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Friday, January 23, 2015

A New Bird and Blogging Changes~

This is an all natural image of a Great Blue Heron passing me along the walkway where we go with dogs, kind of artsy~

When Friday arrives, it should feel right.  Yet, I feel like an entire week was lost, make that 8 weeks and still counting.  It is such a waste of time being slowed down, and trying to do what needs to be done.  My good breaks actually come when I have doctor visits, or physical therapy outings and on the way, take the long route so that I can photograph from within the confines of my car.  
Change what we can and make do with what we cannot.  
The Neurosurgeon still has an outpatient surgery on the table for me, if things do not improve over the next 6 weeks.  I am supposed to take a train to visit my youngest daughter in Florida next month, and we had hoped things would be all well by now.  
On Wednesday PT delivered my very own floor traction machine, and I am to use it 3 times a day for 15 minutes and do all of the other exercises that PT has taught me.  
My blog... the banner/header is changed, and the background has changed a few times this week, as I can only do so much using this laptop.  The desktop has been tied up by the husby who is working hard on his next Vietnam reunion.  
Blogging is such a escape for me and yet, I feel I am neglecting everyone, and letting you down.  I have been viewing many of your shares, but it takes forever to write a comment from this computer, so I have failed many this week.  Also I am thinking hard about letting go of Google+.  I do not ever remember signing on for it and as I have shared, I cannot transfer comments from there to my published posts along with others, and I cannot find links to some of the people who follow me and it just is quite difficult.  A couple of blogger friends are trying to help me sort it out, so I may lose some of you if I switch back and that is heart breaking.   

A local birding group, BirdKY alerted us to Snow Geese at a lake just 6 miles from home and so I got to see them for the first time ever.  There were 34 counted and what beauties they were~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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An adult male Gadwell was swimming among Canada Geese at Cave Hill Cemetery. We have had chatter of Cackling Geese being around as well, but I do not think I saw any~

A female Gadwell, I believe, and other waterfowl seen with blue skies overhead and temperatures in the 60's, warm for January.  The news people state that Kentucky is the fastest growing hot state in the USA. Not good!~

The sunrise was so beautiful as I was making my way to the Neurosurgeon's office.  I nearly ran late, as I pulled off to get the images ;)

A Belted Kingfisher was all a buzz making noise claiming it's territory~

A ride along the Ohio River coming home.  This home sits along the shoreline~

This is a Great Blue Heron shot that I got in high, cold winds...I call it the Wild Feather Heron ;)

I had to pull off the main road coming along the river drive, as my arm goes tingly at times, and I have to shake it out. When I did, I was made happy at seeing among the Canada Geese a pair of Pied-billed Grebes and a single Hooded Merganser~

This is one of the local yachting clubs along the river, all snug and ready for Winter.  Drift wood along the shore lines.  Wow the blue skies even cleaned up the muddy Ohio River~

A few Blue-winged Teals joining us for Winter months~

When I was a teenager, we spent some time in this home, formerly owned by the Hamilton family.  Every time that we pass it, I wonder what happened, for it has sat empty, just like this along the river for many years now~

One of my Christmas gifts was a scanner and it has been something that I can do while resting.  So easy to use and this was in one of the first photo books that I peeked at.  Kind of nice to read this and know all I have accomplished with my photography since this was printed.  
Have a happy week and know that I care about each of you, even when I cannot write to you individually~


  1. sorry about the continued health issues. i hope the home PT will help and you'll be able to make your trip. great photos of the flock of snow geese. lovely waterbirds and reflections throughout. we have a few gadwalls hanging around here for the winter, too. miss the pied-billed grebes, though. i think we have too many whistlers around to tempt them to winter here any more. :)

  2. Mary, I hope you can have that day surgery before you want to go to Florida and that you'll also be on the mend soon. Wonderful photos of all the various birds and ducks and, especially the snow geese. Take care. Blessings. Pam

  3. Wow - great photos of all the different birds. I love the Heron shot - not one you often see. And all the waterfowl - just superb. I scanned all of our family photos (35 years worth) a few years ago - well worth the time.

    I especially liked windy heron and the kingfisher - I find them so hard to capture as they move so fast.

  4. Nice post. I do like the flying heron.

    I have to keep telling myself blogging is a hobby - not an obligation! I am really thinking about how to give myself more time for my 'wordy' blog, as the photo one had rather taken over! WBW is safe, but I do think I can do both in the way I want to do them. Oh, the problems of the modern world!

    Cheers Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: hope all treatments and appointments keep going well.

  5. I so love my visits at your place. Always beautiful arrays.

  6. Your photos and collages are beautiful, and congrats on your photo contest win! I never did sign up for Google +. I figured I had enough troubles with plain old blogger. Hope you don't lose me as a follower. I so enjoy your blog and photos.

  7. The Great Blue Heron motion blur photo came out fantastic! Your other photos are very nice, also.

    I didn't realize you were having medical problems. (I haven't been taking photos lately, so I haven't been getting around to see what everyone has been posting.) I hope your health improves.

  8. Oh no, not again, please me, get better soon Mary. You are too beautiful to be ill..................

  9. snow goose is such a lovely bird. Thanks for sharing those great photos. :)
    I don´t use GOOGLE+. I think it is a bad site. Mostly gossip. :( Shares everything you did not even ask for. I hope your problems will be over soon.

  10. Hello Mary, so many wonderful birds and photos.. I love to see the large flocks of Snow geese. Cool sighting of the Kingfisher.. I hope everything works out for you, help wise and the computer.. Have a happy week!

  11. Mary, you've had your share of health problems and I hope things will work out for you. I wish I had never signed up for Google +, it's enough to keep a blog going and all I do is put the same things in both places.
    Great bird captures, too bad the home with the stained glass windows is sitting empty.
    You had prestigious people judge the competition back in 1989, congrats on that win over all the other entries.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  12. Oh Mary, I don't know anymore what to say. I know I can expect to see wonderful photos in your blog, and yet every time your photos amaze me...
    However, I can pick my favourites this time: they are the nos. 6 and 7.

  13. Mary your new blog look is nice. And the photos are always spectacular. I enjoyed the article. LaGrange was the next town over when I was growing up--just a different state. I do hope the traction at home will help and that you will be well enough to go visit your daughter. Glad you are able to blog even while resting, It is a good outlet.

  14. I love seeing your photos and I hope you won't worry when you miss a visit to me. I understand my friend and I'm happy if you just have time to look at my blog from time to time. You take care of yourself! Sweet hugs, Diane

  15. A stunningly beautiful blog post Mary - the sunrise is simply amazing, and I love Herons, they have to be one of my favourite birds, although we only get the grey herons over here and people moan that they take fish out of garden ponds - I always think it would be worth having a pond and keeping it filled with fish just to have the herons in the garden!! I love the old house and had to have a closer look at those beautiful leaded glass windows - they seem to be varieties of orchids - gorgeous! I hope you are on the mend and don't have to resort to surgery if at all possible - and I also hope you manage to get your trip to Florida.

  16. hi Mary, I can't find a way to respond to your comment on my blog or to email you so I will come back here and make a comment--about your comment on my blog! It's so funny you should talk about combining your two soups. I have a box of each of those soups in my pantry and never thought of putting them together (though I have a wonderful recipe for blackbean pumpkin soup so of course the combo should be good). I think I will definitely try that. The shrimp addition sounds good too.

  17. Hi Mary, I wish you much speed to good health. Your photos are fabulous, I have thoroughly enjoyed looked at them all. Congrats on your peacock photo. That is something to be proud of. I am not a big Google fan, find it so confusing and sometimes I can't find people's blogs.

  18. HI Mary I do hope your health improves and you are feeling better before going away. This post is filled with fantastic image set in beautiful collages. The Snow Geese were special to see and they are great shots of them. I did join Google + but I mainly blog and when I have time I go onto google plus. I would not like to lose your blog.

  19. Good luck with all your health problems - and I wish lots of patience for you! That is what I find hardest!
    Great photos. The geese are especially beautiful.

  20. Great photos. Love the flock of Snow Geese.

  21. I am still sending lots of well wishes for a complete recovery soon. Amazing shots as always no matter what you just amaze me with your posts!

  22. Hoping you continue to improve, and that you have a good (pain-free) visit with your daughter. Great photos! Love the snow geese! I'm hoping to see a pair in a nearby lake soon.

  23. Hola from Spain. I am having trouble viewing your collages on my Android phone. Good though to read that your weather warms just a touch. I'm sure that those raised temperatures and sunny days will raise your spirits too.

    I will catch up with you in full next week when back in the UK

  24. I love the sunrise photos and the geese are very pretty. I hope your health will improve soon.

  25. I love your posts ... They make me feel as if I've actually been along for the ride ! Thanks for sharing. Sending good thoughts to help the healing and that you'll be well enough for that Florida trip. You have a great variety of birds there . Today my fav is the Kingfisher...because I love this bird and never can get a good picture!

  26. Dearest Mary,

    I so hope that you are feeling better by now, as it's already a week since this wonderful post was published. I had limited my time on the computer this past week, since a painful stye has developed in my left eye, as well as being hit with severe back pain this past Monday, and thus, I'm trying to catch up a little, now.

    Your images are always beautiful, filled with the excitement and activity of all your fellow dwellers, and today's are no exception. How refreshing, albeit chilly, those waters look, and I'm sure its swimmers are indulging in the luxuries of lingering in the lake.

    It's not surprising that you should be the winner of such a photo contest! Congratulations, my friend! You must have been so proud, as I know how passionate you are about pictures, and being rewarded for this, is such an honour. Your peacock is priceless! Thank you for sharing the results of your creative captures, both past and present ones.

    Please take care! I am thinking of you on this very blustery, cold, and chilly Cretan eve.

    Sending love,

  27. I so enjoyed the birds, and fields and the texture of those trees. Oh I would love to wander through those trees with my camera Mary. I don't know how you keep up your blog with the illness in your life at the moment. But your images are always a joy to see.
    What a thrill the photography prize would have been - congratulations - it is a beautiful image.
    Take care my friend, and hugs from Australia.

  28. Fantastic photos! Wonderful birds!Greetings



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