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Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Ending Shares and a Warning~

 Those beautiful, wonderful American Kestrels...this female was hunting here in Oldham County at Foxhollow Farm above~

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I have been trying to figure out what my life changes all need to be for this year and beyond.  Walking has become even more important to me and this past week I walked over 17 miles.  One of the walks was at my favorite walking trails in Anchorage.  The Northern Mockingbird, Great Blue Heron and White Tailed Deer were seen there.  
The Bald Eagle was photographed along the Ohio River another time~

Sure evidence that a female Cardinal was taken, more than likely by the local Coopers Hawk~

More of my Long Coat German Shepherds having snow fun~

A Coyote hunting in daylight at the near by Hermitage Horse Farms, where Queen Elizabeth and her family have visited in the past~


As I said last week, my neighbor called me to say that I might want to see what was going on in her back yard.  A large hawk... that turned out to be a Red-Tailed Hawk was eating a Gray Squirrel.
When I first walked down my driveway, the first image is what I could see from this side of the lane.  The remainder of the images were taken from my neighbors Mona and Grant's yard~

Here the hawk dropped it's food, just for a brief moment down by the grand children's riding toys~


  1. These are incredibly beautiful photos. I especially enjoyed the deer, bald eagles, and of course your Shepherds. Isn't it funny how Shepherds actually do finally grow into their ears. I enjoyed seeing all their different play postures which are so familiar to me. I always say that all other dogs, deep in their hearts, wish they were Shepherds. :-) (and for my friends with other breeds, I am just kidding - kind of.) Lol

  2. Not much better that walking outdoors for uplifting the health and spirit of ones being. Look at all the fine captures to view, contemplate and share.

  3. Wow! What a fabulous series, Mary! Beautiful birds and lovely images of nature in your part of the world.

  4. All wonderful shots.

    But starting with that gorgeous Kestrel made it hard to truly appreciate everything that followed :)

  5. Hello Mary, beautiful birds and I just love your dog. Awesome series of photos and a great post. Happy February, enjoy your new week!

  6. You've really done a lot of hiking lately and seen some amazing sights. We are enjoying the nice weather to get out more too. Wonderful photos my friend. Happy February! Hugs, Diane

  7. Spectacular...I adore the raptors and the little ones are rarely seen here...amazing scenes with the red tail hawk...and the dried meadow is one of my favorite views.

    and LivingFromHappiness

  8. Wow, What a wonderful collection of your photos and mosaic! You have many friends around you and beautiful snow too! Hope that coyote does not get lost.

  9. Wow! That is a stunning place you live in Mary!
    Gorgeous photos, keep walking girl :)

  10. Wonderful your dogs, German Shepherds are so intelligent and interesting. Everything needs to eat!
    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Mary, You have some great shots this week. I love the frosted dried plants. The birds are always exciting. Thanks for the warning. Have a great day. Sylvia D.

  12. Such is life with the food chain. I'm sure the visiting hawk to our yard captured a male cardinal by the number of feathers I found on our deck last winter. We have so many black squirrels that need a predator to keep their numbers in check.
    Awesome photos again this week and I always love to see your furbabies.

  13. wonderful images Mary. I particularly love the nature shots of the plants, grasses, and the feather caught in the branches. Beautiful. And fantastic bird shots, as always.
    Have a great week Mary. Walking is good for the body and soul. Now the summer school holidays are over here I hope my life gets more into a routine that includes morning walks. Look after you.

  14. It's all part of the circle of life and all your photos are amazing, even the hawk at lunch series. It's fascinating to me to see them at work. "Our" eagles would rather catch fish it seems like because thy don't require so much work, but last year the webcam captured them teaching the babies how to prepare and eat a bird.

    I love seeing your dogs playing in the snow ... They're really made for that weather!

  15. Wow! Just incredible shots! Love the kestrel, the eagle, the wildlife, your dogs...but those shots of the red-tailed and its dinner! Oh my! Poor squirrel (and cardinal), but it I nature's way of course.

  16. Wow! Wonderful images. What a fabulous place to live. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Amazing photos, you are a special photographer Mary.

  18. Oh wow! Your photographs are just stunning...spectacular captures!!

  19. Hello Mary. Stopping by when I can because later in the day my new PC is being deliverer after which it may take a day or two to get up and running etc. Fingers crossed for a trouble free installation. Once again you have proved how observant you are in discovering the meals of those hawks.

    Because the grey squirrel was introduced to the UK it doesn't have any serious predators but is one itself and is something of a pest. It also now outnumbers our native Red Squirrel.

    I love seeing your bright American Kestrel, such a change from our own European one. Boy, would I love to see that Coyote - that would be one special occasion.

    Have a great weekend. Wish me luck with my techie jobs today.

  20. So lovely to hear that you are getting the opportunity to walk those beautiful landscapes amid your Tingsgrove. I so miss my walks on the island, through vineyards, olive and orange groves, all overlooking the Aegean sea, in the distance. But, my autumn strolls in Toronto's High Park were just as scenic, just different.

    Your photos are spectacular! You have captured so much of Mother Nature's moments, from the serene beauty of the American Kestrel to the survival strategies of the Red Tailed Hawk - all part of the picture of life in her 'hood!



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