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Friday, October 28, 2016

Cedar Waxwings and Postcards of Home~

Tingsgrove, a large area of trees, and named after me...what not Mary?  Well no, my nickname since a small baby has been Ting and so my husband named the property in my honor.  Years past he would even send me mail in KY, using Tingsgrove as our town and with using the proper zip code, the mail always arrived in good order.  Above is a photograph of our home, the tall wharf green structure looks huge, but it really isn't.  It is tall, three stories and it has a garage that is two stories.  My husband designed our home and built the garage and wrap around deck himself.  
I know so many of these trees so well, and have many favorites.  The favorites that will be shared in two weeks for my next post.  We raised our three daughters on this land.  Sweetness of memories of them running about, giggling, playing Hide and Seek.  The grands have spent a little time running about as well, though as you will see, much is a little more wild as we have allowed parts of the land to stay natural.  We spent so much time and money trying to keep the boundaries fenced in, and kept cut and mowed back.  Storms took many trees, one alone took 6 giants and out went our fencing over and over.  We finally decided to close in a dog yard on the land for our favorites and guess what?  Two months later a fence took part of it out and again three years later...such as life living in the woods.  Many will remember the tree that hit our home just last year...enormous.  
Every season about now, we have special visitors that come to take in the berries of trees and shrubs.  Cedar Waxwings and a variety of migrating birds.  Cedars will be shared this week and other visitors in two weeks.  Come along, take a walk with me, grab your coffee if you would like, maybe a spot of tea, and enjoy.  I so enjoy this land, nothing fancy at all, but ours for the taking while we are here and I love it...this is truly home to me~

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American Robins, join the Cedar Waxwings during the fueling stop of taking in many kinds of seeds and berries~


  1. Wow so terribly jealous... Wonderful set of pictures Maru!

  2. as always, very much enjoyed...thanks for taking me into your woods.

  3. What is the name of the trees with the berries? We have them here in Pa. & I wanted to get some for my woods.Beautiful pictures of the waxwings.I had waxwings here only once eating berries from the mature dogwood trees.Phyllis

  4. Beautiful!
    Have a great week-end!

  5. Hello Mary, you have a wonderful home in the woods. You have many happy memories in your home and with your family. That is awesome! I love the Cedar Waxwings and the Robins. Wonderful collection of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your Saturday and the weekend ahead!

  6. Such lovely shots of the birds and they must just love your land and visit often!

  7. Mary -- your pictures and mosaics are gifts as always. My favorite is the stellar jay with the holly berry ... I would frame that one!! I didn't know how the name Tingsgrove came to be -- and I love the story. Wonderful. Thank you as always for sharing the joy of your beautiful home.

  8. Of course, now it makes complete sense: Ting's Grove...Tingsgrove - perfect, I love it! It always struck me as to how unique the name of your woods was, Mary, and knowing this just consolidates the connection you have to your beautiful land.

    Such a joy to follow you around, as we meet up with all your guests. I see they are well fed and enjoying their stay, in the hospitable Tingsgrove. The berries are so pretty as they pop out against the green of their leaves. You must know these woods like the back of your hand, having walked through them so many times, in and out of seasons. Thank you for making us feel at home in your enchanting Tingsgrove.


  9. Beautiful Waxwings, and about having a piece of land named after yourself, I'll bet he really loves you.

  10. Hello Mary!:) Thank you for sharing your beautiful Cedar Waxwing and American Robin photos, and all the lovely views of the woodland where you live. It's a joy to see such beauty, and so cool, that your hubby named the wood after you. Have a good week!:)

  11. Lightbulb moment for me to of course it's Tings Grove! Walking through your wood has been like a breath of fresh air, your camera has captured it's very essence.
    The American robin is different to the European one in colouring, I didn't know that either, what a lot I've learned today.
    Thanks for joining the MM crowd again this week, I'm always glad of your company.

  12. Mary, You always get such nice bird photos! Love the cedar waxwings. Thanks. Sylvia D.

  13. Hello Mary. And thank you for sharing those precious thoughts of yours about your home and family.This is special time of year when waxwings arrive. Your own seem to come every year, our own Bohemians not so regular from N Europe.

    As to your other question. Rather you than I in choosing. We have enough of lying cheating politicians of our own without trying to fathom out those of the US.

  14. Nice nature shots. The bird is so pretty and new to me.

  15. The birds posed very nicely for you!
    Hope you are having a great week!


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