Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
Mary Howell Cromer

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Mostly Cedar Waxwings and Sycamore Trees~

The photo images above were taken one morning at sunrise in my back yard.  
Busy, way too busy, for this older lady ;)  Mulching leaves, several times, to get them as they made their layers to close to the house.  I then blow them into the wilder parts of the land.  Then there is so much to clean in the home, and I want it done, so I can relax and enjoy.  While I work on the inside, the husby continues to battle the outside, and what the weather damage did to the foundation.  There was marketing to be done...oops forgot a couple of things, back to market.  Then our grand-daughter turned 3 and we celebrated big, there was grandparents day at the grand-twins school, and then just all of the other things that life brings into play... it has been a rattled couple of weeks.  I shall now try and catch up, as Christmas here, should not be as busy, more just fun to be had with family.
Yesterday in the United States, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day.  It was such a busy time, as I in tradition in this home, put up the Christmas tree before out of town company begins to arrive.  We can share the festivities of this time with the adornments collected over many decades now and while company is here to love on, we can relax a little more.  Our youngest daughter was in town and we got to spend some great times together. 
The images shared in this post were taken 2 weeks ago and the leaf colours, the canopy have all dropped to the earths floor now and it is desolate and grey.  This is a time of year where I can fall away from my usual bubbly self, and yet I shall try and stay focused on those things that I hold dear and keep as positive an attitude I can.  The sadness and darkness that prevails in much of the world, gives me pause and I submit to the fact that it is a difficult thing to some days even turn on the news.  Each of us is so blessed and we need not take what we have fore-granted.  Hold tight to those you care for, those you love, declare your thankfulness every day, for all things, in all ways~

My three beautiful daughters, and a proud mother's bragging rights.  
Brittany Marette is on the left, age 33, wife and mother to 3 children and is a devoted Registered Nurse.  
Ashleigh Elissa is my youngest at age 30, she is married and is VP, Social Responsibility at Brandstar, living in Florida.  
My oldest daughter Hillary Amber is 35, married and mother of twin boys, as well as  being a dedicated English teacher at Louisville Collegiate School. 
         Image below was taken on a day outing for my Ashleigh and me last Monday~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slideshow presentation after you have read the narratives~

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These are a few of my favorite things...
 Sycamore trees are my most favorite deciduous tree,  
Cedar Waxwings are among my favorite birds...

On this land we call home, I have allowed the wild Honeysuckle to grow, while others take them down for more elaborate shrubs and trees.  I know that for a few weeks in Autumn, the berries form and that then the Cedar Waxwings shall declare this land theirs for a while and also my Cedar trees will give them and other birds nourishment~

My neighbor has a little window in her home and I took the above images through it, using the wooden frames in it to form a man made mosaic~

Looking through this little window and taking in the beauty~

I hope that you enjoy the Blue Jays...I love them!  
Here is another few for you Poppy~  

I happened to look out the window and watched as these two Blue Jays has a spat over a tiny seed~

This is it... one more post next week, of autumnal colours taken at their best, and then the cold of Winter shall be upon us...

The Cedar Waxwings would perch in the sunshine every morning across the lane and then fly over to eat wild berries on our land.  Back and forth they would go for weeks...I loved it.  I already miss them too~


  1. Hello Mary, I hope you and your family had a very happy Thanksgiving. Your daughters are beautiful women, you must be very proud of them. I love the Cedar Waxwings, I wish they were seem more often around here. Great post and photos. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful Waxwings images, and Jays, and the most beautiful children, thanks Mary.

  3. Good morning Mary, I hope that your lovely family had a splendid Thanksgiving.As you know we in England do not have a Thanksgiving Day. I think we should because as you so rightly say, there is much to be thankful for on a personal or wider level.

    I am blown away by your Cedar Waxwing and woodland pictures and to have the waxwings in your own garden for weeks must be truly inspiring. Here of course it is wet and windy again and this is the wettest and windiest November I have known for many a year. Still, it will end soon and hopefully we will have a little frost and sunny days and I can pick up my camera.

    Have a lovely week.

  4. Incredible beauty!!! From the fall foliage to the waxwings and jays!!! But most of all....ahhhhh, those lovely smiling faces.

  5. Oh, Mary... So lovely are those girls of yours and I do love the photo of you and your daughter! Thanks for sharing those with us. We are indeed blessed with family and friends and thankful for every little thing in our life. Blessings to you dear lady!

  6. Greetings and a good start for the new week, as well! Happy winter celebrations, as well! Your post is full of lovely thoughts and precious moments captured!
    Love how you said: "Each of us is so blessed and we need not take what we have for-granted. Hold tight to those you care for, those you love, declare your thankfulness everyday, for all things, in all ways"...
    All the best!

  7. So many gorgeous images, Mary!! I love the Cedar Waxwings and the Blue Jays!

  8. So many beautiful pictures of the lovely birds. Thank you.

  9. Mary, you have so many treasures here. I, too like the Cedar Waxwings. Wishing you a grand week!

  10. Your images are utterly amazing as always Mary. Good times with family , beautiful birds and plants ... A good life indeed. I adore the mosaics you made through the window... No need for digital them, but also love the ones you arranged via computer ...

  11. Mary, I love the fact that the Cedar Waxwings and the Blue Jays look so dressed up. Love all the photos. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia

  12. Just beautiful...all the birds especially your daughters and you!

  13. What absolutely stunning photos and interesting mosaics! What a beautiful way to show off all of those lovely birds! Have a great week :)

  14. Lovely photos of your family. You are fortunate to have them close to you. The colored leaves and trees are very beautiful - and the birds are beautiful too - especially those lovely blue ones! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Cedar Waxwings look to be all dressed up to me. We watched a flock fill several crepe myrtle trees when the berries ripened. I love Blue Jays, too. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  16. A beautiful family of girls and I loved seeing the beautiful waxwings and Jays in your collages

  17. What a beautiful family you have. Take the time to enjoy. This is a crazy time for me as well. I do and don't like this time of year, but enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee and sit back at some point to take it all in....the husby working outdoors, the kids being kids.....I have learned to sit back now and just enjoy. The work will get done when it gets done:) No more deadlines in this life. It'll get done when it gets done:) I like that you mulch the leaves and put them back in the woods. Hope you have some Barred Owl visitors soon:)

  18. I always enjoy the feathered friends you share Mary. I've also been on your latest post and am as shocked as you at the price of faux trees these days. Our new 4 ft. was on sale for $79 from $99 and I hope it lasts a long time. Your furbabies looked cute with the Santa hats!

  19. both birds are gorgeous ones. Lots of great shots :)


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