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Friday, August 7, 2015

All Is Well on Tingsgrove~

It has been a much better week, then past couple.  The roof was placed on the garage and is being placed as I type this brief for my blog post for the week.  Stressful, absolutely, working out the way it must, absolutely and are we pleased, yes we are!  
Don Crouch and his team had their hands full when they arrived to try and come up with game plan on taking down a huge tree that had banged our home.  It was overwhelming for his crew and for us, but all prevailed.  The clean up will continue next week. 
 In the mean time Daryl Monroe and his roofing crew are outstanding as well.  I have to applaud all of them for a job well done.

Next my Chiropractic treatment with Dr. Lido Petrucci in Oldham County.  I had my 8th treatment on Friday and I have hours of ease before going into battle once again, which is far better than I have had in nearly 8 months.  Healed, no, not yet, but I have faith. Some good waves of relief however has assuredly come and I am hoping and praying for total healing of this which has been a "Pain in the Neck" excuse the pun and the overload of electrical currents running down my arm for going on 8 months.  I really think that my friend Jeff Davis deserves special credit as well for making the call to encourage me to give this treatment a try.  The treatment is called Rapid Release Technique, along with decompression, laser heat treatments and mechanical adjustments, all working for the good to help ease this situation.  The team at this office is wonderful too~

The entry image is one of a few horses that I have created in the past, and I inverted the colours just for fun.  Each horse is created, using a plastic horse form and then I select 3 upholstery fabrics, for each horse.  Then small strips of fabric are cut and placed on the form, taking many days to create each one.  I then use a glitter thread and wind around the figure.  These have been sold and sent to many areas far and near.

Below are American Kestrels in flight over L'esprit, near where we live~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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Our home, taken from the lane and you can see the large tree leaning against the house from here~

All of the trunks still remain, but will be taken out after a few days of dry weather next week.  I lopped all of the branches from every fallen tree, and drug them for pick up so that they could be chipped and removed.  It took me 5 hours, but I felt I needed to be of some help to these hard workers and I think they were happily surprised by my efforts~

We now can view more sky and the first bird that I saw, after the trees came down, was one of the 3 recently fledged Red-Shouldered Hawks...Sweet~

The dogs needed bathing and we needed a break from all of the stress and so into the big city we all went~ 

My precious friends know how much I adore birds and also birdhouses.  Theresa got me the shell birdhouse on left and Linda got me the little aqua birdhouse on the right~

The small front yard was not touched by all of the recent occurrences on the property and so I thought to share this little bit of peacefulness, and pass it along to you for a Happy weekend and week ahead, be well, be blessed~


  1. wow, there is a lot of work to be done. I also loved the art work in the beginning of your post. I have an artmeme and would love if you wanted to share your art the coming Wednesday. You can find it here: :)

  2. Removing that tree was quite a chore! Glad you have finally found some relief for the neck pain!

  3. Glad to hear the chiropractic treatments are easing your pain. Your photos are great. The kestrel is such a beautiful bird and your dogs too. As for the tree, my father-in-law had one come down in a storm years ago. Luckily it didn't make a direct hit but did take the corner of the roof off. Your team did a great job. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend :)

  4. Almost forgot, your Tinsgrove Equestrian art is gorgeous!

  5. Mary there is so much good news there for you...the clean up and repair and the healing going on....I a glad you decided to wait for any surgery and give this alternative a try....sending you continued healing wishes and those horses!

  6. Wonderful shots of the kestrel - looks like you will have a busy time with clean ups and such like. Hope it all goes well.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Love your horse art and am sorry for the damage to your home. And enjoyed you kestral series of pictures.

  8. Sp grateful no more damage was done to the house. It is hard to loose a tree, especially one that looks like it must have been a good friend offering shade and shelter for a time. Hoping you will be sufficiently rested after your labor of love (?) moving all those branches. Indeed, I'm sure they all appreciated your hard work. Have a grand day!

  9. I am glad that the treatments are helping! :)

    So much work involved with the trees!

  10. Hello Mary, I am glad you are feeling better and the treatment is working. I love the kestrel shots. And your new birdhouses are cute. I am know you will be happy that the clean has been done and the damage fixed. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  11. Happy to hear you are finding some relief from your "pain in the neck". You live in a beautiful area and I'm so sorry about the tree. What a lot of work. Amazing aren't they ... the workers. They seem to know just what to do to keep the damage down and get the tree down at the same time. Loved the kestrels. Hang in there! Happy Monday!

  12. A major undertaking, removing the wonderful old tree.
    A great photo diary of the whole procedure for your records Mary.
    Love the Kestrel images you captured - for me they personify "free as a bird" with such grace of movement.
    Take care

  13. A big job getting rid of the fallen tree but at least that's over with. Glad your treatments are easing the pain Mary and the horses are amazing, a unique craft.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  14. Mary, The horses are terrific. I'm so sorry to see the tree damage to the house. This is a lot of wood! I'm glad you are having some relief to the pain. Thanks for the pictures. Sylvia D.

  15. A lot of work going on there and I love the kestrel shsots

  16. Love the horses. Sorry about the tree. There's good/bad from taking down a older tree. Now you have more sky:) The bad? More sky:) Glad you're feeling better.

  17. Great photos of the Kestrels. The in-flight photos are especially beautiful. I hope the roof problems all get fixed up this week and I wish more good days with your health problems.

  18. I looked with interest at your images of the trees being removed Mary. I hope that your house didn't sustain too much damage. You have so many trees in your yard. Really amazing. No wonder the birds love it so much. I know you mourn the loss of your trees, but look how now the sunlight beams in and adds fresh warmth to your life.
    I also send my thoughts to you for your recovery and the easing of your pain Mary.
    Take care. Hugs x

  19. ps - I love the little horses and would love to see how they look without the post-editing. :)

  20. Lovely Kestrel shots, and glad to hear things are on the up for you.

  21. Love your unique horses. So sorry about the tree….what a feat to remove it. Those guys do know what they are doing. We love all our trees so much but have had to remove some because they were weak and close to falling and others fell. I still miss them. I'm glad to hear you are having some relief with this treatment. Keep looking up!

  22. Glad the chiropractic treatments are working well! Sorry about the tree crashing into the roof, but it looks like all was successfully removed. beautiful raptor photos! Hope things keep getting better and better...All my best!

  23. Goodness me that was some tree and a huge job of work to remove all those giant pieces on that large truck. Looks like you had a great team of boys to get everything as back to normal as possible after such a trauma. And I'm sure you kept them supplied with cups of coffee and a cooling beer?

    It's good to hear your treatment has had positive effect and that you are on the mend somewhat. All will be fine vary soon I am sure.

  24. Such great images capturing mighty work.
    But....I was immediately drawn to the 'Canticle of the Sun' on your side bar. My children,when they were young, used to skip around singing it. Many thanks for bringing me the happiest of memories on this day.

  25. The tree...colossal. Hope your treatment continues to be for the good! Nobody likes to live with pain. The view and photos of your bird life/bird houses...perfect.

    And I'm going to close with your horses...These are fantastic works of art. I am so very impressed.


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