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Friday, May 29, 2015

More About The Majestic Bald Eagles~

Can you all believe that it is almost favorite month and it will surely go as quickly as the year has gone already. 
Before I begin, I want to say that I am going to dedicate this post to the landowners where this Bald Eagle nest is located.  They have done everything to make sure that these wonderful birds are given every opportunity to flourish, year after year.  What a blessing they have been given and I got just a glimpse and am still get teary eyed, each time I visit.  I also want to thank once again the wonderful people who have allowed me the access to be able to watch over as best that I can, this nest site and to be able to get a few nice snap shots along the way.  
I feel forever grateful and blessed!
A little more about this particular nest, and yet still not revealing it's location.  
According to the resource Biologists with the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, as of last August they had counted 131 occupied Bald Eagle nests, which was up from 123 in 2013 and from only 42, back in 2005.  The nest that I have had the opportunity to follow is in it's sixth nesting season.  One year the nest produced a single eaglet and every year since, it has produced two.  For last year's count for the state of Kentucky, the estimate was 147 eaglets produced, with only 74 that fledged, which would be a 30% success rate. Even with this, the nesting percentage has increased 212 percent, which is huge. 
Our national emblem, the Bald Eagle was placed on the Endangered Species Act when their population was decimated largely due to food contamination with use of the pesticide DDT.  Banning DDT in 1972, was  paramount in insuring their recovery. That along with land and habitat protection has strongly influenced the amazing come back of these wonderful birds. 

The natural mortality rate for the first year Bald Eagle is high, just like in all Birds of Prey, less than 50% will survive their first year.  
Let us just hope that once these 2 eaglets have fledged, they shall thrive and do very well~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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This may be called the Bald Eagle shuffle ;)

Eagles have to scratch the itch too~

The female was leaving the nest site, when I got this capture, just as she was rising above the nest tree~

On this particular day, while I sat on the porch stoop, as I usually did, the female came over to get a closer look at me.  I felt in absolute awe~

One of the adults stayed on the nest from brooding, until weeks later when the eaglets had grown by leaps and bounds.  Then they would perch in a tree nearby and keep vigil over their young~

Yikes I got a decent flight hard for me to do as I really limited myself by keeping very close to my boundary targets.  The trees once in full canopy of green nixed it as well~

The next two images are actually both superimposed images.  I wanted to show how far away the nest was to me, using my 70/300 lens and then atop of those, I placed a cropped shot, to show the difference~

They are some very large young ones, and soon they should begin to branch a bit and then fly.  So far I have seen them waving those massive wings about a bit, as they jump around on the nest, usually following a good meal~

The female takes a break~

I got fortunate on this day as the lighting could not have been more perfect, and I had encountered more gray days, then pretty ones~

I like this you see me...I see you~

In the image below, you can see both of the young Eaglets~

I will try to have at least one more Bald Eagle posting, hopefully getting some flight shots of these incredible birds.  I have been forever changed in having this experience.  I truly just cannot explain, how wonderful these months have been for me.  Look how large they have gotten in about 12 weeks time, I am guessing.  It has been getting very warm and these birds are very patient waiting on the adults to bring in their food.  They pant just like a dog would to cool down a bit~


  1. so glad the youngsters look big and healthy! the parents are just beautiful.

  2. What a great set of shots - the recovery of this species is a real success story.

    One day I'll get to have a good look at this species (maybe!)

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. I know I use the words stunning and spectacular so much when I comment on your beautiful blog posts, but they really are just that - and this one is no exception - what amazing photography and how lucky you are to see these beautiful birds so close up. The love you have for all the wildlife you photograph just shines through in your work and makes each blog visit a real joy. Thank you so much.

  4. Wonderful series on the Eagle, Mary. Such a gorgeous bird.

  5. You tell a wonderful story of the Bald Eagles' comeback Mary. It is heartening to hear of such success in these times of woe for many birds. Considering the nest site you show is so well hidden amongst the huge and full-leaf trees your images are remarkable and wonderful. It is not easy to get such a large bird all in precise focus but you achieved it so well.

    Saturday evening and I will have a glass of wine to toast the Bald Eagle comeback and your good health.

  6. Gorgeous photos of these amazing birds!

  7. Beautiful images of the Bald Eagles.

  8. Hello Mary, awesome captures of the Bald Eagles and the eaglets. It is wonderful they are doing so well. Have a happy new week ahead!

  9. Wonderful photos, Mary! I'm more than a tad jealous that have gotten so close to the bald eagles. What a super opportunity!

  10. Wonderful photos of bald eagles. I hope the young ones flourish on their own.

  11. Oh Mary I can believe this has changed you...and what an incredible landowner to help these birds. I am in awe of your photos...they surely posed in such a majestic fashion and the babes are so We see eagles sometimes driving on the interstates here but not too close up as they do nest along our 2 lakes here....fabulous!

  12. I have enjoyed your series on the bald eagles and their nest Mary, you are blessed to be able to document the young ones as they grow stronger and prepare to fledge.
    As always, thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  13. Mary, Thanks for sharing these photos of magnificent birds. Sylvia D.

  14. Wow !! You are so lucky to have the opportunity to see this nest.
    Your photo of Bald Eagle in flight is superb !!

  15. Great shots. Your Blessed. Thanks for sharing.

  16. You are one lucky lady! What a treat to be able to see and observe these majestic birds.

  17. Great photos and absolutely magnificent birds. You are very fortunate to have been able to watch and photograph them.

  18. That first image is glorious! You are so lucky to have get so close to these amazing birds. Good luck to the young ones!

  19. A fabulous series of fantastic shots adn a great success story

  20. You (and the owners of the property) have been given an amazing gift! I can understand you getting teary-eyed when you go visit. I would too! These birds are just such amazing creatures, and your have photographed them so beautifully! Six nesting seasons! A real blessing! I am excited for the eagles, and for all of us!

  21. Wow - fabulous shots of these majestic birds!

    (So glad you found me again!)

  22. wonderful that this family of bald eagles seem to have safe haven for their nest.
    Amazing pictures Mary. Enjoy June! nearly half way through the year already. amazing. hugs

  23. How delightful! I was grateful our wood ducks flew. Of the 12 hatchlings, they say only 30% survive 90 days. A dog eat dog world!!!!

  24. A gorgeous series of really impressive photos.
    Thank you for sharing!

  25. Beautiful....I'd be in absolute awe too!!! Such a blissful 'porch sit' you shared. Actually, not so much awe, but I feel deep envy right now.


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