Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tingsgrove, My Home, My County~

These first few images were taken on my first walk down on our property in 8 plus very long weeks.  My husband had mowed a few paths for me and I took my time and walked and enjoyed it all.  This is our creek and I have used HDR editing to enhance them, otherwise it would look rather well...muddy. ;)  The creek is full of frogs, but as I approached, you could hear them jump in the water
There is so much tragedy in so many places of this land, and around the world.  Every day it is such a difficult process to think upon it all.  I wish you all safety and peace, and I hope that those of your homelands and loved ones stay strong.  I am thinking of you all in my heart thoughts lifted~

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We don't have very many wildflowers, but sometimes I get surprises~

This is my favorite ride from the countryside into the city.  
Sunrise on Covered Bridge Road~

Our daughter Hillary and her family recently moved and these were some of her cherished flowers.  I was able to move them for her, and in time for their seasonal bloom~

Another morning, another sunrise~

Oh My Goodness, would you look at our new puppy Svetka.  She is 7 weeks old now and will be flying home to her forever family this coming Saturday.  We are so looking forward to meeting her, loving on her and enjoying her company.  She started out "small and fragile" and now she is as her breeder says, "naughty and head strong."  That's OK, she will be a wonderful girl~

Posies from my next door neighbors garden.  I have to sneak over there, as we just don't have very many blooms in the shade of our land~

Sunflowers, and more at Foxhollow Farm and beyond

I love their Gladiolas~

An Eastern Kingbird~

From Foxhollow Farm, I stopped by to see about the juvenile Bald Eagles, now on their own for several weeks.  As I was getting ready to leave, after finding no one at home, one of them suddenly flew in and I got a few captures, before it headed out again~

Along the country lanes there are often large patches of wild Queen Anne's Lace, Red Clover and Chicory growing~

This past Saturday was our local Oldham County Day Parade.  I have been attending with family and friends every year, but a couple for the past 35 years.  Always a fun time~

I close with a few more sunrise images, that almost always begin on Covered Bridge Road in Oldham County, KY, my little slice of home and beyond.  
Thank you so much for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend and think good thoughts for my puppy and her safe travels~


  1. Wonderful message Mary, lovely photographs and very uplifting post. Thank You.

  2. Wow! You really caught those wings in motion, on a shot above.

  3. as always, slap-me-silly gorgeous photos. I look forward to many more shots as Svetka grows up.

  4. Hello Mary and my sincere apologies for not visiting you sooner.

    I am so pleased to hear of your recovery so far after eight weeks or more of enforced inactivity. I know how you feel since I too have been less than wonderful. In four weeks’ time I have to see a specialist about my vascular problem which may entail operations etc. All of this has now limited my own activities to plodding around the house or car based birding since I am unable to walk more than 50 yards without pain in my calves.

    I hope Svetka finds a loving “forever family”. It is something we now understand as our youngest Joanne now has sibling brother and sister aged 4 and 5 who she is hoping to adopt after the recognised length of time. By the end of the year Sue and I should have two new grandchildren. Isn’t life so wonderful?

    I share your hopes for the future of mankind. We are truly in a sorry state, what with the USA, France, Belgium etc and now Muslims trying to abduct UK servicemen to murder, there is a similar theme unning through all.

    I am not religious but I do hope that common sense, common purpose and knowing the difference between right and wrong can see us through these bad times.

  5. Loving your beautiful birds and the fun parade. I'm glad you were able to take that walk along your creek.

  6. Hello, Mary! It is so nice to hear you have been out for a walk. Beautiful collection of images. Your new puppy is just adorable. Great captures of the juvenile eagle. Your flowers are lovely. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. Beautiful images Mary, I love the Eastern Kingbird and love the countryside.

  8. Flowers, your walk along the mowed areas, birds, sunrise/sunset shots, parade photos...all in perfect order BUT.............

    Your new puppy. Just darling!!! I wanna stop by and pet her and hug her. Oh, may I?

  9. Oh, Mary, how sweet is your hubby for creating that clearing so that you can continue to explore your beautiful Tingsgrove with ease! It's simply a mesmerizing landscape, and thank you for sharing it with us.

    Such bright and bold colours among summer's pretty petals. They definitely are the stars of the season, and even more so when there aren't so many in your parts, making them extra precious.

    I see that hot hues also debuted at your local parade by day and lit up the sky at night, while monochromatic black defines your Svetka!

    Gorgeous images, as always, thank you!



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