Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Farewell to Some, the Ending of Their Season~

We enjoy living out in the rural area of Oldham County, KY.  Horse country,  located in the bluegrass state.  This county has been home to my family since 1978, and where I love to lay my head when the day is done~

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Eastern Red-tailed Hawk

My husband will often say, how did you see that?  I have an eye Astigmatism that actually works to my benefit, making my eyesight very good.  I am able to see things at a good distance away.  I am BLESSED.
The American Kestrel in the mosaic below, could you spot the bird high in the tree?  It also shows that I took these from a good distance away as well, thus a bit of a shake to the images~

Smoke tree and Lobelia at Cave Hill Cemetery~

While checking for any wildlife at my favorite Foxhollow Farm, I spotted the landowner being interviewed by local media~

Eastern Red-tailed Hawk with remnants on it's beak, following the final meal of the day~

There is a pair of the Red-tailed Hawks that work this utility wire often together~

Old barn and silo our in our county~

Bill and I took the dogs to a local park last week and I didn't, couldn't walk very far.  I handed the husby my camera and asked for a dog pack photo.  This was the only one that was all dogs facing the camera~
Our twin grand Kerrick was in a Cross Country event.  I love taking some images and inverting them, just for the creative touch in me~

Grand-daughter Maci Marette will turn 4 next month~

Twins Cullen and Kerrick~

Skipper Butterfly in our garden~

An Eastern Comma Butterfly, from the Anglewing species~

I find Spider webs intriguing, however as the season wanes I shall not miss walking through the ones that I had not noticed~

A Praying Mantis and assorted critters out on our land~

Common Wood Nymph~

Baltimore Oriole, Red Spotted Purple Butterfly, and Green Frog
(not certain about the tiny butterfly)~

I have seen this setting since I was 11 years old... It is in my childhood neighborhood and when the lights are on, I feel drawn back to those times when I lived nearby~


  1. We have a Kestrel in our neighborhood but it's been a challenge to get good photos. He perches high in a tree nearby. Love your photo with your dogs and cute grandkid pics! Enjoy your weekend my friend. Hugs, Diane

  2. beautiful hawks, butterflies, horse country! your grands are growing and look great. glad to see you and your pups doing well - a 3rd pup, too! :) take care, mary.

  3. Hello Mary, wonderful post. Awesome Hawk photos and I love the horses and butterflies too. Thank you for linking up and sharing you post! Happy Saturday, have a great weekend!

  4. Hello!:) Each photo is a winner, there is so much beauty in your images Mary. Thank you for sharing the Eastern Red-tailed Hawk, the insects, flowers, and your cute Grandchildren.:)

  5. so much to aw over. Of course the hawks. But love photo #8...I'm a tree hugger...and that burple flutterby is gorgeous. Have a great weekend

  6. This is all so beautiful Mary -- you make art out of every picture. So wonderful. (I'm glad you are able to use Picassa again, as I read on your earlier post -- I still use it too, but not with such beautiful results. Which has more to do with the photographer and artist you are than with picassa !)

  7. Oh my goodness...the hawks....oh my goodness!!! Wonderment.
    And of course the family portraits are always a pleasure to view.

    Thanks so much for joining in with us birders this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin''s always a pleasure.

  8. Lovely shots of the red tail hawks, and of course your grandchildren are so cute! Visiting from I'd Rather be Birdin

  9. Beautiful photos of the season Mary. I like the one of you and the dogs and the last photo of the window with the lamp on as well. Lamps on early is a necessity these days. I hope you're enjoying the fall there and that it is cooling down for you. Pam

  10. Your photos are so lovely, especially those of the hawk. The cozy scene in your last photo is echoed here all over now as we need lights on earlier and earlier. What beautiful grandchildren you have, those freckled twins are adorable.

  11. I, like your husband, wonder how do you see these amazing things? Why second thought is how do you capture them so clearly and vividly? As always your photography skills impress the heck out of me, thanks for bringing them to MM this week.
    BTW, I was born in Oldham, Lancashire, U.K!

  12. Oh, what a treat for the senses your beautiful images always are, Mary, and today, they appeal to all, as I can almost touch those silky Skipper Butterfly wings, hear the happy shouts of those little athletes, and smell autumn in the air! Of course, it goes without saying that your photos are always a feast for the eyes - and a taste of seasonal landscapes, precious wildlife, beloved family, local goings on, etc.

    Today, I was especially enchanted by your photo of your childhood neighbourhood and more specifically, that charming house! What memories you must have of having lived in such a beautiful community. The photo evokes coziness, comfort, peace and privacy.

    Your portrait with your sweeties is so lovely! Your hubby really captured your mood, which to me, seems one of deep appreciation for your life at Tingsgrove.

    Happy Autumn adventures, my friend,

  13. I like your nature photography best, but those sure are cute kids! And I bet they are just as sweet as they look, too.

  14. You are so good at capturing nature. And grandchildren pictures. The inverting is clever and helps you see new things in each image. By the way, we had a quick visit (actually only a drive through) to where your father in law used to teach.

  15. Wonderful eye! And wonderful shots! Loved the four-footed, two-legged and the insects! All amazing shares!

  16. Hello Mary. As I have remarked here several times, you do have a wonderful eye for a photo opportunity. You're not done then but go on to use your creativity to improve them.

    Lovely pictures of your fanily, and I can spot the family likenesses, especially in little Maci.

    I hope your walking can continue to improve but you must take each day as it comes and try not to do too much. Even the pictures from your garden continue to entertain and delight your readers so there is no need to walk miles to find your gems.

    Enjoy your weekend, home and family.


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