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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Autumn is Just About Fully Spent~

It is the week of Thanksgiving for we here in the United States.
I am thankful every single day for all that I have in my life.
This week I am sharing the last of the Autumnal colours and net week will share a few of them, covered in that white fluffy stuff, you know that word...SNOW.
The Cedar Waxwings came through rather randomly this season.  
Usually we see a whole lot more than this time.  
Where they are, you can usually also see the American Robins, along with Eastern Towhees, also known here as Rufous sided Towhees.

* Special Note
Since joining up with the security team of WebRoot, it will not allow me to visit a couple of your blogs and gives a "Suspicious Warning."  
It could be nothing, it could be a setting on one of the blogs.  
I have always been able to visit these two in the past, but if either of you see this, maybe check your settings.  
I feel so badly about not being able to pay visits right now to "Kim's USA" and "Bailey Road"~

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American Robin~

Cedar Waxwings~

Male Eastern Towhee~

My friend Laurene sent me this delightful Owl suet feeder...isn't it charming ;)

I was making my way into the big city for Bible study one Sunday a couple of weeks ago, when I spotted a Coyote in the cow field at Foxhollow Farm.  
Poppy, if you see this, I know that you shall be smiling...yes that place has it all ;)

On Tuesday, I go into town to pick up our twin grandsons from school.  
There are a few different ways to arrive there and one is driving through a ...eyes blink and through it..., kind of town called Skylight.  
This old general store is there and I loved the character of the place~

The tree arched driveway of Foxhollow Farm~


  1. You do have some really exciting birds come your way in early winter Mary. Waxwings are but irregular visitors here and although many of our Robins are migrants, their passing through can be not obvious so I envy your large thrush-like American Robins to brighten the days. Your last robin has a beautiful pose.

    The thrill of seeing a Coyote - now I am really jealous!

    And a place called Skylight? How wonderful is that for those who perhaps live there now and can answer the question from a stranger of where they live with “Skylight”.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving. It such a shame to watch on TV the traumas of Ferguson at such a time.

  2. lovely berry-munchers! nice coyote sighting, too!

    thanks for the cooper's id! going to amend my post now...

    happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. ohhhhhhhh

    all shots excellent.

    Arguably, the Waxwing is the most beautiful bird of North America. I have to hike into the wetlands for a peek.

  4. I think that your robins are more closely related to Thrushes than either the European or Australia ones. There is a chance I will get to go to Iowa next year, so you never know what I may see!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Beautiful Photographs Mary. The red berries and colorful birds are a wonderful combination.
    Wishing you and yours a very special Thanksgiving Day.

  6. Hi Mary, Happy Thanksgiving. I always enjoy visiting you. You always have beautiful photos of nature and wildlife.

  7. I do SO enjoy all your photos and collages. You do such a nice job with them! Love that Owl Suet Feeder!!

  8. Mary! I want to be there - now! The driveway, a lane of leafy luxury is enough to easily enchant and entice any passerby!

    What a beauty pageant you have for us today, of all these winged pretties, just sparkling in the autumn light, proudly modelling their fabulous, feathery coats. They're all gorgeous, but for me, the robin has a special place in my kindergartener heart, ever since we were taught the popular ditty, 'Robin in the Rain', by a teacher who had the sweetest, most gentle voice.

    Thanks for sharing all the stunning photos of your autumn days, which may be almost spent, in your surroundings, but forever will remain fresh and bright in my mind.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!


  9. Lovely photos of some of my favorite birds. Beautiful countryside images. I love old buildings, great shot of the old general store.

  10. Wonderful post, Mary! I love all the bird shots.. Especially the waxwings and towhee. Happy weekend!

  11. As always you are the bird whisperer. I was slowly scrolling through, enjoying the photos, when that OWL startled me, lol....
    Cute! :)

  12. A real feast of colours and beauty! Stunning photos, as always!
    Have a lovely new week!

  13. I enjoyed the birds, including the owl feeder - how cute is that!
    Do you suppose the coyote was looking for dinner from the herd of cows?
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Mary.

  14. did I not comment on this blog post? how did I miss it. Glorious images as always Mary. I particularly love that arched roadway of autumn coloured leafy trees. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week with your family and manage a breather before the lead up to Christmas. wishing you and yours blessings.

  15. I love these great pictures of the wildlife and all the birds....a feast for my eyes weekly!!

  16. Beautiful bird images. The waxwings are birds I never see around here.

  17. I do admire your bird photography. We see cedar waxwings here, but not often. One summer they hung out in the tree next door, but I could never get a good photo. And we do see the rufus towhee, too, as they migrate through, although not often. In fact we have seen few migratory regulars that fly through Northern Colorado (so far north that we are only 35 miles from Wyoming) on their way to Canada. I am wondering why we don't see as many? Anyway, I did enjoy your great photos of the cedar wax wings.


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