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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Every Story Begins Somewhere~

I am certain that I have shared this before, or at least the entry and that is that it was the Carolina Wrens and also the hawks that first caught my birding fancy~

  First came the hawks when I was just about 12 and I would be in my parents backyard and watch as they soared overhead and made their beautiful sounds known to me, that of the Red-Tailed and the Red-Shouldered Hawks both made their home in the area of St. Matthews.  Much later when we moved out into the country and built the home we still live in 34 years later, the first wee bird to visit us, was the Carolina Wren.  It was as small as a mouse skipping across the threshold of our back patio doors.  I fell in love.  Ever since that first year, they have made a nest, or two either at the front door wreath, or the nest box in the front alcove, even in the garage, where they found a tiny opening to get in and out.  The only problem when that happened, was the young did not know that route and they would be in all kinds of tucked in spaces, trying to get out and I always had to lend a hand.  The images shared of them today, are really what I love so much about nature at it's best!  The little bird that you see was never even thought about just 4 weeks ago, and now there you see it, and it flies about, easily managing to forage on it's own and yet still under the watchful care of the adults.  So far it has remained safe from the gray squirrels, snakes, raccoons and feral cats that all roam this land that we call home.  The image just below this summary shows one from this clutch before it had even grown it's tail feathers out, so adorable!
Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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This Red-tailed Hawk was seen at one of my favorite birding haunts now for over 30 years, L'Esprit Equestrian Community, under 10 miles from home, built originally for Lasma Arabians East.  Love the shot of it touching toes, though these were taken through the front windscreen, had no time to pull up further and put window down, once I had it in my sights~

I call him Bucky, kind of silly, but he sometimes will run to me when I call for him.  The neighbors and myself have fed this one and so many others for a long time, though, she more steady than me.  We think that he is one of a set of twins bucks, about 4 years old now~

His mother has a new fawn and she has been chasing Bucky off until the fawn has gotten bigger and now she allows the fawn to hang out some with it's older half brother~

Here is the fawn running with it's mother, aunt and Bucky, and who knows why, no reason that I could see. They know what they are doing though~

After eating a pan of cracked corn that I had placed for it, the doe and her fawn take a rest.  The fawn takes a little sleep in the tall grass to rear of my property~

Bucky and his mom.  He is almost always with her, always ;)

My Sedam never lets me down, even with other plantings take a tumble~

Poor Bucky and the lot, always having to deal with Horse flies and Deer flies.  I do not like them either, for they bite hard and leave blood running about, as well as itch and germs...ugh.
The Red-Fox Squirrel was out at the horse farms, and had been burying Black Walnuts~

Morning has broken over Fox Hollow Farms last Tuesday, so peaceful.  It looked like snow ;)

Above a Magnolia seedpod, and other leaves and pods taken at Cave Hill Cemetery last Tuesday.  Below is one of the fawns...this would be the half sibling to the one we call Bucky~

A Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly and a Bearded Robberfly across the lane from me, in Mona's garden patch~

The little fawn that comes round the most.  We have quite a few, singles, twins a even a set of triplets~

Not sure what kind of pods these are, but thought they were interesting.  Taken at Cave Hill~

My sweet young pup-cub, going on 3 years of age already.  She helped me clean up my garden area, kept squirrels from getting me ;) and had fun chasing sticks in the process.  Her sister Meaka stayed on the deck in the cool, quiet shade while my husby worked on fixing the house following storms a few weeks ago and the taking down of several trees afterwards. Say hi to Silveit and have a wonderful and blessed week~


  1. Your pods are the fruit of a wild dogwood.

    1. Thank you Beth. I have several Wild Dogwoods on this 2 1/2 acres and they do not produce this kind of seedpod, however, you gave me some place to begin and I learned that those were the pods of a Kousa Dogwood, and so it is in the same family. Thank you so much~

  2. Hi Silveit...

    Stopping by your post is like perusing a Nat Geo. So pleasant. Always gives me a mile.

    I loved frumpy bird.

    1. You are always very kind and I appreciate it. Love making people smile! That little bird was just too much fun to watch~

  3. Hello Mary, The wren is adorable and awesome hawk captures. Love the pretty deer shots. Your dog Meaka is beautiful. I love all your images and post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. You do have some of the most beautiful, inspiring and captivating photos. I am in awe! Thank you!! Wishing you well!

  5. Beautiful set of images. Very lovely.

  6. What a beautiful series! From the Carolina Wren to Bucky and his family. Flowers are beautiful, too! Lovely post. Happy Monday!

  7. Your pictures are absolutely amazing Mary. Nature is wonderful isn't it?

  8. So many great images, Mary! I love the birds of prey.

  9. Oh Mary those wrens are precious...I miss the wrens this year and there are no fawns...both are sorely missed. Our big hawks are still at their summer homes in Canada but we will see them soon. Fabulous pictures and post!

  10. Awesome wildlife mosaics! Have a great week ahead.

  11. My bird watching started young too Mary with the chickadees that would land and play on our clothesline outside the back door. It's mostly backyard birds for me living in a pocket subdivision but often on the country roads I see hawks so I really enjoy the birds you share.
    Bucky is a momma's boy and it is kind of you and your neighbour to lend a helping hand to his family.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  12. I can never get over how such a tiny little bird can make SO much noise...I love the little wrens and your shots are wonderful ( DUH, as if they wouldn't be :)

    The deer! So sweet! I enjoyed this very much as usual :)

  13. All photos are awesome!! Wow, Looks like your surrounding is a paradise of wild animals!! I like those deer and the red-tailed hawk. Great shots!

  14. How I love your sweet wren. And your Hawks as always.

  15. A great series of photos - but the tiny bird is the cutest I think and the butterflies the most beautiful.

  16. Oh what wonderful photos - one again you have opened up a whole secret world that I would never otherwise see - the little Wrens are adorable and the I love the shots of the deer, how lucky to get so close to them, and even manage to feed them. Just amazing!

  17. Oh yes, I certainly do love the 'Bucky', fantastic images.

  18. How fascinating that it was the humble Carolina Wren which sparked the fire for birds. Nowadays the quest seems to be for the rare before the common, like collecting a book of inanimate stamps rather than enjoying the wonder and intrigue of nature.

    Silveit is three so soon? How time flies. You must feel so safe when she is around to look out for all the family. She is very beautiful.

    Have fun, but do look in for my owl and kingfishers.

  19. How interesting to read your story of your first love of birds!!!

    You know I always love your collages, birds, deer, family, squirrels...but my gosh, I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE...your dog is so beautiful!!!!

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  21. I really enjoyed all your great photos, and pretty mosaics you created with them. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your weekend.


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