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Nature creates in me, a spiritual and meditative time to bring peace, harmony and balance, into an otherwise ordinary day~
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Turning Gray Days Into Something Lovely~

Getting older... things happen sometimes quite randomly.
Last weekend I had a real pain in the neck, really, I did and it began to travel.
Evidently Arthur (my name for Arthritis) who appeared to me for the first time 3 years ago in my right knee, has decided to rear himself again.
Evidently I have Degenerative Disc Disease, and Osteoporosis.  
A couple of the discs have issues, one is bulging.
Inflammation set in, and I ended up in the hospital late Tuesday, through all of Wednesday. 
The severe pain in my left arm is being caused by a pinched nerve.
I will need to see a Neurosurgeon this week, but hoping no surgery shall be required! 
Sent home with an arsenal of medications to kill a small bird, I have pain killers, anti-inflammatory scripts and steroids...
Today is somewhat improved, other than the ongoing pain in my left arm.
It has taken me off and on today, just to get this post ready for publishing.
Image of our home is at top of this post.
Happy week and take good care of yourself~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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A few of our adornments and my kit-cat Survhee Pipka~

Rotting pears from across the lane and American Crows partaking of remaining berries~

Red-Shouldered Hawks near our home, but probably not the ones that claim our land as their territory~

The Dark-eyed Juncos are back as Winter visitors along side our yearly yard birds the Tufted Titmouse~

Red-Shouldered Hawk~

Where I have been resting in past few days and my always constant kit cat~

Red-tailed Hawk in Prospect, KY~

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker taking in nourishment from the Crabapple tree next door~

Last week, I stopped by Henry's Ark Petting Zoo in Prospect, to see about any waterbirds.  Instead of seeing any, I saw the Australian Emu and it's farm friends~

I had gotten way behind on my card addressing and my gift wrapping and so I am wondering if I can hire my Survhee Pipka to help me out~

My friend and fellow blogger Jill Harrison of took on a project a few weeks ago.  
I had fun trying to work the lens myself, using the sports setting and moving the lens from the ground up, fairly quickly.  
These 4 were my favorites pieces of art~


  1. the blur art is great! you have an adorable cat, er, gift wrapper. good luck with the disc and nerve pain!

  2. One is these birds is a very long way from home! Nice shots!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Hello Mary, I hope you feel better soon.. Arthur can be a real pain! Your Kit-cat is adorable.. And I love the Hawk photos.. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  4. Sorry to hear about your pains, not fair for a person like you. The photos are absolutely stunning Mary, especially those of your famous Red-Shouldered Hawk.

  5. Oh so sorry to hear about the painful situation :( I was thinking about you this morning! At my kitchen window and a hawk flew right by over to the neighbor's tree. Dropped everything and ran for the camera but went I went outside he said 'no way, lady...I am having a bad hair day, so you can't take pics' and he flew away :(

    Your shots are amazing as always but I think your little kitty is trying to steal the show in this post :) Just adorable!

  6. Really fanastic photos and mosaics. Amazing. Not nice with the pain, hope you'll feel better again soon.

  7. I'm so sorry for the pain you are in. I also hope you don't have to have any surgery and maybe rest and time and medication will help. I like your four artsy photos. Great color! And as always your photos and mosaics are lovely. Get well soon ...

  8. Your images are always so lovely. I adore kitties and petting zoos -- fun! Bulging discs are no fun. Been there and done that with surgery. Tell Arthur to go away!

  9. Oh the joys of getting older, I hope Arthur behaves and allows you a pain free holiday season Mary.
    I don't think I've seen a pic of an emu before and find the blue on the upper body rather pretty.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, hopefully your nurse kit cat can help you to get better.

  10. So many lovely shots. Enjoyed the visit.

  11. Sorry to hear about Arthur's invasion. Hope he soon retreats. Gorgeous photos as always. Your Christmas decor is richly colored and reflects the natural colors you love. Your home among the trees is wonderful. Hope you soon feel better.

  12. Wonderful photos, Mary!
    I fell in love with the tufted titmouses, and the dark-eyed juncos are cute as well.
    Your home looks really charming.
    Hoping you don't need to have the surgery and wishing you a nice week!

  13. Wonderful the natural looking elements in your mosaic!

  14. Mary I love these images especially the last ones....and I am sorry to hear about your pain issues...I have various back, knee and joint issues but I see an acupuncturist to get relief...the drugs have a bad effect on me so this was a good way to go...hope you find relief.

  15. Hi Mary, I am so glad you stopped by Behind the Garden Gate as I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your place. I love the bird photos, so amazing. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  16. Despite all Mary you have put together a wonderful post. Your house is something like I imagined it, tucked in amongst the trees. Beautiful. It looks a lovely retreat. I am wondering how the emu is enjoying the cold that is coming to your area. No wonder he looks all fluffed up. I love your "art" trees. Thanks for mentioning me, and including my link!
    Take care Mary. I am sending you my special hugs for less pain, and a resolution to your ailments. Isn't aging a !@#$%^&!

  17. You made a beautiful post as always Mary, even though you had that demanding company, that horrible old Arthur. Nobody likes to entertain that guy. Hope you feel better soon! I love your birds and don't remember seeing your gorgeous kitty before. You don't have any ordinary pets do you!

  18. A wonderful post...your hawks are always a delight to see.

  19. I hope your pains leave soon. Love all the shots however I find the last 4 very interesting photos

  20. Oh, that Arthur! First, he shows up uninvited, and then, he overstays his welcome! I hope he got the message and has left the premises, hopefully not returning for a very long time!

    And speaking of the premises...Mary, your home is charming and how intriguing to be situated within such a beautiful wooded area. Christmas decorations, like the ones you've shown, I'm sure, warm it up at this time of year, as well as furry friends, who are willing to help with the festivities!

    Your collages are all gorgeous, but I am especially taken with the shape and lighting of the crabapple trio for its somewhat silhouette effect! I'm also drawn to the white fluffy emus against the warm blue facades and the red borders of the barns. So many wonderful images.

    Hope you are feeling better, my friend.

    Take care!


  21. Great collection, the hawk is beautiful.

  22. many beautiful things you share. :) Never seen the blue markings on the emu before :)

  23. Mary, I am glad you had the strength to post this week. I always enjoy and admire your photos. Your home is lovely. The blue color is happy and calming. All your photos are fantastic. But I think SP stole the show this time. Take care of yourself.

  24. Wonderful photos! I love the hawk, it's a gorgeous bird.

  25. So sorry about your physical problems! I hope you will be getting better very soon. Being in pain is NO fun! Love your Christmas decorations! And your photos are wonderful as always, especially those shots of the red-tailed hawk on and off the wire! Really neat!

  26. I hope you are feeling better! I love seeing your hawk photos.

  27. Mary, so sorry about your pain. I do hope you're getting better. Lovely photos, and your house in the woods looks so inviting.

  28. Hi Mary, I realized I missed this post when I read your latest one and am sorry to hear of the pain and discomfort you have been experiencing. I'm glad the doctor has found a diagnosis and you are on a new regimen of physiotherapy etc. that should bring you some comfort. Your photos are gorgeous. I enjoyed seeing the tidbits of your decorating. Take care and I wish you and yours wonderful days leading up to Christmas. Blessings. Pam


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