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Friday, December 12, 2014

Playing Catch Up~

The mosaic a wreath that I made, using feathers pine cones and also a few
 pretend berries for bit of a pop of colour~

I want to begin by saying thank you so much for all of the well wishes. You all are so wonderful!

Diagnosis is: Cervical Spondylosis without Myelopathy. It affects us as we get older, sooner, or later... Dr. Hodes took me off of the muscle relaxers, but upped the pain management for 2 more weeks, as he was not pleased with the regimen the hospital had used for the severity of my case.  Beginning next Tuesday, I will have traction and PT twice a week for a month, as well as traction therapy done in my home and then see him January 20. If things improve, that will be great, if not, he can perform a Laparoscopic surgery, that is 90% effective, but he, nor I feels I am ready for that.  
All in all, I was very relieved to hear what he had to say and I feel hopeful. 
I appreciate the kindness of your hearts very much~

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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Remember this old general store that I shared a few weeks ago...then we got a spot of snow.
En route to get my twin grandsons from school one day, I spotted 6 American Kestrels along the way and was able to take images of 3 of them through the car's windscreen~

I am so embarrassed as I forgot to make note of who I got this great idea from.  
Maybe she will see it and let me know.  
I used old aqua coloured jars, and Epsom Salts to create these and then used battery operated candles inside~

These are from the garden across the lane from where we live...Mona's garden~

My Marble Poinsettia~

The American Coots are back and in fair numbers~

Having fun with my sisters flowers~

Horse country...Kentucky, near our home~

On Thanksgiving Day morning, tradition here is to watch the Macy Day Parade in New York City.  
This year we had a family brunch and so I missed a lot.  
When they announced Mr. and Mrs Claus were arriving, I took out me cell phone.  
I placed our 2 dogs in the mosaic below, with the images from the tellie~

Red-tailed Hawk being chased by American Crows~

I got this last year at the hospital gift shoppe. I just love it~

My friend Laurene lives in Commacks, New York and she created this lovely Santi Hoho for me...
My Survhee Pipka loved the box and tissue wrap it came in.
You all better be good ;)

A glorious sunrise about a mile from my home a few weeks ago.
All of these mosaics from past 2 weeks were created a while ago and I am just able to place them now, so it is not such difficult work for me, while I begin the journey to heal~


  1. My dear friend,

    I am glad that you got the right diagnosis, and that you are finally on the right program towards rehabilitation, with traction and PT, and am relieved to hear that your doctor has taken matters into his own hands! How thoughtful of you to compose such a beautiful post for us, considering your sensitive situation at this time; it is so very much appreciated!

    The playful tin trees are adorable and I love the light in that photo, so soft and soothing. Such texture in the images of the old general store, and against the snow, the building seems to me more fragile. Now, I hope there was nothing too fragile in that gift box with all that tissue paper; kitty doesn't seem like the most graceful of critters! Mary, how smart you are to have placed battery operated candles in those pretty mason jars - brilliant and bright! Lastly, those blazing skies of magenta and blue, rich with hope, are the perfect greeting to an early morning.

    Wishing you a warm and cozy weekend, filled with comfort and joy.


  2. coots are cute. :) horses are beautiful, of course. i like your wreath. glad the medical outlook is promising!

  3. You always have such interesting arrays. Beautiful photos. Love my visits.

  4. You and I forever seem to be catching up Mary. Such busy lives to live with home and family plus fitting in a spot of birdwatching, photography and blogging along the way. Oh for another day in the week, not to mention a rejuvenation pill to help the days along!

    Looks like you have a little snow and some is promised for here although we hope not.

    "Keep your chin up" as we Brits say, I'm sure you will.

  5. Hello Mary, I am glad you have an accurate diagnosis now. I hope you are feeling better. I loved all your images.. Especially your beautiful dog.. Lovely wreath and I like your candle jars.. Have a happy week!

  6. oh you have been having a time of it :(

    What a beautiful wreath...and so many lovely images as usual :)
    I had a laugh at the kitty with the paper...mine's the same way :)

  7. Beautiful photos, cheerful photos, intriguing photos...
    Wishing you a nice week and good news concerning your health!

  8. What a fun post! So happy to hear the news about your back. The wreaths are quite clever and lovely. Always fun to see the critters you find to share. Merry Merry!

  9. You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful photography and collages!! I love seeing them!!

  10. I am sorry to hear you've been in pain and not feeling well, Mary! I hope the new treatments will be helpful. I know how these things pop up out of nowhere as we age--I've been suffering through a few issues lately. Stay optimistic!

    Your natural element Christmas decorations are so lovely!

  11. That is an amazing sunrise! Wishing you great healing as we begin winter.

  12. So glad you have a plan now to getting better, it's not always rosy getting older. :-)
    Lovely mosaics, sunrise and Christmas decor.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Mary.

  13. How wonderful to be so gifted. Your wreath is so very beautiful. I did so enjoy your post! Have a grand week!! Cathy

  14. I'll keep you in my prayers my friend! I hope things work out for you and this next year brings you relief. LOVE the photos...especially the holiday pics along with your nature photos! Happy holidays, Diane

  15. Wonderful images. The wreath is beautiful.

  16. Dear Mary,

    thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, I was happy to read your words!

    I've been to NYC three times now but it's allways a pleasure to get back.

    Your bird photos are fantastic, it must be nice to have the time to observe them!

    All the best for you, get well soon and have a nice Christmas time,

    P.S. And I love your wreath!

  17. I am glad you are under the doctor, much better. I love nature, and you have spread it out, thanks Mary.

  18. Beautiful selection of photos. I hope you are feeling better and improving. And yes, we both have similar photos of the red skies. Take care.

  19. I'm so glad your physicians found the correct diagnosis. Now you can get proper treatment and begin to heal. Love these images, especially the ones of the old wooden building. Such character.

  20. Not necessarily the best health news ever, but it is always better to KNOW and to have a plan of action. Positive thoughts are winging their way through cyberspace. As always your images are amazing and beautifully put together. That you can do these as well as the wreaths and craft you picture ... Especially when you're not feeling 100 percent just awes me! Thank you for sharing your talent so freely!

  21. Sorry to hear that you were not at all well but did get the right diagnosis now. I hope you,will feel better real,soon now. As always I love your photo,s . Have a good week my friend

  22. Sending you lots of healing hugs and is good you have a diagnosis and plan....I love the many scenes here and that feather wreath is stunning...wishing you a fabulous Christmas.

  23. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment about my meatloaf I made. I LOVE all of your photos! I do hope you get well and feel better soon.
    Julie @ Julie's Lifestyle

  24. Hi Mary, through all your photography shines through. Let this outlet be your strength and your solace. I send you prayers and thoughts and best wishes for pain free health and happiness and joy at Christmas and in 2015.
    I love seeing everyone's winter images this time of year. One day I hope to have a white Christmas too. I love those candle jars you have created Mary and your door wreath - so beautiful and creative.
    Thank you for a lovely year of blogging sharing Mary. Sending you hugs across the ocean from my house in summer Australia to yours in winter USA xx

  25. Hi Mary I am glad your health issues are getting sorted out and you are on the right treatment. Now this is a tremendous post and as usual full of your wonderful shots of critter and plants as well as your festive decoratations

  26. A beautiful, festive and uplifting blog post - I love your door wreath - the feathers are a fabulous idea, and your photos of wildlife are as always just stunning. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with minimum pain and discomfort - it must be a relief to have a proper diagnosis and a plan of action for it.

  27. Fantastic photos! Love the old wood of that shed. The birds and horses and that gorgeous sky...well all your photos are just stunning, as always! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but hope your treatments will help with improvement.


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