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Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Whirlwind Week in the Neighborhood~

One of our precious dogs posed this week. Silvie Aleit, affectionately known as Silveit, age 3 years, 4 months~

For those who have already read last week's post, you can skip down to update...

For those who have been friends and followed me for the past 4 years, I have had at times some things with my health that just did not ever make sense.  For three years I had these very strange events/episodes.  It was thought it could be my heart, but heart was good even after having had surgery to place a monitor in my chest wall and a year later having it removed with no further findings.  Then they thought it was the kind of seizures that happen without the visual tremors.  I was put on anti-seizure medication for right at a month, but no, following an EKG, not seizures.  A year ago this past November out of what seemed like no where, I had a pinched cervical nerve which still is at this time and those events/episodes stopped right then...weird yes!  
I had wanted to wait until this week ending, but nothing will be any different then as it is now, unless my biopsy results from 2 weeks ago are wrong!  I have digested the news as best that I can for now anyway. I am so thankful that I have a loving and supportive family and wonderful group of friends. I am thankful that I also have a strong faith and that I have once the initial tone has been set and I am hit hard with some tears and then a good blow of the nose...I always get a stuffy nose if I do carry on too long and feeling sorry for myself, well it never got me anywhere, so why go there. 
The Dermatologist called Thursday early evening and told me what I had not wanted to learn hear, the biopsy that was taken from the rash that was on the backs of my hands for the past 4 weeks is indeed a Systemic Lupus (unspecified at that time) skin rash. Friday I had extensive blood work done and other tests  done to determine if any other organs are involved, or this may be where it is.  Results will be in mid week.  This is a little scary for me, but that is because it is brand new and I am trying to get my head around it. If it is full blown Lupus, then I will not be able to tolerate steroids and so I will have to work with my special team of wonderful doctors to manage it.  Good thing going for me, I am way past the 6 decades mark and so this should prove to be a mild to moderate, rather than severe from what a few people have indicated, we just have to wait and see.  I am thankful it is not Cancer, and I know that the experts are constantly making new strides with these diseases. I will be optimistic, and I will be OK...I pray that and I claim that~


It has been another very long, stressful week, but I have kept busy and tried not to dwell on last week's news.
Many of the lab results are in and so far everything, other than my skin biopsy has been negative.  That being said, I have to continue to think positively, as this all takes time to know for certain, one way, or the other.  Lupus is a hard one to diagnose.  The two very important antibody tests had still not come back, as they had to be sent to a lab that specializes in them.  I have to be at my Dr's office this Monday at a special time of 7:45.   (My Dr is getting ready to be on a vacation journey for the next three weeks and wants to see me before leaving)  We are so hoping that by then, the final lab reports will have arrived and prove to be negative as well.  If not, more tests will be pending, and that is where I leave this, for the "not knowing" as many have mentioned, that is the most difficult at this time.
Thank you for your ongoing kindness, encouragement and support~

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                                                                          Saturday's Critters

Stewart for:

A neighborhood Cooper's Hawk flies over the Red-Shouldered Hawk nest area daily.  They are of no consequence to the Red-Shouldered Hawk.  
Below after 2 days of storms and winds that hit 60 mph in my little town, the female adult Red-Shouldered Hawk was taking advantage of a dry spell to preen and air dry her soaked feathers~

The hen is on her nest...a very rare selection of that being a transformer pole.  For those who may have missed the whole sage of this beautiful pair of hawks, please see the past two older posts~

Below neighbor and friends Bob and Velsie Hewlett are part of the "Hawk Alert" team.  I have always said that I have the best neighbors! If there is one young one, that will be difficult enough, once the eggs hatch in about another 14 days.  If more than one, it will become paramount to be watchful for any falls~

A first year Red-Shouldered Hawk from another site taken on Sunday morning en route to Bible study~

Swallows!!! I LOVE Swallows and the Barn and Tree Swallows are back from migration and nesting already.  What can you not LOVE about these beauties...
Tree Sparrows~

My Clematis are in bloom again~

The storms took down another tree in our yard, close to home, but not hitting this time.   Some neighbors were not as fortunate.  The images below are already marked for what also transpired...we were blessed!

Maple Tree Seeds~


  1. Continued hugs and prayers.

    And an ear scratch to Silvie

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts Mary. Your pictures always lift my spirits and I hope (and know) that seeing these the first time and again in your pictures must make you feel better!

  3. Hello Mary, I just love your gorgeous dog. I do hope you get your lab results back soon, especially before the doc leaves for his vacation. Awesome shots of the hawks and the swallows.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Thank you for this enjoyable post

  5. Hello Mary.

    I do so hope that things improve on the health front. If only I was closer I too would give you a hug and tell you not to over worry. In the meantime continue to delight your followers with your hawks and swallows. Our Swallows are late this year following cold weather and northerly winds which hold them back.

    Maybe I'll see more on our annual trip to Menorca on Monday - some 1200 miles south of here in the warmth of the Med?

    All best wishes. Phil.

  6. Dear Mary, Thinking of you and keeping fingers crossed.

  7. Dear Mary,

    I'm sorry it has taken me longer than usual to visit, but, as you know, I have been working 40 hour weeks since January, and have not had internet access during the week. Thus, having just read the news about your health challenge at this time, I want you to know that you are in my heart! Hang in there; the results that have been coming in, thank goodness, are negative, and hopefully, so will the last of them prove to be so, too. I have a friend in England who was diagnosed with lupus two years ago and she is dealing with it very well.

    Miss you and am thinking of you, on this cold and dark and rainy Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday in Toronto.

    Sending loving prayers and thoughts your way,

  8. Thanks for sharing your wonderful hawks, birds and lovely photos. I hope you are feeling better and have some good health news. We have similar issues and I also seem to be in an unknown area a lot of the time. Just hand in there and don't worry too much. hugs. Have a great week!


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