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Friday, January 9, 2015

It All Begins With the Pup-cub's Birthday~

It is hard to believe that today, my beloved pup-cub, one of two that we have, turns 2.  Silvie Aleit, affectionately known as Silveit.  She is so precious and wherever I am, she is almost always sure to be.  It is 5 weeks now, since I have spent so much time in bed, trying to heal from nerve compression pain.  Unable to sit for long comfortably, it is beginning to get on my last nerve, no pun intended! Yet there she lies right along side my bed, waiting for me to awaken and pet her soft face.  Truly the worst prolonged pain that I have ever dealt with for such a long duration.  I am getting slow, yet steady results from my physical therapy and one day soon, I shall be much better. I remain thankful to so many of you who have encouraged me and supported me~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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Last year and again this year, I contacted owners of Silveit's litter mates and fixed them up with birthday greetings also, with a little help from PicMonkey ;)

Our Silveit lives in Kentucky...of course~

Tessa lives in New York~

Judah lives in Georgia~

Sayko lives in California~

Natalia lives in Washington~

and Rosie lives in Missouri~

BITTER COLD temperatures have set up camp in my area this past week, a hard freeze and everything that can, needs a little help.  Horses with blankets on, scatter the fields from home to the big city.  One horse was rolling around in it's extra layer~

Two American Black Vultures awaiting their turn at a fresh road killed White-tailed Deer. Doing what they were created for~

The county schools all returned to their normal schedule on Monday, Following Christmas two week break, with the exception of the school where the twins attend.  They had one extra day and so they spent it with their Nana ;)  It was bitter cold, but a half loaf of day old bread needed tossing and then once inside, homemade real cocoa~

A Red-Tailed Hawk seen both going and returning from picking up the 5 year old twin grands from their school on Tuesday~

A spent Baltimore Oriole nest hangs right over both lanes of Covered Bridge Road, now clearly seen with all canopy missing.  
On Tuesdays I have to drive over to Prospect and pick up the twin grands from their school. This past Tuesday, en-route, I saw the Red-tailed Hawk and American Kestrel.  It was perfect timing as I rolled down the car window and got the captures of the Kestrel as it hovered.  It did take a try at something, but came back up empty~

One of our daughters got me a gift card to purchase a scanner for Christmas.  What a great gift and these were my first images to share.  These are my 3 beautiful daughters when they were younger.  Hillary, Brittany and Ashleigh~

I have been colour sensitive since I was a young girl in 3rd grade.  I know that many adore the colours blue, red, purple, but I cannot always view them and feel happy with them. I have to have more earth tones, even in home adornments.  These colours, make me happy.  Cheers for your new week.  May it be a blessing to you and then pass it on to others~


  1. Hello Mary, I love your sweet birthday pup! So cute. Gorgeous shots of the horses and the birds.. And your grands are adorable.. I hope you feel better soon! Great post, have a happy Friday and weekend!

  2. sweet kestrel. two years went quickly! such a lovely silvie. adorable grands. :)

  3. wonderful array of shots. Sending hugs to help with the aches.

  4. It's nice to see photos of Silveit's siblings. Sweet dogs all! I hope your pain will soon subside and that you will be feeling well again very soon. Blessings to you. Pam

  5. Happy birthday to your dog, Silveit! You made such wonderful birthday photos of her! Your twin grandchildren are beautiful. If I scroll quickly through your photos, Mary, the hawk appears to fly--sort of like an old fashioned flip book. It is so cool!

    I hope you continue to heal and feel better. My husband is currently battling the same problem and will begin physical therapy this week. He gets terrible sciatica pain down one leg. I hope he also will get good results from PT!

  6. Hard to believe an awkward little bundle of fur can turn into a magnificent looking dog, so nice you keep track of the siblings.
    We have double trouble twin granddaughters who are now 18 and becoming young ladies. (finally)
    I hope your pain can be remedied with the PT Mary, thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  7. I know from personal experience what a comfort and wonderful companion a German Shepherd (long haired) can be. Our Bridger died in May of 2013 at 12+ years old. How I still miss that wonderful dog! I hope you get relief from pain and see improvement daily. I know what a comfort your sweet dog is.

  8. Hello Mary! Gorgeous pictures, as always!
    You have created really lovely Birthday Photos. I keep smiling every time I watch them.
    If you let me know your email address, I will try to tell you with my broken English everything I know about Google+ accounts. :)
    Hoping you will feel much better soon!

  9. Isn't Silveit a beautiful girl - she has such a gentle face. I love how you've done birthday cards for her litter mates - they are all stunning looking dogs. I am sorry to hear you are still in such pain and discomfort - I am sending positive thoughts your way and hoping you start to get better very soon. Once again a beautiful, uplifiting blog post, and an absolute pleasure to stop by and share your stories - thank you so much for adding a smile to my day.

  10. It looks so cold! I hope you are soon feeling yourself again, especially as the weather warms up.

  11. But your cold pictures are all beautiful .. You do make me realize there is beauty in every season. That was the neatest thing you did for your pups litter mates! Such cute BD pictures! You're as talented as you are sweet and kind.

  12. I'm so sorry that you are still suffering so much with pain. Take care and try not to worry. Love your photos and the pretty colors at the end of the post. Sweet hugs, Diane

  13. Awwwwwwwww, I am so into this birthday celebration!! How sweet. Poochie smoochies from me to the birthday gal and litter mates.

    As for your question in your Google Plus profile page, Google plus is a pain. Most times, when others visit with me, there is absolutely no link to their blog found under the 'contributor' links. Yours tho, on the other hand, has tinksgrove link. Which helps . I had Google Plus and opted out for that one purpose, it's too clique-ish for me personally.

    As long as you have your blog's link in your profile page, all's well as far as I'm concerned.

  14. Happy birthday to Silveit and best wishes to her extended family. My how two years fly. So sorry to hear you are not 100% but good to hear you have time for grand parenting duties, so important in these troubled and unpredictable times.

    Your temperatures sound rather bad but hopefully we are on the right side of Christmas now with slightly longer days noticeable to make the cold seem bearable. We have our snow tomorrow if those forecasters are right.

    The scanner will be a boon to your photography archive and so m uch easier to share digital images than pass around the dozens of photo albums that we all accumulate over the years.

    The Black Vulture pictures are superb - the gloss and healthy tone of those feathers suggest the birds do well even in the middle of winter.

    Take care Mary.

  15. Bitter cold here too but nature seems to be thriving.

  16. how beautiful to have a faithful companion to lay by your bed Mary. You have had such a harrowing time over the past weeks, but you still manage to bring to us your beautiful images. Your twin grandies are gorgeous - but then you have beautiful daughters too - so no wonder.
    Grandchildren are just the best!
    It is hot summer here of course in Australia, so I can only dream about the chill of cold winter days.
    I am sending you hugs all the way from over here to you, and the wish that you will be feeling much better very soon.

    I am

  17. great full post as . you will have great fun with your scanner now. I must get round to doing that with my photographs. Love all the birds of prey flight shots and love the Vulture and all the horses in their coats. All the pups look great. Looks a bit chilly there. Have a great week, hopefully pain free.

  18. I am so sorry you are having so much pain! How sweet to have your pets nearby. I'm sure they have a healing effect. Silveit is lovely...I think it's awesome the way you made birthday cards for her littermates! Cute idea. The horses are beautiful. Love the shots of the kestrel, and love the views of the twins who got to spend time with nana. The scanned photos of your daughters are just beautiful! Have a good week, and keep getting better!

  19. A wonderful series of shots! The black vulture shots are wonderful.
    Do hope you are up and feeling better soon.

  20. What gorgeous shots of the hawk. Your dogs are beautiful and the kids are so cute..they look happy indoors or otu! :)

    .here we have the cold weather too and either school cancellations from snow or ice, or school delays due to the cold. Many of them laterly :)

  21. Hi Mary, fabulous post with gorgeous photos, as always. Dogs are such incredibly sensitive and sentimental animals. My dog Alex seems to know when I am not feeling well or sad. It's so comforting to have someone who loves you so much that he knows when you need extra love. I am glad you have Silveit by your side to keep you company. And I am glad you are able to blog so we can visit with you. Take care Mary. I hope you feel better soon.

  22. Hello Sweet Mary,

    I am concerned about your health, my dear friend, and truly hope that this comment today, finds you feeling much better. Of course, spending time with one's precious grands does provide such sweet comfort and joy, despite the challenges of health, does it not, as does your gorgeous girl, Silveit! And, what siblings she has; they're all utterly adorable.

    Ah, such soaring freedom in the flight of that American Kestrel, floating so effortlessly in the air!

    Your daughters, all so pretty, each share something magical with their beautiful mama - I think it's that unmistakeable twinkle in their eyes!

    Wishing you a lovely Thursday, my friend. Cozy, calm, and comforting!

    Sending love, warm hugs, and well wishes!


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