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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Common Grackles and Autumnal Colours of Tingsgrove~

Another pretty easy week for blog sharing.  
It has been such a busy time for many reasons.  All of the leaves that you see in these images are now just about fully on the ground, and I am the chief yard keeper when it comes to the leaves, mulching, blowing, and mowing of the grass for all of the two 1/2 acres and all is done without the use of a riding machine.  
I took time each day for about an hour to do my birding and got the Common Grackles shared this week on our land along with more Cedar Waxwings that I will share in next couple of weeks and I also got some little birds, that I will share and need some help with proper ID at that time, unless I become brave and try it on my own by that time. 
Wishing you a marvelous week and I hope you have seen some of the kind of beauty that we have had with Autumnal colouration here.  It would have been even better, but we did not have good rains leading into the season~ 

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slideshow presentation after you have read the narratives~

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The scenes above and below are just outside my back windows~

We have hundreds of trees on this land we call Tingsgrove and among them are Oaks as well as many other species, and below are the colours of the Fire Bushes~

Common Grackle, why do they say "common" for birds and butterflies in particular...they are so beautiful with that iridescent sheen...I love when they visit my land~

Dogwood and Osage Orange trees~

Oak and Dogwood leaves~

This is for my friend Poppy of
who especially enjoys Blue Jays~


  1. Hello Mary, lovely views of the Autumn leaves and colors. Wonderful captures of the Grackles and the Blue Jays. Great post, enjoy your new week!

  2. Gorgeous autumn colours and pretty birds. Take care!

  3. all lovely photos. This Floridian can't get enough of yer fall colors.

    I don't think it's fair to call them common. How would we like to be called common? They're such smart birds, fun to watch. Hard to photograph. Gotta have a perfect sun. Shots I took yesterday under a dreary sky came out as pretty black blobs with no way could I lighten 'em up enough.

  4. You have caught such beautiful autumn leaves! Love the bird images with the light blue background, like a fairytale illustration.

  5. Your trees are wonderful ... Great Autumn color ... And all of us, except you, get to enjoy the beauty without doing any of the work! I'm glad you were able to take time from the raking (etc.) to take these beautiful pictures.

    I love bluejays too!

  6. Beautiful beautiful photos of autumn and uncommonly lovely birds :)

  7. Beautiful autumn photos! I love the close-ups of the leaves and your beautiful header and background!

  8. Various motifs in beautiful collages, wonderful shots of the beautiful nature in the beautiful fall colors.
    I'm excited !
    Greetings from Germany

  9. Like you, I ask myself 'why on earth do we use the prefix Common!?'
    The colours around your place are lovely. I miss the reds - most of our red comes from Dogwood, but at this time of year I miss the bright maples.

  10. Hi Mary, What beautiful views out your windows. I love this time of year. It sounds like you will keep fit keeping up with the leaf removal. As usual your bird sightings are wonderful and I always love seeing the bluejays especially. Have a great week!

  11. I wonder if those are the birds we saw at the park yesterday. They looked like crows but they were even noisier! Wonderful Fall photos my friend. Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. Fabulous foliage and bird mosaics...You can certainly bring out the artistic features of fall beautifully.

  13. Hello!
    You have great autumn colors and pretty birds in the blue light. How lovely to see them.

  14. so gorgeous to open your post and see the beautiful autumn colours at Tinsgrove Mary. What a delight! Sorry about the clean you not leave the leaves to do their own thing after they drop? .. and that blue jay is such a colourful little fellow. Have a blessed week Mary. hugs

  15. Hello!:) What a delightful post full of autumnal colour and splendour which you captured just in time. Crackles are great looking birds, thanks for sharing your photos of them and the beautiful Blue Jays.

  16. Fabulous series of shots of the beautiful autumn leaves and a wonderful selecttion of birds as well

  17. lovely leaves and sharp-eyed grackles.

  18. The colours of autmn are fantastic, they are beautiful.

  19. Once again, stunning!!! Not only the season, but your photos...sublime. The blue jays against the golden leaves....absolutely breathtaking.

  20. Beautiful images. The grackles are pretty and iridescent in the light but aren't they a pain. They come along and polish off the bird feeder in an hour! I shouldn't begrudge them though...

  21. Stunning Autumn images! Absolutely wonderful color! I love it.

  22. Hello Mary. Your autumn colours are so intense and vibrant, simply shouting out for someone to come along, point out how beautiful they are and take some lovely photographs.

    I agree about grackles and remember their iridescent blues, greens and blacks together with those bright yellow eyes.

    I also recall how Grackles sometimes feed in Poison Ivy and scratches sustained while handling the grackles can result in itchy and irritated rashes known as Grackle pox. The perils of being a bird ringer/bander?

    Have fun the rest of the week while I look forward to those ID challenges and more of your waxwings.t

  23. Great autumn colours and I really like that metallic sheen on the Grackle.

    The part of Victoria I live in had a public holiday on Tuesday this week because of a major horse race - so I took the Monday off as well, to make a longer long weekend!

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  24. Great photos and very beautiful autumn colors. We don't have trees losing leaves and showing colors like that where I live in the sub-tropics. I guess each part of the world has its own beauty! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Lovely fall images, Mary. I do wish autumn lasted a tad longer than it does!

  26. Oh, dear friend, how late I am to these beautiful sights surrounding your magical and mystical Tingsgrove, and to be especially greeted by a most charismatic guest, a favourite visitor of mine, as you so thoughtfully pointed out, my beloved blue jays, well, I am at least glad that I didn't miss this sighting altogether! Such bright and bold hues of blue on that bird!

    Your images of those flame rimmed oak leaves are so pretty glowing in the soft, autumn sun, like newly found copper-y treasures. I'm glad they are in that spotlight, for maples always seem to steal the show, don't they? And even though the latter are the national emblem of our Canadian flag, oak leaves illuminate autumnal skies just as much!

    Thanks for your sweet gift; it made my day!

    Sweet hugs,


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