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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Autumn Has Finally Arrived~

It was a very long, hot Summer.  
I love that season, but this year for various reasons, it was just not the best.  Cooler temperatures and badly needed rain have ushered in Autumn right on time~

Fellow blogger Frank Boxell made me extremely happy when he let me know of a way to reclaim the use of Picasa.  I had tried a few downloads and they would not work.  His site did and I am happy to say that I am now back to using Picasa.  Thank you again Frank~

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Svetka turned 4 months old and is just about done with her first 7 weeks of training~

Here she is having some down time with our nearly 9 year old Meaka~

This is the easiest way to gently tame our Tingsgrove~

Fungi on the land too~

Still not able to walk my neighborhood, or the park, other than a very short distance.  I enjoy taking the three dogs on country drives in my county.
Good morning ;)~

Juvenile Ruby Throated Hummingbird, the last days before saying farewell and heading South~

Crabapples and Honeysuckle berries are heavy and that means the Cedar Waxwings will have plenty to eat, coming by soon~

A few butterflies still making their way around the land.  Eastern Tailed Blue, Skipper, Monarch and Pearl Crescent... I only saw two Monarchs the whole season.  ~

I am not certain of the ID of this Dragonfly~

A Female Garden Spider caring for her web.  They are Orb Weavers~

New hood adornment for the Lincoln Towncar...a Blue Dasher~

Another hot morning sunrise~

The husby takes his afternoon tea out on the deck.  A bit of music and the company of dogs, a gentle Autumnal breeze and all is well~

As a teenager I visited this home a couple of times. It has sat vacant for a couple of decades now and it is quite sad.  We always wonder what happened, why it never sold.  The beauty that it once was, full of life and now just being slowly eaten away by the elements.  Such a mystery~


  1. oh beautiful. I'm looking forward to our less-hot season, when it'll be time to go hiking again.

    Hugs to those gorgeous pups.

  2. Wow Mary, there are some fabulous photographs in your post.

  3. Hello!:) Lovely nature shots with the early morning mist rising from the ground, and beautiful insects, spider butterfly and dragonfly, and Hummingbird images. Your pups are gorgeous, and good company for each other,... so nice to see them all together. Love the gate too!:) Have a great Sunday.:)

  4. I love your photos, they are tremendous Mary.

  5. Hello Mary, wonderful collection of photos. Your dogs are all beautiful. I love the hummer images. Pretty captures of the mushrooms, butterflies and the dragonflies. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Wow....the art in your photos shines bright today. What wonderful compositions. Each tells us a story....and I'm lovin' it.

    Yes, the landscape and the bird photos are stupendous [as always] but today, my favorite is your husband on the deck with the dogs and his cup of tea. Certainly novel in so many ways.

    Sharing this post was much appreciated for us birders this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'....for that, I thank you.

  7. Hello Mary and thaank you for seeing my pictures from Greece. I must say that your landscape pictures go from strength to strength and that todays are just fabulous. The first three are outstanding, especially the spiders web, and then all six after the fungi pictures - all truly exceptional in capturing the drama of each day. And then of course husby of your on the deck with his three musketeers to make sure he comes to no harm.

    I'm so pleased to hear that your health has improved in recent weeks and that you are on the mend. Keep up the good work.

  8. Lovely autumn post, Mary :)
    Thanks you for commenting on my vultures, such a chance encounter!
    your photos are great, Svetka looks full of life, 4 month old only and plenty of adventures to go through!
    I can't help you with your species of dragonflies, they are quite different from ours in France.
    The spider and the mushrooms are awesome pics :)
    Enjoy Picasa then !!
    Warm hugs and enjoy the new week :)

  9. you always have such beautiful posts. Your autumn is no exception :) Thanks for sharing.

  10. a gorgeous group of images, the deer were my absolute favorites. but it sure was nice to see hummingbirds today, mine have been gone for weeks!!

    a very cool spider web, autumn seems to be spider web season!

  11. Your photos are exquisite! I really enjoyed this post! Your pup is adorable! Have a good week!

  12. I love those misty foggy photos...really does look like Fall. And what a great photo of your hubby and pets. You must have quite a workout when you walk! And thanks Mary for your help with my hawk id last week! You are always such a sweet (and SMART!)friend. Hugs, Diane

  13. Hello Mary. Delighted to see you are back in the groove with Picasa providing a glorious selection of scenic and wildlife images.

  14. I love these morning photos Mary. They show such a promise for the day ahead. And a reprieve from the long hot summer. Winter is lingering here and we are longing for the warmth. I don't know what has happened to spring, though the wildflowers are blooming. A month into spring and it hailed on the 1 October. Enjoy the cooler autumn weather Mary. hugs x

  15. Such a lovely post! I so enjoyed visiting! Beautiful captures of the scenery, and all that lives nearby. Such pretty dogs, too. x Karen

  16. Wonderful mosaics! You really have enjoyed some beautiful scenery and critters!

  17. So happy that you have been able to join Mosaic Monday this week, your collection of mosaics is amazing, you live in such a beautiful part of the world and I've so enjoyed getting to see some of that stunning scenery courtesy of your lens. Great photo of your husband and dogs sitting outdoors enjoying the peace and quiet.

  18. I love all of your photos. You have such a good eye. I've been absent from blogging a bit--it's been an unusual summer for us as well, and long and very hot and dry. I've missed being in touch with you too! I'll keep an eye out for your posts.

  19. I just read your previous post. I'm so sorry about your knee and thankful you feel you are finding help now. I would not call my knee replacement of two years ago successful but the pain is not anywhere near a 10. Wow. Pain is so wearing. I'm so sorry.

  20. Wow, stunning photos! And so cute dogs!

  21. Well your blog posts never fail to lift my spirits and this one is no exception - the photographs are extraordinarily beautiful and I especially love the deer in the mist and the delicate fairy-like cobwebs. Your scenic shots are stunning - what a picturesque area you live in. It looks like your cute little puppy is settling in great - what gorgeous shots of her.
    Thank you so much Mary for your visits to my blog and your kind and generous comments - I have just read your previous post and appreciate you taking the time to visit even more as you have been having your own troubles. You are an inspiring lady.

  22. Mary, Your nature photography is always so wonderful. The hummingbird is so cute. The abandoned building looks like it was great in it's time too bad no one has seen the potential. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  23. Beautiful Fall! (I am sorry to be so late coming, sometimes I just get behind for no good reason at all). But it doesn't matter, because your pictures are always perfect whenever they are viewed. I loved all of the outdoor pictures and am amazed that young hummingbird was so cooperative. Wonderful portraits.

    Your husband and the dogs look so content. And the abandoned home, while sad, certainly makes for interesting pictures. I too always want to know the story when I see any abandoned barn or home -- but this elegant one is really even more of a mystery than many I see.


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