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Friday, May 1, 2015

More Visits to the Great Horned Owl Nest Site~

The 2 Great Horned Owlets are getting so big ;)
May 1, mother would have been celebrating her 100 th birthday today.  
She has been gone for nearly 22 years and I miss her always and forever.
I have not had a lot of freedom to use the desktop computer this week, as the husby pretty much took it over.  He is one of the officers for his Blackhawk Vietnam Veterans group and acts as secretary.  They will have their annual reunion next week and he has had much to take care of in preparation.  That being said, I was not able to visit as many of you, as I had hoped and I apologize and will make it up this week.
Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby, and other than watching the races this first Saturday in May,  I am not a sports fan, unless it is one of my grandchildren playing.
Bob Baffert has 2 horses in the big race of the day...American Pharaoh and Dortmund, and he is my favorite trainer.  Of these 2 horses, though I have no money on any of them, I am going to go for American Pharaoh, and see what happens.  It is all in fun.   I would so love to be there both at the Kentucky Oaks that was held today, as well as the Kentucky Derby tomorrow, but it is just not going to work out.
For the past 5 weeks I have been using Chemo cream on my face to get rid of some bad cells.  It has not been pleasant and I look like I have a very bad sunburn and an even worse case of Chickenpox in different phases of erupting, to peeling from healing.  It will take another few weeks to be myself again.
Have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful week~   

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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The adult female Great Horned Owl awaits her next move and some rest in the woods behind her nest~

Oh My Gosh I am so going to miss them~

Google made the changes in the image below~

When I first arrived on this visit, I never even saw the adult upon the nest...oops!

The adult female took a meal she was treating herself to from the nest rim and flew with it pretty far into the woods.  It tested my 70/300 lens to the limits and I had to edit these images a bunch to be able to share them at all.  At the very end of this post, Google has enhanced and made a video snippet, using this next set of images~

Great Horned Owls can hear ten times better than we humans can hear~

Love, love, love this image.  I even made it my screensaver.  The one on left is like, who are you and what are you doing with that thing hanging from your neck and the other one is smiling and saying, oh it is just that bird lady again ;)

The owlet on the right was stretching those ever growing wings~

This was kind of comical.  The owlet on the right was wanting to lie down beside the nest mate on the nest, but it was kind of blocked by the sleeping owlet.  
What to do...what to do?  
First some wing stretches, maybe the young owlet will awaken and catch on...move over I said...
No... not to be!
OK, let's think about this, for they are wise owls afterall.
The owlet thought it over and decided to take a flying leap over the mate and just as it was landing, it made a forward dive, but used those powerful wings to steady itself and whew, it could now rest as well~

Look how wonderful the young owlets wings feathers have come in, as well as the tail feathers which are not visible~

The adult female is always in view of the young Owlets and she is also watched over by the male, who when the Crows come to harass her, he will hoot hoo from the woods and it is something amazing to hear too~

You can hear at least 8 vocalizations of the Great Horned Owls on this web site~

So Sweet~

Google enhancement made this video clip, using 5 of my mosaics~


  1. very cute little ones getting bigger. mama is very handsome. :)

  2. Mary, these owl pics are so sweet. When you mentioned your mother being born May 1, 1915 I had to let you know my mother was born May 30 1915 and she died 22 years ago in September. Now isn't that a neat coincidence? Se loved spring and summer so this is when I miss her a lot. Have a blessed weekend. Pam

  3. Hi Mary. I am so in love with your owls, I can't begin to express it. The most wonderful photos. Thanks so much for sharing. I miss my mom on Derby Day. She always cried when they played My Old Kentucky Home. (In the state of Washingtin ... She ended up very far fro m her home.). This September she would be 105, Sigh.

  4. Those baby Owlets are the cutest things EVER!!

  5. My face hurts. I smiled all through this post :) Mama is magnificent but the babes are so adorable!!!!!

  6. Aren't they beautiful! Can't imaging a better way to spend time than watching this family grow. Wishing you well!

  7. Wonderful series of images of the owls.

  8. should do a book of your photos! They are just the cutest babies I've ever seen. We watched baby wrens yesterday and they were pretty cute, too! Sweet hugs, Diane

  9. The babies are so sweet and I think you were getting 'a look' several times Mary. :-)
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  10. Phantastic photos and mosaics! The owlets are so seet and you are so talented taking all these wonderfl photos.

  11. I love that you have been following these owls...aren't they cuties and getting so big.

  12. Mary, Those owlets are so fluffy! Precious. Thanks for the tons of photos. Sylvia D.

  13. Lovely images, Mary!
    The owls are really cute, and there's a wonderful light in your photos... and wonderful colours of the young leaves.
    (I hope this comment will not appear twice. I had problems with the connection to Internet, and my first comment seemed to have disappeared.)
    Happy May!

  14. Mary these photographs ae awesome. They are so cuddly looking Just a priveledge to see these beautiful Owls.

  15. The owls are majestic birds but the young ones are also so cute. You are very fortunate to be able to watch them through all stages of their growth. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hello Mary, I love the cute owlets..They are growing! Adorable photos and mosaic!

  17. OMG Mary!!! These owls are magnificent!!! Your photos are outstanding!!! And your interpretation of their behavior is fantastic!!! You should make a children's book and sell it. We have two owls in our yard, but I could only spot one very briefly once.

  18. Hi Mary. Such a privilege to enjoy viewing your close encounters with these Owls.

  19. What wonderful photos of the owlets. It must be such a treat watching them grow.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  20. so many great images of these cuties. I can´t help it but it seems like they are svept in in some warm and cosy blanket :)

  21. Your wonderful owl family is so fascinating! I LOVE the photos! Wish we could find some here to photograph! I am so enjoying yours!

    I am so happy the Chemo cream is helping you. Glad your hubby is coming up on a reunion. My hubby was with Nighthawk in 70/71 in Vietnam (attached of Blue Ghost, F Troop, 8th Cav, 123 Aviation battalion, 23rd Infantry Div) in Chu Lai. They are having a reunion in Ohio in spring...we've never been to one and that's a long way for us to go, but maybe...

  22. I know I know! What is it about owls??!!!!! We had a family nest at our school and I couldn't stop watching them everyday. They are addiction. I love all your shots of them. The young ones are so adorable! Ours have now grown and left the nest. They are hanging around our school grounds and we love watching their antics:)

  23. Fabulous photos! The owlets are adorable.


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