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Friday, January 16, 2015

Raptors Here, There, and Everywhere~

~Sunrise over the Ohio River~

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This is one of the most attractive Red-Shouldered Hawks that I have ever photographed.  I see it often and it has been moving closer to the area where I live.  We already have a couple of pairs and so I am not sure what shall become of this beauty, but I find it stunning~

Twice this week I had appointments and on my return home, I took a short walk each day at the Anchorage Trail.  Both times, I caught up with the pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks there.
The White-tailed Deer and I sort of surprised each other and I was probably too close, but she was not snorting, blowing, or stomping and so we made it past each other on the trail, in that she took off and I kept going...she had a young buck accompanying her, but he was skittish and I got no images of him~

En-route both days, I saw a total of 5 American Kestrels working utility wires and one in a tree.  I captured images of 3. They are so pretty!
There are still signs of what was this past season, from leaves still hanging, 2 hornet/wasp nests in the same tree...oh my... wonder how many times I walked under these and never knew~

The images of the Red-tailed Hawk were taken through the windscreen and so not super crisp, but still workable.
The land below is where I walk at the Anchorage Trail.  I like staying on the grassy trails if possible.
Don't you love the perch that one of the Red-Shouldered Hawks positioned itself on...;)


  1. beautiful skies. lovely red-shoulders. i like the kestrels, too. always perching on the wires. :) gorgeous doe!

  2. Hornets' nests?! Oh my goodness, Mary, you are a lucky girl, indeed! But, isn't it amazing how you've never noticed this dangerous dwelling in the trees, yet you always happen to spot the beautiful birds so nearby it?!! And speaking of beautiful...all your winged lovelies are gorgeous, some playful, (American kestrels), others more serious and reserved, (the Hawks), but all interesting to observe. The deer, adorable and endearing, seem to go about their days minding their own business, don't they, the lovely,low-profile beings that they are. The sunrise over the Ohio River is sweet and soothing to see, and I imagine even more so, standing at its banks.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. As always, they are inspiring and make me smile.

    Happy weekend, dear friend!


  3. Wow - you took a lot of beautiful photos! We don't see many Whitetail in our area anymore. Hope they're population recovers soon.

  4. I wish I could get great shots of the red-shouldered hawk as you have!

  5. What a beautiful and incredibly unusual blog! I am fascinated! we have red-tail, red-shouldered and another smaller hawk here in Santa Barbara.....I love them all//! Even when now and again they kill our chickens!

    I am subscribing!!!

  6. The Raptors and the Deer are magnificent Mary, all were taken below blue skies.

  7. Beautiful sky shots, Mary! And I love all the hawks and kestrel shots.. Pretty captures of the deer. Wonderful post and photos... Have a happy day and week ahead!

  8. AS usual every photo is more breathtaking than the next : )

  9. A lovely awk. Such gorgeous plumage it has :)

  10. The colouring on the red shouldered hawk in the first collages really is a beauty and the female deer sure was keeping an eye on you. It is a surprise to see paper wasp nests once the leaves fall, isn't it?
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Mary.

  11. Good morning from Spain. Yes I'm escaping the cold for a spot of winter sun.

    So nice to see your colourful Kestrel and hawk.

    Catch you soon Mary.

  12. My first visit I do believe to your blog and I love your photography and especially the way you do your mosaics repeating the photo. Wonderful shots :)
    Wren x

    1. Thank you for your recent visit. I enjoy placing the mosaics together very much. One thing to note though is that none of the images are repeated in any one mosaic, for what I end up doing is taking too many photos, liking too many and then a desire to share them all ;) It is difficult for me to choose a best one and so I mix the whole lot in. Have a Happy ;) and thank you again~

  13. The first red shouldered particularly is the embodiment of all a raptor should be! Proud, eagle eyed, and beautiful. I like your kestrels too although I used to hate when they came in our yard...felt like my feeders were a cafeteria for them.

  14. Lots of raptors here but I never get the stunning shots you do!

  15. The red-shouldered hawk photos are wonderful. Such a majestic bird. I don't think kestrels are seen out here, but I must check that out. Stopping for a walk enroute to/from your appointments resulted in some very lovely photos. Have a great week, Mary.

  16. Phantastic photos of the hawk and the other birds. And also amazin photos of the deers.

  17. Magnificent raptors and your sky photos are very beautiful.

  18. Once again you have given us a wonderful selection oird images. The Hawk and Kestrel are amazing.

  19. Wonderful photos! The raptors are magnificent and the deer are beautiful.

  20. STUNNING photos! Of the raptors, the deer and the wild area. Just wonderful post as always!

  21. Beautiful images, the Whitetail Deer, Red-Shouldered Hawk and the skies, thanks Mary.

  22. You've taken a lot aof great pictures, Mary!

    You asked where you can find the translator on my blog:
    it's on the right site, one of the last buttons ;-)

    Have a nice day ... Frauke

  23. oh I loved seeing these skys and the trails you walked on - the beautiful deer and that red-shouldered hawk. Beautiful patterns on his wings.
    Amongst all your appointments and illness I am glad to see that you have been able to get out walking with your camera. It really does calm the soul doesn't it.
    Wishing you well Mary and hugs here from Australia. Thanks for stopping by!

  24. Beautiful pictures of the deer and birds of prey.
    Perfect photographed.
    Nice blog, thanks for sharing.
    Best regards, Irma


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