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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bald Eagles, Eaglets, and Memorial Day~

~ Happy Memorial Day
  We salute you, we thank you, God Bless you~

Remembering those lives lost and being forever grateful. Blessings to those who have served and sacrificed, yet still remain among us.
Memorial Day... 7/1 Air Cav, the unit that my husband Bill served in while serving our country in Vietnam, 1968-1969... Remembering those who have served, and to those who sacrificed it all. May we never forget.
Military section at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY. The US ARMY campaign flag and our United States of America flag... land that I love and remembering those who have made our freedoms possible~

Missing in action, and from action for three weeks now...huge sigh!  
So how is everyone, I need to catch up~
One thing that I have realized for a long time, but never knew how to rectify it, is that without the use of memes, it is not easy to keep the momentum of having much activity to one's blog.  I have been so blessed, so fortunate these past going on 7 years  next month, to have many thousands of visitors stop by, many of you have become cherished friends and a few have even become my confidants.  I have made as many thousands of visits to your blogs and I consider it a real pleasure.  
Suddenly a feeling of loss came over me, when our dear friend Judith changed Mosaic Monday from every Monday to just the last Monday of the month. What a blessing she has been to many of us.  I would love to know how others are moving forward and keeping their blogs alive with visitors.  It did give me an opening to join in the fun with Eileen for her meme Saturday's Critters and I hope to be able to visit with many others already on this great share much more in coming weeks and months.
Feeling poorly has not helped! Tuesday I had knee surgery to repair a large medial meniscus tear and also some cartilage removed.  The pain shot up to a good 9.5 and I just knew it had to be something worse than Arthritis and insisted on an MRI, rather than going straight to having a total knee replacement.   At this age in life the surgery that I had usually only fixes 10% of us and I am hoping to be in the percentage and not the 90% that it does not help.  Feeling positive, and yet cautious, as I am still on bed rest.  I begin physical therapy Tuesday and see the surgeon Wednesday.  Always be your own advocate, no one knows your body better than you.  My scare with the drug induced Lupus is all clear except that my hands get red/purple when they are cold, but I was told that would heal in time as well.  I can hardly wait to reclaim my life and time with you all.  I miss that~   

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slideshow presentation after                                                                you have read the narratives~

                                                     I am joining in the fun with Eileen at:


                                                                       Saturday's Critters

As well as linking up with Judith for:

Stewart for:

A silly Blue Jay taunts the majestic Bald Eagle~

There are two eaglets again this season, yet most of the time, I can only see one at a time~

The female brings in a very large fish for breakfast~

The female delivers the meal and parcels out a bit and then the male joins the feast as the female leaves~

This eaglet has done everything to try and show the adult male that he is present and begins to cry out for some of the fish brought in~

Then the male exits after he has helped feed the young and himself~

Last month I accidentally got an image of myself in the door glass near the Eagle nest site.  This time as I walked by I took this one on purpose, just for the fun of it~


  1. Great series images of bald eagles.

  2. Hello, Mary! I hope you are recovery from your knee surgery and all is well. I love this series of Eagles and Eaglet photos. Awesome. Cute selfie shot. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead! Happy Memorial Day!

  3. AMAZING shots of amazing creatures. Kudos

  4. Hello Mary and my apologies for not calling by sooner. I afraid that this awful virus thing I have have is lingering still. It seems that everyone I speak to either has something similar or knows someone equally poorly. It is really is a vicious little mite and if I could find the person who spread this thing, I swear I would commit murder.

    None of us want to be ill at this time of year when we should be out enjoying the summer and the sunshine.

    I'm wishing us both a speedy recovery and feeling better soon.

    All the very best.

  5. Amazing creatures, and you are the keen photographer. Sorry you have been ill, lets hope that you better Mary.

  6. Oh dear....Mary, I do hope you recover fully and get back to blogging and visiting. Once absent, it's a challenge to get back into the routine. I speak from experience. I used to do tons of memes and then, realized that MY life is much more important than getting up early or staying up late to publish a daily post. I'm enjoying my time in my OWN time. It's not saying that I don't enjoy the blogging friends I've made, it's just that there are way more important things to do with my time. So, don't fret...when you're ready, you're ready. If'll always have a friend in me!!!

    As for can always drop by on Saturday at NOON [or any day of the week up until Thursday] and add your beautiful bird photos to I'd Rather B Birdin'. A new linking tool opens each and every Saturday at NOON [texas time]. I'd be more than pleased to have you join...but again...don't feel pressured to do so.

    Beautiful images and loved reading your narration.

  7. Great selfie Mary....and I am sorry to hear you had to have surgery. Sending lots of healing thoughts and hugs your way. Love that you can capture such amazing eagle shots and we are lucky to have you share them....I do miss the weekly Monday meme with Judith, but also try to do a few others to keep the momentum going. Rest and take care of yourself!

  8. Oh your Eagle series is so good Mary; I know that those amazing pictures represent a whole lot of time spent at the nest. You can't just jump out of the car and take such a great variety of pictures. Wonderful and so appropriate for the Holiday (and always -- I'm a little late -- but these pictures will never be out-of-date). I'm sorry you haven't been feeling tip top and I hope you get good news after your rest.

    I do link to memes .. it keeps me motivated and on track. I almost always post to Our World, because anything goes for that one and the linkup happens on Monday -- I usually have more time on weekends to write my posts. That post is usually on nature, so I link it also to Nature Notes and Mosaic Monday (when it is up) and any other memes it is appropriate for. When I have birds I link to Stewart and/or Annie and/or Eileen, but I don't consistently get good bird pictures. The rest of the memes I like, I link if I have something appropriate. I don't do any of the challenge memes -- like finding certain colors or a list of arbitrary things to find. I use the memes as a place to link pictures I would already take even if I didn't blog (birds, flowers, animals, travel, nature, scenery and funny signs (I have a quirk about those) ... family occasionally -- but I take terrible people pictures).

    And I only write one or two posts a week nowadays. If I do more than that I can't keep up with my comments and visiting my favorite people, like you!!

    Feel better soon. Thinking about you!!!

  9. Wonderful photos!
    Soon those eaglets will be learning to catch their own food.

  10. Hi Mary, I hope your knee recovers quickly and without complications. It always amazes me to see baby birds almost the size of mom and dad flapping their wings to be fed. We have a crow and baby visiting the front garden birdbath every day and they really soil the water with bread and dead things they soften up in it.
    I seem to be blogging less and less but in the fall it usually picks up for quite a few of us.
    Take care of yourself - nice selfie!

  11. Hello Mary
    Spectacular photography!
    This is the next best thing to seeing the Eagles and Eaglets in person - I feel privileged - thank you!

  12. Amazing series of images.....thank you!
    Enjoy your evening....

  13. Beautiful series on the Bald Eagle.

  14. Beautiful post. The series of photos of the birds is terrific.


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