Cherish is my favorite word, and I cherish the ability of turning the routine into a beautiful moment.
Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Time With My Grand-daughter and Working This Land Called Home~

Above a smokey fog and morning sunbeams in my backyard~

Sometimes you have to just giggle about all of the woes that come along in life, if it is not one thing it is another, but we here at Tingsgrove remain happy with life and in all that we have to be so thankful for at all times!

I am having major hard drive issues with desk top and trying to save and also delete thousands of images.  The computer man came all the way out from the big city, and said he was afraid to even touch my computer and even zeroed me out on any fees, The computer is only 4 years old, but my bad habit has gotten me in a huge fluff of a mess.  I have edited every single file and he said there is close to 600 GB stored and my external hard drive, that I hear come on and go off, evidently quit collecting data in May of 2010...Whoosh what a shock!

About using the laptop, I have it available to me all of the time, whereas the desktop holds all of my data and photos and it is not as much available to me at times.  That being said I try and visit as many blogs as possible during the week and I usually run Thursday for  my best day to visit, and that is when I get these words over and over again, on this slow old mule of a machine...

Establishing, Waiting and Processing are words most frequently observed as I wait and wait!!!

Leaving comments sometimes on each blog can take a good 5 minutes while awaiting the comment box and then the scrolling will not budge due to the waiting and processing popups, but I want you to know I try my very best always~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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My 2 wonderful dogs Meaka and Silveit~

After the workers cleared out what they would remove an then what remained to be cleaned up, leveled and then planting will be done come late Autumn~

My little self propelled push mower, no riding for me.  It used to take 5 hours to mow, but as I have gotten older, I like leaving islands of green grass for wildlife and we like it that way too and it takes just a little over 3 hours to complete it this way. 
I hope that you will enjoy your visit to my place ;)

I took my 2  1/2 year old grand-daughter to the petting zoo the other day at Henry's Ark and we had the best time! Maci Marette loved all of the animals~

Maci wanted to pet the baby Muscovy Ducks~

It has been a while since I felt up to going over to the Anchorage Trail to walk,but Friday I went again and enjoyed it very much.  Come on along, you can do it walk with me~

This goat, oh I was about to cringe, for it broke into the Orb web while eating from over the fence and scattered the Garden Spider a bit~


  1. Hooray, my IPad is letting me comment. Some of the same photo issues you have slowing down my laptop. Bill uses a Mac and wants me to switch . Eek! But as you say not really a problem as problems go. Beautiful mosaics as always , your GD is s sweet, and how fun to have her for a zoo visit! Don't worry about commenting back. You KNOW I understand!!!

  2. A beautiful walk. I would have loved the petting zoo, too. Maci is too cute! You have beautiful land ... what a pleasure it must be to live there. Your dogs are so handsome. The first image -- wow -- magic! Happy Monday!

  3. Oh, but your granddaughter is a treasure!! And your photos are just exquisite. Can hardly wait until you show us the results of your fall project!

  4. Mary, I love the spider, the cosmos flowers, and sunlight in the first one. Sylvia D.

  5. You have beautiful property, Mary! It looks so cool and inviting under those magnificent trees. Your grand daughter is adorable! I ahve a granddaughter the same age--it is a precious time in their lives, isn't it?

  6. Your home is a beautiful place....I hear you about storage issues especially for photos. I have to go through over 40,000 and start getting rid of them as it glitches up my computer too.

  7. Dear Mary, I can sympathize with your computer woes as one of my backup drives has just failed and the ancient laptop is also on a go slow! (Probably time for me to bite the bullet and purchase some new equipment).

    I think I'd feel at home wandering the pathways you so expertly mowed around your property.

    Despite all your difficulties you put together another interesting post and it's great to see your Grand-daughter having so much fun with the animals.

  8. My Mac has been slowing down and I think I might need to have it checked over, I don't envy your situation but hope things can be cleaned up.
    Your granddaughter is a sweetheart Mary and a trip to the zoo with Grandma is a special treat. A hug to your furbabies!
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  9. What a spectacular sunrise, beaming with beauty and light, the start of a new day, full of adventure! Your darling granddaughter, Macie, must have been so utterly overjoyed to be spending time with her darling grandmother, for she knows that there will be birds and bees and flowers and trees and furry animals to see, when in her presence! Tingsgrove is stunning in its morning splendour, grassy and gorgeous in its natural character, and a haven for all who walk among its fields.

    Thanks for sharing your latest activities; they are such a special treat!

    P.S. Don't worry too much about the computer chaos; I'm sure it will be sorted out very soon!:)

  10. A lovely and varied post. Love the shot of your grrand daughter with her back to youlooking over the fence. Gorgeous flowers adn I amsure she enjoyed the day at the peting zoo.

  11. Such a stunningly beautiful place you have! So peaceful! Loved the photos! Your little grand-daughter is so cute. I bet she loves it there! I hate you are having such bad computer issues!

  12. What a wonderful and idyllic place you live - beautiful woodland, it looks a real haven for wildlife. I love the pictures of your walk, it looks so peaceful and beautiful, I wish I could have done it too! Your little granddaughter is very cute and it looks like she'll grow up loving wildlife as much as you do! Thank you for a lovely wander around your beautiful part of the world.

  13. A loving granddaughter who looks at everything. Beautiful images of the animals and birds. And the two dogs, superb.

  14. I love your stunning pictures! Those white and pink flowers looks so delicate and fragile, such a beutiful flowers. And lovely pictures about your little sweetheard princess!

  15. Hello Mary, what a fun time with your granddaughter. She is a cutie! I would like to visit the petting zoo too. Wonderful post, enjoy your day!

  16. You and I - we may take too many pictures and do not edit enough. And the grandkids - aren't they just the best thing in the world. Love em. I cancel all fishing trips, rock hunting trips and most all activities to attend one of theirs.

  17. Flowers, spiders, dense woods, gorgeous foggy morning sun rays, and BEAUTIFUL dogs...but the star is your sweet granddaughter and her flip flops!!!

  18. Good Morning Mary. We share the same problem with computers. Mine is now 5 or so years old and clogged up goodness knows what to slow it down to a crawl. Time to bite the bullet for me and invest in a new one I think. And with Christmas coming, who knows?

    Little Maci Marette is such a beautiful child. She so reminds me of our Isabella who will be 4 on 1st September.

    I loved seeing your garden and reading of your labour of love in grass cutting. Good to have a mixture of trees and open spaces of course to increase the species mix, animals, plants and birds.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Home should be a slice of heaven as yours appears. The joy for us bloggers is sharing the wonders we come across and capture. Perhaps we should allow these captures to slip away to the past. The joy is in the next capture, the next discovery. The next visit to Henry's with a grandchild. The next walk round the Anchorage trail.
    Your fine images of sun rays, The beauty of old trees in a yard. A precious granddaughter standing on a fence rail, walking a path will remain with me, tucked away in a memory cell, to recall sweet visions of peace and beauty.
    Not much chance in being the next Ansel Adams or who's dark room created images well be passed on down through the ages. But a fine lady that I was blessed to meet one afternoon is enough.
    The computer problems well, the machines must have room to work. Keeping the hard drive space to at least half of the space has worked for me, along with regular defragmenting the hard drive once a month. Since Windows xp the systems are pretty stable if ya keep em virus free.
    If all should be lost you would be gifted with a fresh start. How often do we get that opportunity in life?

  20. So much green! And it looks like somebody has been stealing Australian birds and shipping them around the world. Computers really are a double edged sword!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  21. What a gorgeous series of images Mary. As always you have captured nature beautifully!

  22. So much beauty in this post, Mary. Your granddaughter looks so sweet! The photo of your dogs is lovely, one would so much like to give them a great big hug. All the animal photos are particularly interesting... and the cosmos mosaics are gorgeous.

  23. I am playing catch-up. I remember the downed tree / damages.

    I'd love to be there petting your dogs and they'd be nuts smelling mine on my clothes :)

    Grand Little...oh my she is just so darn adorable. It seems as if yesterday that my little grandson was two and now he's six and off to school. Time flies ( Unless you are babysitting when they are having a terrible twos tantrum and then it does NOT, lol! :)

  24. Hello, Mary!
    There is so much happiness in your photos. I really enjoyed your post.
    Your granddaughter is adorable! You must be proud of her. You have captured great moments of her. Pretty and pretty. Your dogs have beautiful hair. Do you often take care of them? I think you do. Your surrounding with the white goat and shinning flowers is amazingly beautiful.
    Have a wonderful week!

  25. Mary I just LOVE your opening image. So beautiful with the light. And your poperty is still so beautiful despite the trees that came down. I am sure you had a lovely time with your granddaughter at the petty zoo. Hey, you have our emus there. I don't like their beady eyes at our eye level! The Anchorage Trail looks so beautiful. I wish I could walk there with you.
    Have a lovely week Mary. I have given myself a little blogging break, but I am glad I came back to visit you. Thank you for stopping by to say hello. Hugs

  26. What a beautiful place and a sweet little granddaughter.

  27. i'm sure you enjoyed your time with her and she enjoyed her petting zoo time, too.

  28. A symphony of splendid images!
    Love the first one with the crepuscular rays, magical.
    Sweet granddaughter,


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