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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Introducing Eveas, the Praying Mantis Visitor to Tingsgrove~

I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying your Valentine's Day.  
We do not share the cards, candy and flowers that so many worldwide do in our home any longer.  I made a nice brunch though for my husband and myself, and then later we will celebrate our grandson Braden's 8th birthday with a party and dinner together.  It is snowing hard right now and so we are hoping to be able to get out.
Your love and support during the recent weeks showing such lovely care of me has really helped get me through.  It has been one of the roughest emotional times in my life since I had a hard time some 3  1/2 years ago.  These things are most often brought on by others and I am such a sensitive soul that I am taken down fast and hard.  I am beginning to see light at the end of this darkness.
My neck with pinched nerve and knees for now, are feeling a bit better too, following months of PT with a Chiropractor, and hope that I can continue to keep away from the surgeon's scalpel.  My knees are a bit improved as well, following Cortisone injections and so, it is a good day that I write and share this post~


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The Sparrows that I am sharing today are like the Warblers, I just hate to guess the species, but they were so sweet and out in my garden.
I looked closely in my "Field Guide to Birds of North America" and I am thinking possibly a Song Sparrow, but would appreciate the correct ID.
Below is a Tufted Titmouse~

A Dark-Eyed Junco, this one looked almost looks to me like the Oregon variation, but just not sure~

White-breasted Nuthatch~

More Sparrows~

Dark-eyed Junco~

A female Praying Mantis looking for a place to lay her egg sack back the end of last September.  My husband found it on the door handle of my car.  The egg sack hopefully will be protected through the Winter and come Spring, some 100, or more baby Praying Mantis shall erupt from within~

On Christmas Eve evening my husband called me out to look at something on my car.  This time in the heart of Winter season fast begun, a male Praying Mantis had somehow survived thus far and guess where he found it?  The same door handle that the female had been seen on nearly 3 months earlier.  
I caught it in my hand and brought it inside and into a little insect cage that I had, until I could get to the pet store following Christmas celebration.  I purchased a small lidded  terrarium, a heat mat, baby crickets, meal worms and wax worms, as well as a spray bottle and the grated coconut bedding to place in the bottom of it's new home.  
I offered it the above purchased food, fresh every day, along with those little Rolly Poly bugs and it refused all food for 3 1/2 weeks.  I was really worried it would perish.  My friend had cared for one all Winter one year and suggested that I feed Eveas fresh raw meat.  He ate it right away, the first feeding taking over 45 minutes.  He likes chicken, beef, and pork, and so he has a good chance, though they only live about 6 months in the wild.  I am hoping to keep him alive long enough to release him in the Spring.  We are absolutely fascinated by him and when I have him out for his feeding and cage clean up, he watches me everywhere I move to~

Below Eveas is waiting on a paper napkin for his meal, which this day was chicken.  I offer it to him on a toothpick.  I move the toothpick around a bit, as they are used to catching and killing their prey and this helps entice him to hunt and eat~ 

He has a nice strand of chicken and this will fill him up for 24 hours and then he wants more~


  1. Absolutely fascinating to read about your guest praying mantis! What a delight to share in his life. Thank you for the photos. My wish for you is that he helps you through this difficult spot you find yourself in. Help comes from the most unlikely places.

  2. enjoyed

    especially since you got my all time fav...the titmouse

  3. I like your new pet a lot ... So interesting to read about what they eat and how you care for him. Lots of work, but great entertainment in return ... And wonderful pictures!

    I'm so glad you're feeling some better and hope the upswing continues.

  4. I am so glad you are feeling better....and your bird images always make me smile. But taking care of this insect sent my heart soaring....what an amazing human you are! Fascinating.

    and LivingFromHappiness

  5. Wow, a Praying Mantis, lovely creature. I hope you are better Mary.

  6. Hi Mary. Delighted to hear you are feeling a little better .. hope the trend continues.

    Enjoyed viewing your birds in the snow ... none over here yet!!

    Your efforts with the Praying Mantis are to be applauded. Continue having fun at meal times.

    BTW - We are all well ... just feeling our ages!

  7. Hello, Mary! Happy Birthday to your grandson. I am happy you are feeling better. What a great variety of birds. Lovely photos and post. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your new week!

  8. A belated Happy Valentine's Day and a Happy Birthday to your grandson Mary. I am glad that you are feeling better. Your photos are absolutely stunning.

  9. Hello there blogging friend. Glad you are feeling a bit better. You have had a tough time of it. But I love your new friend, the Praying Mantis. What a great series of photos. So nice to see your blog.

  10. I LOVE your praying mantis story! That's really neat, and I'm so glad he's eating and doing well. Very cool! Great pics too, as are the snow birds (everyone loves snow birds!). (Sorry, I've been solo absentee again lately, gahh!)

  11. Hello Mary. Is it you only that would take the time and trouble to take a Praying Mantis into your home and to give the creature so much love and attention?

    I must say that I too would be fascinated to watch its daily routine and to see it feeding on suh things as chicken. But then I never see such creaturees unless we visit more exotic climes than the UK.

    I really hope that the snow and ice have left you by now and that you are experiencing at least a hint of spring. Our own comes slowly with ice and snow forecast for tonight - ah well, take it as it comes.

  12. Very beautiful birds, so many of them.

  13. A Preying Mantis pet! :-) Just teasing...I just loved that you brought him in and fed him! Great photos of him, and of the beautiful birds! That tufted titmouse just warms my soul! So glad you are feeling better, and I'm glad the chiropractor is helping you as well.

  14. Such lovely birds! Wonderful photos! The Preying Mantis is fascinating! So great of you to keep him and share home with him through winter!

  15. Lovely birds and fascinating photos of the Praying Mantis!
    Thanks for the positive ID on my juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk

  16. I love those snow shots - I suppose it's in part because I so rarely see snow! In fact I see preying mantises far more often than snow - often find them attached to our fly wire doors!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: remember, blogging is optional, self maintenance and care are not!

  17. loved the image of the Dark-Eyed Junco.
    and, having a Praying Mantis as a pet must be extremely rare. I hope it all works out as you want it too. :)

  18. Amazing to read about the care and feeding of a mantis! Super interesting!!

  19. Dear Mary,

    So very happy to hear that you are feeling better! Happy belated birthday to your grandson; what a special Valentine's gift he must have been for his parents!

    Your beautiful shots of all your fine, feathered friends are lovely. I am especially taken with that first sparrow; what a soulful expression it has in its eyes, sitting so still and quiet in that tree, listening, observing, understanding, learning...

    Only you could convince yourself that that praying mantis was meant to be taken under your wing, to be nourished and nestled in your cozy home, out of harm's way, because you found it on your car! This predator must be feeling pretty precious right about now!

    Take care of yourself, too, my sweet friend!

    Have a lovely week ahead,



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