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Friday, November 14, 2014

Tucked Away Draft From Late August~

I was thinking about which selections to make and as I scrolled down through my published posts, there it was a draft neatly tucked away prior to vacation journey in early September.
Don't you love surprises, especially when you thought you had a larger task ahead of you and it had already been taken care of ;)
The cattle images with and of the Starlings were all taken at Foxhollow Farm.  The other cattle like the ones above were taken while traveling Covered Bridge Road in Oldham County.
Another surprise was realized quite some time ago, when I saw that Google was selecting certain images to enhance, and or make tiny video clips of, using uploaded images from Picasa.  I have added 3 of them at the bottom of this post.
You are welcome for the free entertainment in advance. ;)

We are not holding our breath, but after having many problems with Norton Security and Norton 360, we have switched over to Webroot Security and our fingers are crossed that we can stay online without all of the aggravations we have been dealing with. 
I asked the question on Facebook and will here as well.
What PC security system do you use and are you satisfied with it?
With all of this mess, we also learned that when and if our HP PC's die, we will more than likely choose Macs.
Have a very enjoyable weekend and week ahead.  
We have very cold weather now and a little bit of that white fluffy stuff approaching, and so it is time to tuck in a bit with a spot of Lavender Tea and honey. 
What warms you on a cold day?  

Remember to double click on the first image, to view a larger slide show presentation after you have read the narratives~

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  1. I looooooove the Starlings, and you photographed them. The cows were a hidden pleasure, beautiful.

  2. Wonderful images especially the bird on the steer...and I love the moving images at the end...8 inches of snow here today!

  3. This post and your collages are true gems! Seriously.
    Love the birds on the cattle especially. Reminds me of a song from long ago when our kids were home and young ---they'd watch Sesame Street faithfully and one song always sung was "Hey can't you see, there's a bird on me"....

    Enjoyed this post Mary.

  4. I am convinced that the most delightful creatures have chosen Foxhollow Farm in which to reside! The starling is the sweetest thing I've seen today; what a personality! Could be that European connection we have, huh? Now, the cows are just as adorable, all decked out in their crowning glory - how picture perfect are those pics?! I like the videos, Mary; they really make me feel as if I'm right there!

    Enjoy the snow, my sweet friend. Sounds pretty cozy to me!


  5. It would have been a treat to find some vacation photos and relive the memories.
    As for security, I use this free option:

  6. Good Morning Mary. I don't know how you managed to get so many fine images of Starlings because although they are very common here they also travel around in gangs whereby all those eyes on the lookout means that they rarely let me take a photograph. The one between the cattle horns is just super and so is the Starling thinking if that's a box suitable for a home.

    We are not ready for snow just yet and rather hope we don't get any at all.

    Have a lovely and productive week ahead.

  7. Love those long horns and amazing how the birds just land on the cattle. I am glad that this one was tucked away...there's still some green and blooms to see as well : ) And the video at the! :)

  8. So lovely and fun, too! I adore cows (love the brown eyes) and I am fond of Starlings! Love the shot between the horns. Fun little movies ... owls, feeding the babe and snow!

  9. Wonderful shots of great variety.

  10. It always amuses me to see a bird (or two) on animals and they just carry on like they're not there.
    The little videos are fun and you made some great captures of the starlings.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Mary.

  11. Oh I do love it when I find a draft tucked away amidst my posts! And this is one fine find! Beautiful photos!!

  12. HI Mary, I am not sure about starlings as they are a pest over here, but none the less you have beautiful images. The cattle seem to be enjoying the flowered pastures. The pink flowers are so pretty. And the little video at the end with the snow falling is so cool. Always a joy to visit. Do you have snow yet? It is beautiful and sunny, if not a bit warm, here today. Have a lovely week Mary.

  13. Sorry you are experiencing security problems! GRRRR!

    How cool to take photos of a starling on a cow's head!

  14. It is odd how cattle and birds get along so well. Stunning photos of all of the birds, and great cow pics, too.

  15. I really like how you have those GIF pics. Really nice. Nice captures of the cattle and starlings. Security programs....:( I had issues with Norton as well. I don't know what they did but it screwed everything up. Now I don't really have a security program and work out of firefox. I'll check out the program you mention. Hope it all works out.

  16. Natue and domestic ... they work well together and don't even give it a thouught. I love the Starlings and their cute personalities ... wish they weren't so meligned by others. Your GIFs are excellent and the subject matter is perfection ... always love coming here. What a delight!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  17. Once again a very full and interesting post. Love the moving shots and the birds sitting on the cows.

  18. Great photos! I was surprised to hear you say you were having problem with Norton. We used to have McAfee, I think it's called, and HATED it. Then it was almost impossible to get off our computer when our niece installed the Norton. It's been smooth sailing ever since (about a year & a half) One thing people don't realize is if you have two security systems on your computer at the same time, they will fight each other and give you problems. I'm just going to knock on this wood desk, now. :-)

  19. Great mosaics as always. Glad you found them... Be a shame to have missed these. Love the bird on the longhorns head ...real neat.

  20. Nice discovery! Starlings are strangely attractive bird - shame that they are a pest species too.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

    PS: sorry for slow reply, I've been away from home because of work!

  21. Wonderful photos! I love the cattle and the starlings.


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