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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Birds Aplenty, Post 1 of 2~

I so hope that you all will not mind.  I am going to be giving a double dose of Snow birds this week.  Since we have been cooped up from the cold for days now, I have taken oodles and oodles of images, prepared them for sharing, and if I don't get snow birds out soon, it shall be Spring.  
This shall be 1 of 2 
For those who have followed my updates for travel...would you believe...2 days ago, I got a cell phone message, a text message and an e-mail alerting me to the fact that my train was broken down and they had no train to take the route.  SO, I do not fly any longer due to my ears being super sensitive, but I am going to fly anyway.  First the bad weather and illness and now an Amtrak cancellation and I need to get to my daughter and spend some time with her and her husby.  Hoping that the plane flight goes without a hitch~

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We continue to have many Cardinals coming to the feeders every day.  They make the dull gray days, more cheerful with their colour and song~

Sometimes when you purchase feeders, they just do not do their job and the one the Carolina Wren is eating from was one of them.  I turned it into a suet feeder and it does fine now~

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, are one of my favorite garden visitors.  They have been enjoying the dried meal worm and nut pellets from the feeder below~

A Tufted Titmouse, possibly a male was not happy seeing it's reflection in the yard globe~

The Eastern Towhees hidden in brambles and shrubs most of the warmer months are a delight coming to the feeding stations all Winter.  

A female and male Downy Woodpecker, have made their space in the garden scene too~

Last year I had 2 Fox Sparrows the whole Winter.  This year, so far only one and I always enjoy them, since they are particularly rare visitors to Tingsgrove~

White-throated Sparrows are another favorite Winter visitor and we have lots of them around this season~

White-breasted Nuthatch and American Goldfinches have made their way, but not in any great numbers~

Sparrows, so many different ones and this little one has been spending a lot of time along side the Fox Sparrow, which kind of threw me a bit, as they do look a wee bit alike.  
It had a tiny seed upon it's beak~

Oh and of course, sometimes they come here as well, not always, but in these harsh cold days, they arrive, the European Starlings~

For as many Blue Jays that are in this area, we have not had very many visiting our feeders, and not sure why.  They are invited to partake too~


  1. always love the sapsuckers. and great to see the fox sparrows!

  2. Another fabulous selection of visitors to your feeders Mary. Far more species than we are seeing here in the garden.

    I hope your travel plans are not further disrupted. Stay safe.

  3. Plenty of snow birds, indeed! Wonderful shots, Mary, of all these beauties going about their daily routines. They're all lovely, but I am glued to the cardinals and the bluejays - what brilliant colours!

    Sorry to hear about this latest inconvenience with Amtrak, regarding your visit to your daughter's. Have a safe flight and enjoy your time there, my friend. Take care!!


  4. Wow that is awful Mary...wishing you safe air travels and no do have quite an array of birds...seems we are both thinking about birds, but I am looking forward to seeing my spring birds.

  5. Lovely collection of birds. They're all gorgeous in their own way.

  6. Hello Mary, wonderful collection of birds and photos.. The deer are so pretty too. I hope you have a fun trip and safe travels.. Have a happy week!

  7. What a lovely collection of bird photos. I am envious of the variety of birds you attract... Thanks for sharing them with us. I cannot wait for spring, and more birds in my garden!

  8. such gorgeous images of these little birds Mary. I love every one of them.

  9. Wonderful snow birds Mary. I hope you are finally in Florida, we just got home yesterday after a 3 day drive.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  10. What an amazing variety of birds superbly shot in these lovely collages.

  11. Enjoyed seeing all your feathered friends! Starlings are busy here, too.

  12. I hope you have an uneventful flight! Those winter birds are wonderful!

  13. The titmouse mad at his own reflection is priceless! And I love towhees (in Oregon. I guess those are the western variety, but they seem to look about the same). Beautiful pictures. For some reason I don't understand I can only comment on your blog if I'm on my IPAD. Apparently my PC is not signed up to Google and I don't know how to fix it. So I do get behind on comments because sometimes Bill uses the IPAD. I will have to speak to him severely about that ))).


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