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Friday, June 19, 2015

Magnolia Blossoms, Red-Tailed Hawk Chicks and Goslings~

A very kind gentleman named John enjoys the wildlife and nature he takes in while also earning a living at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville.  He can just about always tell me where a nest is working with their local raptors, among other things.  This was the season for Red-Tailed Hawks and the nest that I watched had 2 beautiful chicks.  By the time I visit again next Tuesday, they may have fledged, as they were just about ready last Tuesday.   Cave Hill may be a cemetery, but it is a thriving place of living as well.  From the wildlife and then add in more tourists visit Cave Hill every year as one of the top places to visit on tours in the city...fascinating!  I have watched the 2 little beauties for about 5 weeks now and it has been another beautiful gift.  The adult female always makes sure that I know that she is watching me from every angle too.  The twin grandsons went with me this past week and helped me take the images of the glorious Magnolia blossoms.  Oh if you have never smelled the sweetness of their fragrance, so lovely!  The children also happened to see one of their little school chums feeding the Canada Geese while visiting the cemetery.  Wow, it is some 30 miles from home, see popular place ;)  Thank you all so much for stopping by and please do leave a comments if you have a minute, I so enjoy hearing from you.  Happy Weekend~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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One of the adults had left a meal on the nest rim and the chick on the left had first dibs~

Chicks are getting a little more colourful.  I love those white down feathers poking up on the chicks a Mohican~

My twin grandsons, Cullen on the left and Kerrick on the right, helped me find just the perfect blossoms to photograph~

Canada Geese and Goslings along with assorted ducks and Mute Swans live at the cemetery~

The adult female was always watching out for me and her nest chicks.  The male would just take off, but not her...good mommy hawk!

Cave Hill has quite a lot of Magnolia trees.  It is a cemetery, yet also well known as a botanical garden of sorts, as many a plant life grows here, that will not thrive in surrounding states~

They have grown quickly from the image on the left  to the one on the right~

No, it was not yelling at me, in fact I am not sure if that was a yawn, or what, but it only did it long enough to get these 2 quick snaps~

A little branch hopping has begun which indicates they shall fly soon~

Layers of colour and sunlight above~


  1. cute boys. :) cute ducklings, too. love the red-tail!

  2. Cracking shots - one of the best shots of a red tail on a redtail I have seen!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. I can't get past that first shot. So awesome. Oh yeah. The others, I remember now, were pretty swell too. ;)

  4. Hello Mary, the Hawk chicks are just awesome. And I love the cute goslings. Your grandsons are adorable. Awesome hawk shots! Great post, enjoy your new week ahead!

  5. Breathtaking shots of the redtail on the wings, feeding the chicks and the chicks themselves are adorable. So, too, are your grands the magnolia hunters!
    Happy MM.

  6. Gorgeous shots of young ones - the chicks in the nest, the goslings, and of course, your cute grands. Great to have helpers for the magnolia shots.

  7. So many amazing images of beautiful birds and flowers! It's a joy to watch all of them!

  8. Cute kids ... feathered and two-legged. :) Beautiful magnolia. Gorgeous shots. Happy Monday!

  9. Mary what adorable babes in this post....and fabulous collages!

  10. All babies grow up too fast, don't they? Continued good shots of the redtail hawks Mary and your grandsons are adorable.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  11. WOW! What an amazing series of different bird species and I loved all the young of them.

  12. Lovely flight shots. Love the Hawks.

  13. Great photos of all the birds - the flowers are very beautiful - and your two young helpers are very handsome!

  14. Beautiful photos! Love the hawks, the goslings and those beautiful magnolias!!! The grandsons are so cute! I know you must enjoy them immensely!

  15. A very interesting an beautiful post.


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