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Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy New Year to Everyone~

~ Happy New Year ~

Here is hoping that everyone has a wonderful New Year celebration!  

I always get rather nostalgic in letting the old years go, even if they were not all that great. Thinking on the positive, we made new acquaintances.  We rediscovered a few old friendships and we made closer the ones we had cherished all along this journey. Our family grew by one more, when our daughter Ashleigh was married last March, to the love of her life Matthew. We finally got to meet my friend Theresa and her husband Rick, whom we had known from a distance for over 5 years, and that was so wonderful.  Our journey to Canada was outstanding and we got to see Grizzly Bears for the first time as well as make my dream come true in seeing a Great Gray Owl and Snow Buntings.  We celebrated birthdays, family day, graduations, school plays, sporting events, holidays and our own 45th wedding anniversary. These things and so much more, we are forever grateful and count them all as sweet blessings~

These are some of my personal favorite shares from this past year.  There were already so many shares from our past journey last September and this season with the Red-Shouldered Hawks, that I decided not to include those at this time. 
Part 2 of 2 from 2014, enjoy~

What an amazing sight to have witnessed thousands of Canada Geese and that single Ross's Goose.  On the Bird KY alerts, that one goose stayed with the CG all over the state of Kentucky and beyond, as reports came in on a regular basis. 
I have to wonder, where that Ross's Goose ended up, did it make it's way to a flock of it's own kind...

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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The beautiful White-throated Sparrows return every Winter and they are such lovely little charmers~

Blue Jays make a lot of racket and they can be goofy, but I really enjoy their antics and love having them near all year long~

An Eastern Kingbird and Sweet Meadow Rue~

I absolutely think this is one of my favorite shares, an American Goldfinch resting in the morning light and snow~

Because of being a part of the Bird KY Alert system, I was able to see my first Snow Buntings~

Sitting at my father-in-laws dining table, we watched with giggles as a young Cottontail Rabbit, saw it's first Gray Squirrel.  They chased each other around for a couple of minutes, before going about their own business~

 I love, love, love Swallows and shared bunches of Tree and Barn Swallows this year~

All of last Winter we had a visiting pair of Fox Sparrows, I am so hoping we have more again this season~

The Gray Catbird was so gorgeous with its reflection making natural art~

These three, the Eastern Towhee Cedar Waxwing and American Robin all very special visitors~

And finally, sometimes, photographs just do not make the cut, but have some great structure and that is when I become a little artsy and try new things.  
Here are a few of the ones I recovered and kept for sharing~

I look forward to seeing you fine people next year.  
Until then,  farewell to 2014, it has been good~


  1. Hello Mary, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.. Your birds and photos are just fantastic. The Snow Buntings are one of my favorite birds.. Great shots, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Marvelous array of shots!! Love the gray bunting, face on. So cute

  3. lovely birds! adorable swallow baby!

  4. I wish you and yours many blessings for the new year. I always enjoy your beautiful photos of wildlife and nature. Thank you for sharing them with us. Hugs. Pamela

  5. Dear Mary,

    You've enchanted us, once again, this year, with all your beautiful images, heartfelt words, and artsy flair! I've so enjoyed your photos of your various excursions, trips, and family gatherings throughout the year. I hope that your Christmas was warm, cozy, and bright, and I wish you all the very best in health and happiness in the new year!

    Sending love,

  6. Hi Mary,

    What amazing images again. I think I agree with you about the Goldfinch, but the Robin is a stunning photo too. It sounds like a full year for you, but that's how life is for us. Much to be grateful for. Thanks for your note. All the best wishes for the new year and have a good week.

  7. Hi Mary. Firstly I must thank you for the link you provided to read of all the other miserable sods the world over. Obviously none of them are birders otherwise they would lead happy and fulfilled lives as we do. I shall ensure that your find reaches a wider audience to both laugh at and then rid the world of such wretched folk.

    Thank you for sharing your year of ups and downs of family, birds and wildlife with us this year. It has been a true pleasure to see your pictures and read your warming words.

    All Best Wishes from here in England.

  8. "Red" Robin is very handsome!! Wonderful post!! Happy New Year!!!

  9. I love all of them, but I do love the Snow Buntings. Thank you Mary, and a really great new year 2015.

  10. Hello Mary
    Exquisite bird photos as usual - love your name sitting on the wire with the swallow. :-)
    I like the artsy mosaics too, it's always fun to play around.
    Thank you for being a regular contributor to Mosaic Monday and I wish you all the best in 2015!

  11. It's been such a thrill to visit your blog all through the year and see your beautiful photos! Here's to another great year ahead! Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. Hello Mary, your series of photos are so beautiful and the photos of Gray Catbird are absolutely superb and very artistic ! Happy New Year 2015 !!

  13. Mary your posts are so magical, so beautiful they leave me in awe each and every week. Your camera captures the most amazing views. I feel bad singling one or two pictures out for comment, because each one is a masterpiece. But I giggled out loud this time at the squirrel and bunny.

  14. Amazing mosaics as usual. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year 2015!

  15. Mary as usual your collages were such a fine sight for these starved eyes. So many gorgeous birds and fine artsy photos. Happy New Year!

  16. A great series of photos and so many beautiful birds. I hope your New Year is a good one.

  17. Beautiful series. Happy New Year.

  18. Fantastic selection of shots in the collages. May 2015 be a great birding year for you.

  19. Love those Snow Buntings. Happy New Year

  20. It has been a fun year. Congrats on the Snow Buntings! All of your birds are wonderfully captured like always. Really have enjoyed reading your work over the past year. Here's to another one!

  21. God has been good to us, hasn't He? To see all that beauty is a real gift. Your robin took my breath away. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  22. Wonderful mosaics of some very special memories! Have a wonderful new year!

  23. So beautiful! It's such a pleasure to see your photos and mosaics; every single one of them being a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing!
    Happy New Year!

  24. Great captures of wonderful days outdoors. Enjoyed the personal reminisce as well. Hope we get to bump in to each other again this year. Best wishes in this new year....jim

  25. Hello - I'm back from my little break and trying to catch up with my bloggies. You sure did put together some beautiful and impressive mosaics/collages!! LOVE THEM.


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