lovely gift.

  7. Amazing set of photos, Mary.

    You aren't wrong, that is Mrs. Pileated Woodpecker. (Mr P. has a red cheek stripe.)

  8. You get many visitors on your lovely property, thanks for sharing them with us. Sorry you have had trouble getting your nesting platforms placed properly. Like they say, it's hard to get good help these days. So true!

  9. It's all so beautifully laid out, this enchanting land you call Tingsgrove, isn't it? I can imagine the scents of its flora and fauna, the sounds of its many residents, going about their daily routines, and presently, preparing for winter's challenges, as they scurry about doing their seasonal shopping for those cold, winter nights, some collecting acorns, others stocking up on seeds and berries. I wonder; do they ponder what their favourite neighbour has gathered for her cocooning days?

    Mary, your pretty photos capture the essence of November around Tingsgrove so lovingly. I hope that, on your last autumnal walk this season, you stopped to indulge in all the splendour, as you sat in that cheery, green chair, before continuing on your way.

    I have enjoyed my 'walk', today, but I plan to take another stroll again, soon. Until then, take care my sweet friend.

    Sweet hugs,

  10. Your love of Tingsgrove shines through this post once more, you really do live in a wonderful spot. I'm not a twitcher (that's what we Brits call a keen bird watcher) and could hardly recognise more than a few common ones, so I always enjoy your posts very much.
    Thanks for joining me for Mosaic Monday this week.

  11. Nice to see you again Mary!
    Your nature it always amazing with so many gifts! How lovely those birds are!
    Have a wonderful new week.

  12. Your tree photos are beautiful, and I see you captured some with birds as accessories. Wonderful photos. Yes, we must remember these last walks in autumn's sunshine. The weather here is slowly getting cooler. The last image of four superimposed photos is really gorgeous - like a watercolour abstract.

  13. You live in such a wonderful place Mary ... thank you for sharing its joys and surprises. Amazing birds...every one beautiful and so many .... more than I'd see in many parks and nature trails! O bad about those guys not doing their job with the raptor platforms though....

  14. Magnificent series of collages.
    Also beautiful colors of autumn.
    I love them all.
    Best regards, Irma

  15. Brilliant array of photographs Mary.

  16. So many photos to look at Mary that I am spoilt for choice. You do have some lovely colours and I was really struck by the colour and shape of the Sassafras leaves that look something like oak?

    I spotted the green chair strategically placed for a rest and some quiet contemplation during one of your meanders. I hope it is situated so that you can see that platform in use next spring.

    Our own weather is pretty dire this week as we pay the price for a dry and warm October with lots of raain, and today, wind and frequent hail.

    Good luck with your consultation. I go too on Monday.

  17. What a wonderful time I had walking with you today!! From the Autumn colors to the fallen leaves, and beautiful birds. Oh to see a pileated woodpecker in real time. I'm a bit green with envy.

    Mary, I can almost smell the delicious odors from the walk in the woods.

  18. so many wonderful things and places in your area. Love it and thanks for haring.

  19. Hello Mary,
    What a wonderful pictures of nature.
    Great to see the birds and different types of trees. Great with the autumn colors.
    The shots with the woodpecker are so special.

    Kind regards,

  20. Wonderful photos of your 'forest' of trees and all the creatures that you find there. You are blessed to have that acreage and share it with the animals and birds. It gives one a real appreciation for nature doesn't it. We've had back to back snow storms (about 1 1/2 feet) this past week and it is still on the ground. This week the weather is quite cold so I guess winter has settled in. I'm busy getting ready for Christmas plus we've had some major renovations on our house this fall (I did a post on it last week) so that has kept us busy and we still have painting to do! Take care Mary and I hope you enjoy these weeks up to Christmas. Blessings, Pam


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