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Friday, July 10, 2015

Season Complete For Red-Shouldered Hawks of Tingsgrove and Beyond~

~Training for those big beautiful wings~

Well over 3,000 images snapped this season for the Red-Shouldered Hawks of Tingsgrove and Beyond.  I quit counting at 3,311 and then began to delete many ending up with right at 2,352.  I then had to narrow the second and final  count for what I would share from these for what you find here.  At the end of the season I go over what remains and select between 150 and 200 final selections for printing.  I then prepare a book for the landowners that have been so kind to allow me to trek upon their land.  A gift that I so enjoy handing over to them, with much gratitude.  This blog, the title now 6 years running would not exist were it not for the kindness of others.  Once again a huge thank you to Nikki and Wilma, Jack and Barbara, Bambi and Don, you made this season all possible~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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Above was the first of three eyas to fly.   Even though I see it coming so quickly, the first time that I see one of the birds off of the nest, and not just branching, I am in awe.  There is just something amazing as to how quickly these little balls of snow white down, turn into such beauty, in just a few weeks and then they are learning to hunt and then they shall be gone out into their big world.  I state this just about every season, less than 10% of Birds of Prey shall survive their first year.  They must learn to hunt on their own and to hunt very well~

This is the first year since I have been watching these birds starting in 1996, that the adults did not truly feed their young after the first couple of weeks, meaning parcel out a meal to each of their young.  Instead, they would bring food to the left side of the nest rim and leave it, allowing the young ones to tear it, eat it and share it on their own.  This is remarkable, but it also was done I think because the center of the nest had a fallen branch leaning in it, that made it difficult for the adults to get on the nest and so they came up with their own plan and it worked beautifully.  Below, is the male dropping off a meal~

Their colouration is magnificent.  Another interesting thing that was totally different with this season, these 3 young ones, a species that has one of the loudest voices in the hawk kingdom, hardly made any vocalization sounds, until after they had left the nest, for the most part.  Any other year, it has been loud, loud the whole time~

This young one had not yet left the nest, but would in a couple of days from when I took this set.  It was having a meal and watching me.  The young ones know my face for weeks and then they have to become weary of my presence, and they do~

Below is the last one on the nest and he did not leave for another 10 days.  He has had the most difficult time of it, arriving late for just about every meal that is brought in by the adults and I have felt for him.  It always seems to be the males that mature more slowly and they struggle the most~

The bird below was the second one to fledge and she was funny to watch.  She grabbed the little branch and bit at it and fought it for a few minutes, trying to bend it, move it and then finally jumped over it and then went about exploring~

Below is number 3 young one on the left and number 2 young one to the right.  The number 1 young one had begun to go further since she had a few days on them with her freedom~

This is the first female to fledge and she is gorgeous.  She is quite independent and thriving beautifully~

The two last ones to fledge, seem to stay close to one another until the past few days.  They are found to go off in totally different directions part of the time and then all of a sudden I will see all 3 atop a house roof~

This image, the female hen brings in a meal for her young one.  I always wonder how the adults decide which one will get the next meal.  You can see the one was waiting, but he got nothing for the time being~

In the set below, the adult male has delivered a frog to his life mate~

This was the last time, that I got a photograph of all three young ones together.  The oldest one is on the far right with the meal...of course.  The youngest one is on top left and the middle one down below it.  My guess would be the oldest is a females and the two youngest are male, ( the second one seems larger too, so may be a female) just mainly based on size~

I really love the images below.  They hunt every day and so far, they get mostly insects.  It is an important start~

Another meal has been delivered and the young one watches the other 2 while making it's way through the meal of a baby Chipmunk.  Sometimes a little will be left and another bird may grab it, but this time, it was all finished.  The adults have removed the head before delivery to the young~

The oldest one had just done something wonderful for her growth, she has picked up several worm type creatures and I was as delighted as she seemed to be with her catch.  It will all work out for them, I have to believe that it will~

I also have fun with the grands and this past several days, spent time with the 4 grandsons.  Brothers Thomas and Braden have water fun at my friend Sandy's home~

A few days ago, I took the twins Cullen and Kerrick to the Big 4 walk bridge, and then a walk at the Brown Park~

Two new bridges are being built at the same time in the Louisville area.  This is one of them and it will be so much better for the people of this area, crossing from Kentucky into Indiana once both are completed~

The twins waving hello to each of you who have stopped by~

We all enjoyed watching the tug boats at work~


  1. I loved this visit. Loved the beautiful creatures (won't say which ;)

  2. You've really captured the comings and goings in that nest!

  3. What a fun post! Loved the Hawk photos. They blend in so well with their surroundings in some of those shots. Really nice Mosaics, Mary.Oh and I love that fish fountain.Too cool!

  4. Hello Mary, wonderful post and images on the Hawks. And your grandsons are handsome boys! I am sure it was fun spending time with them! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  5. Beautiful gems you have here! Thank you!

  6. Watching the development of the hawks has been both a privilege and a delight, thank you so much for sharing the experience with us all.
    BTW you have some gorgeous grands, lucky you!

  7. It must be wonderful to watch these lovely hawks mature. Gorgeous! Loved seeing the grands, too. Wonderful critters all! :) Happy Monday!

  8. I enjoyed seeing the evolution of the baby hawks Mary and hope they will live long and healthy lives. They must be good to catch a chipmunk! You've been photographing them a long time, what a good steward you are for these birds.
    Looked like fun with the grands.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  9. Amazing images of these beautiful birds. I cannot get over 6 yrs of sharing them. And what a lovely gift to the landowners. And what hunters. You are blessed by these birds and those wonderful grandkids.

  10. Another great series of photos and really great that you can watch the young ones fledged and become independent. The photos with the stretched wings are especially good.

  11. It looks like a lot of fun! It is good to see the family doing well.

  12. Awesome group of shots.It's so neat to be able to watch the nest activity.

  13. Wonderful seires of shots taken at the nest sight but my favourite is the first shot. Love seeing the children have such good fun.

  14. A gorgeous blog post - such stunning photos of the birds and such cute looking young grandsons - how lovely to spend time with them.

  15. Wow Mary !! A lot of extraordinary photos !! You are so lucky to have access to this nest by the landowners !

  16. Beautiful babies Mary, all of them.

  17. Such sweet grandsons! Love the fledglings...I know you are sad this season has come to an end. Perhaps they will all be about like my Cooper's Hawk for a while learning to hunt, all together before they take out on their own. I haven't seen them in the back yard the last few days and am worried my time with them is over. I still have a bunch of photos and videos to share yet though. How sweet of you to make a photo book for the owners of the land.

  18. Awwwwwwww, the kids having fun with all the smiles and happy expressions...lovin' it.

    And of course your bird photos! Always superb. mentioned Fritz in your comment for me the other day when I wasn't online, so this is the first I have a chance to visit with you. Thanks for such a special story about meeting Fritz....this man was mentioned several times in the book I just read. What an interesting, WONDERFUL group of dedicated researchers!!

  19. Hello Mary. You show us two extremely engaging and handsome families. I am wondering if you entertained those 4 grandsons together so I read again and decided that you took time out with 2 each on separate days. Very wise as the four together would be quite a handful as I know that on the occasions when our three get together their is mayhem! Well not quite, but you know what I mean.

    What a lovely and thoughtful thing to do in compiling a book of photographs for your landowner friends. I'll bet they were all absolutely thrilled to receive such a special gift.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. Take care.


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