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Friday, November 6, 2015

The Wee Little Birds and Some ID Help Needed~

Happy first week in November...
But oh my goodness, where did this year flee so quickly off to?  
Did I miss it? 
I had said that I would be sharing more Cedar Waxwings, as well as I want to share some European Starling images, but this week, I needed to go ahead and squeak these wee little birds through as I don't want too many Autumnal image shares to fall into the Winter starkness and get me all confused,  and befuddled any more than I am ;)
OK, so I know most of these wee birds, but some came to Tingsgrove to pay a quick visit and I want to make sure I have them with their good identification.  
Sparrows and Warblers, they all look so much alike and I get all confused...huge sigh!
Thank you to anyone who can help me with this~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slideshow presentation after you have read the narratives~

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Is this not the cutest, sweetest little bird! 
I know it is a Warbler, but just not sure which one.
It may be one that I will try an ID below but I promise I have looked in my NWF Field Guide to Birds and I am just not sure.
UPDATE 11/10/15
I met Brian Davis one day out on a snow covered field looking at some beautiful Snow Buntings that had come for a visit in our area.  He is a fellow birder with a lot more experience with identification than I do and he has identified this beauty as  first year Black-throated Green Warbler.  It just has not developed it's black bib yet~

I think that from the millions of leaves that will fall... I found the perfect one ;)

One day this beauty was flitting around, gathering some nutrition and then gone.  It reminded me of a Tanager that came around before, but it may also be a visiting Warbler, or maybe a real surprise~
I think that both Eileen Wise and Brian Davis got this one for me...
It is a Summer Tanager.  
Thank you both~

  Only these two images were taken of a Black and White Warbler.  
Now that was fairly easy ;)~

OK my best guess for this little one would be Pine Warbler.  If that is what it is, then this would maybe be my first time to see one, not certain~

Eileen Hildt Wise...Viewing nature with Eileen is thinking more on the lines of 
Magnolia Warbler for this little beauty.  If so that is also new for me here.  
Brian Davis agreed totally with Eileen's guess for this little female Magnolia Warbler.
Thank you both~

A Maple tree leaf fell into the grasp of a large Oak tree leaf, and the sun's glow, showed it to me~

The only image of the wee one on the left and I believe the one on the right is the same wee bird that I began this post with~

Not sure about the wee one on the left. other than once again most probably a visiting Warbler.  
As for the one on the right, I am thinking that once the post introduction bird has an ID then that is what this one is too.
Brian Davis has identified these two little beauties.  
The one on the left is a female Black-throated Green Warbler and the one on the right is the male, as seen in top four images as well~

More autumnal colours on my land and I used a touch of HDR with a few, just for fun~

OK, hmm let me guess, the perfect's rump...a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, sweet~

The wee bird below is really, really small and it is a Ruby Crowned Kinglet, and the third image is certainly wild feather on left~

Thank you wee one for turning your head so I can see that beautiful crown of yours...a Golden Crowned Kinglet
Now these I knew, but had them backwards, but thank you to Brian Davis, for straightening me out ;) ~

This bird was eating Honeysuckle berries and came in and left from behind the bush.  I only got these two images.  Maybe a Thrush, has a light yellowing under the tail feathers.
Update on this little one as well. 
Brian Davis is thinking that this is a Hermit Thrush
Brian, and Eileen, many thanks to each of you for helping me learn about new birds that I have seen~


  1. enjoyed

    nice shots. I particularly liked the second one :)

  2. Hello Mary, I believe one of your warblers(your guess Pine Warbler) my guess it could be the Magnolia Warbler. And the first one maybe the Black-throated Green Warbler. They look a little different in the fall. And I am guessing the orangy looking bird to be the Summer Tanager. I had most of these birds in my yard back in September, that is why they look familiar to me. Great shots, Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you Eileen, I really do appreciate it. Have you ever seen one like the yellow and light brown one that I posted? I only got that single shot and while it looks a bit like a few in the book, I just could not figure out a guess. Happy weekend~

    2. Mary, the yellow and light brown one maybe the fall Cape May Warbler. Do you have a warbler id book? Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Great photos one and all but the glowing oak and maple leaf take first prize.

  4. So many sweet little birds and they often make such a huge sound. I also love the red oak leaves. What a beautiful autumn we've had here in Wisconsin too!

  5. Your birds posed for you so beautifully! I'm no help at all ... I would recognize the kinglets, but you already know them! Sigh, some of us are just meant to admire! Your Fall colors ... And the way you arranged everything ... Just wonderful. ( Talk about admiring!

  6. Beautiful one and all - but I'm no help on the I.D.'s!!

  7. We have so many little warblers and it's so hard to tell them apart. We have the palm warbler and pine warbler in the forest right now. I'm watching a tiny wren singing his heart out at the feeder now. We love our tiny birds and I know you do too! Hugs, Diane

  8. I don't know how you are always in the right place at the right time to capture the little birds Mary, the warbler is sweet. Eileen is my go-to person for bird ID and is very helpful.

  9. I love seeing the warblers as I rarely see them in my garden...and oh those foliage shots and collages are amazing...beautiful autumn images mary!

  10. Your fall foliage is beautiful! As for the birds I would have had just as much trouble IDing them! My guesses were way off, as I scrolled down from one to the next. :-) I have a LOT to learn about birding!

  11. Beautiful images, both trees and birds

  12. Thank you for bringing us a little bit closer to forest life. Amazing bird pictures. Have a nice day!

  13. It's so nice you have help with the id of some of the birds you don't know. I enjoyed seeing them. Beautiful views of autumn .

  14. I don't think we have warblers around least not that I have seen. I love the images of the leaves as well. You've captured such pretty light.

  15. I'm so sorry I missed this one Mary. However you seem to have lots of expertise to help you without my meagre help. So nice to see such a lovely selection of warblers and of course the Summer Tanager. Yes, your North American warblers can be tricky to identify in the autumn with birds in moult and young ones too but it all makes for a good and interesting challenge.

  16. I am not able to help you, Mary, with the identification of these beauties, but can only confirm that they are gorgeous, whatever their titles!

    Your leafy images are lovely, in a slightly melancholy way, for winter will be soon approaching, and thus, this autumnal ambiance will be a thing of the past.

    Thank you for sharing all the hustle and bustle around Tingsgrove!


  17. beautiful birds and nature :) Thanks for sharing the beauty :)


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