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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Snow Time, Means Show Time in Many Ways~

Here is hoping you had a wonderful week, doing whatever you enjoy.  We had 5" of snow on Valentine's Days and the dogs had such a great time.  I love watching them enjoy this white fluff.
If you have ever had too much snow and wondered why...
I think that it is created for children and dogs, that is my theory, but don't take me to the bank on it ;)
The first dog images are of the 8 year old Meaka
Some have mentioned their breed, or what kind of dogs are they.
They are registered German Shepherds.  They also have the long coat gene and thus they are Long Coat German Shepherds~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slideshow presentation after you have read the narratives~

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Our grand-daughter Maci adores dogs, actually all animals an her she is giving snuggles to Meaka~

Here we have once again our Silveit who turned 3 last month.  She is younger, but quite a bit larger than Meaka~

On Valentine's Day we celebrated Master Braden's 8 birthday at the local Mexican restaurant, surrounded by his brother, sister and twin cousins~

No cake ... fried ice cream for everyone~

A Red-Shouldered Hawk hunting from a retaining wall, along the Gene Snyder Freeway in Jefferson County, KY~

Following a full day of snow showers we had fog roll into our little valley.  I took the images of the female Cardinal at that time, through the glass windows~

A rare visitor to our feeders during the Winter months, an American Goldfinch~

I placed some of those peanut butter nut balls that you can purchase and placed them into a Finch feeder and this way the wee birds like this Carolina Wren can get a nice good for them snack~

I also move the table top umbrella to the ground during Winter months.  Ground eaters can feel a bit of protection from predators.  I usually make popcorn, or use stale breads and crackers as well as some bird seed thrown under here to keep them satsfied~

My husband drove down, yes, without me, huge sigh, to spend a few days with our daughter Ashleigh and her husband Matty.  While there he got to visit with Ashleigh's good friend and mentor Greg Hauptner, who is the founder of G Star School of the Arts, a long running and outstanding A rated school in Palm Springs, Florida. Mr Hauptner has been interviewed as a guest on the "Today" show to discuss this fine establishment for higher learning.
 I sure wish that I could have experienced such greatness in my schooling.  
A few years ago Ashleigh worked with Mr. Hauptner as his Administrative Assistant.  
Bill said that this was a very memorable meeting~ 

Bill also got to visit the set and meet the wonderful people where Ashleigh is one of the VP's with Brandstar.  The Balancing Act is one of their shows that they produce for the Lifetime network.  He said the people were incredible and so nice. That's our youngest daughter with her daddy...note the comfortable feel he had with his feet up ;)

White-tailed Deer come to feed in my yard every evening.  We have 11 to 13 in the herd that we feed~

;) I took this with my not so good phone camera, but still thought too cute of a Gray Squirrel on our deck rail~

Hmm...little Chipmunk has awoken from his hibernation to come out for some bird seed~

I love the intricate and delicate details of birds nests.  I wonder what birds built this, how many young~


  1. Wonderful to be surrounded by so much vitality.......children,dogs and wildlife. I like the deer......lovely shots!
    Happy weekend!

  2. You always have so much beauty to look at in your blog posts, Mary! Your German Shepherds are gorgeous. My older brother has had many short-haired German Shepherds and they were such lovely dogs. They look like they thoroughly enjoy the snow!

  3. Wow! A plethora of wonderful shots.

    I love your pups.

  4. Oh the dogs certainly enjoyed the snow and fried ice cream sounds way better than cake! :)

    So many lovely shots here as always :)

  5. I just love your dogs and they surely had so much fun! These long haired German shepards look like Belgian shepards tervueren...

  6. Your dogs are beautiful. And wonderful pictures to look at this morning. That's quite an interesting bicycle/wheelchair.

  7. It looks like Braden enjoyed a great birthday. I agree with you on the snow. My (long haired) German Shepherd also loved to roll and dive in it. There's something about German Shepherd eyes. Sigh. Thanks for the many beautiful photos to start my morning.

  8. Hello Mary, your grandchildren and your dogs are beautiful. Lovely collection of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  9. You have so much interesting wildlife in your yard. Always, I admire the cardinal since we don't have the bird here in northern Colorado. Snow surely must be made for dogs and children, because I don't much enjoy it anymore. Your dog is gorgeous.

  10. Wow so much in this post. I love your dogs....all our snow is wasted on us as we have no children or pets...but I do enjoy looking at it. Great critter pics too....and those proud grandparent pics of your grand kids! What a marvelous visit!

  11. Oh to have a dog that likes to romp in the snow - your babies are always adorable, including the grands.
    I just remembered I have a couple of tea suggestions for you Mary but you're a no-reply blogger and I don't see an email link on your blog. Do you want to email me from mine?

  12. Oh my gosh I wonder what my crazy poodle would do in the snow - he will never see it unless we move him overseas - it does look like the dogs enjoy it! I've been in a similar tri-shaw recently except that we sat behind the peddler! Great photos.

  13. The dogs really do seem to love all that snow. Sorry you didn't get to Florida this time, but I can tell your husband shares your pride and joy in your daughter and that's is almost as good. Love all the birds as always, my fav collage is the blue jay in the center of all the cardinals.

  14. Really lovely snow fall brings out the adorableness of the pooch:) Hope you enjoy your week ahead.

  15. sweet and happy snow pups and snow birds, too. :)

  16. We don't have snow anywhere near where we live. Only a light dusting occasionally in the Stirling Ranges about 4 hours from here. It would be melted before we got there, and climbed to see it! So I would love to be playing in the snow - so dogs, little kids, AND big kids! Lovely pics as always Mary. The little birds are so sweet. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. hugs.

  17. Your husband looks like he had a lot of fun visiting his daughter, meeting such wonderful people, and learning new things!

    Meaka and Silveit are such beautiful creatures, they seem so very strong, too. Your grands sure do look like they had a grand time celebrating their cousin's birthday!

    I can't get over how cute those gray squirrels are - so fluffy and fidgety and full of life!

    Beautiful photos, once again, of life around Tingsgrove and beyond.

    BIG hugs,


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